Lollipop Plant

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Harmonizes Mind, Body & Spirit
Enhances Agility & Coordination
Promotes Rhythm/Synchronicity

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Lollipop Essence (also commonly known as the Golden Shrimp Plant) aids the integration of mind, body and spirit and can assist you with getting your body-mind to cooperate with your higher will. This Essence may also aid you in finding your rhythm and synchronicity and may be especially beneficial for activities that require mind-body coordination. It works to strengthen your backbone so you stand firm in your power whilst simultaneously allowing for freedom to explore. Lollipop Essence may thus be good if you are overly rigid, stern, and/ or struggle to break out of discipline- and, if you are in a leadership role, can help you establish a spirit of cooperation and harmony. Lollipop Essence can moreover be a wonderful adjunct to healing work, for soul fragmentation, and can help ease social tension should you feel disjointed.

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2 reviews for Lollipop Plant

  1. Alice Boucher

    I use this essence with the intention of having it help me adopt a healthier lifestyle – eating better, exercising, getting more sleep, etc. I definitely noticed increased motivation in these areas when using this essence.

  2. Molly

    I’m from the Deep South and we love our fried food. Unfortunately it has caused heart and obesity problems for my son and I. My son was hospitalized for problems with his heart rhythm. We gave him Shanti Kai Lollipop and Dancing Girl Ginger Essences to help his heart rhythm to integrate energetically.

    I also have long since tried to lose weight but I just can’t seem to get my body to follow my mind’s agenda…or should I say my will gets weak? I also used the same 2 essences and it helped me to get body, mind, and spirit – all 3 wheels – going in the same direction.

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