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Activating 3rd Eye
Heightening Sixth Sense
Releasing Judgment & Criticism

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Lobelia Flower Essence is for intuitive development, activating the Third Eye Chakra, and enhancing your sixth sense capabilities. It can also be a great tool for enhancing meditation, dreamwork, past-life recall, and/or other forms of subconscious access. Its Essence helps you to tune in to the hidden motivations of others, bringing heightened emotional awareness and sixth-sense insight. It may help you release judgment and criticisms that you feel toward yourself, as well as with others.

Its Essence moreover can enhance your ability to set healthy emotional boundaries and move into acceptance regarding the unique viewpoints and beliefs of those around you. Specifically, Lobelia Essence can help you release the need to fit into the box others would put you in, as well as to liberate yourself from situationships wherein another’s beliefs could be pushed upon you. Lobelia Essence moreover promotes the creation of boundaries at the subtlest of levels – internally and energetically aiding your immune system in establishing the protection needed to defend against outside invasions.*

Lobelia Essence further aids in truth discernment as well as [energetically] helps shield from the toxic and sometimes poisonous projections of others, aka psychic attack(s). Its Essence promotes the clearing of Third Eye clutter, which, if left unchecked, can affect your ability to think rationally and intuit clearly. It further helps cut through illusion and is an excellent Essence when you’re seeking clarity but feel as if something – or someone – is blocking it from coming through.

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