Montbretia (Autumn Gold)


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Acts As Cosmic Gateway
Purges Emotional Blocks
Aids Creative Self Expression

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Montbretia Autumn Gold Flower Essence inspires confidence, creativity, and emotional balance. This essence has the energy of fire and works (most directly) on purifying your Sacral and Throat chakras. Autumn Gold (or Montbretia) Essence promotes an open, vibrant Throat Chakra by helping you release stuck emotion that would block clarity of self-expression and prevent you from channeling your highest truth. Its essence helps you release emotion trapped in the Sacral Chakra that over time can lead to feelings of fear, frustration, anger and/or rage, accumulating to the point of severe imbalance and even dis-ease. Montbretia Essence moreover helps you build confidence and contentment, so that you have the courage to channel your creative expression through your voice, words and actions.

Your Sacral Chakra is the seat of the sub-soul, and in many traditions, including ancient Hawaiian, serves as a “gateway” to the astral and ancestral realms. A murky Sacral Chakra can hinder your creative abilities and cause you to harbor unwarranted self-doubt, guilt, blame, and shame, as well as sadness, anger, and even rage. Working with Montbretia Autumn Gold Essence can help clear away beliefs locked in your genetic/ancestral cells (stored in this region), as well as to purify emotional residues, including faulty thought forms from childhood and past traumas. Its essence helps you to repattern who you really are, so you come to know a new truth, one that is truly yours. In this sense, this essence is a gateway to the cosmic, a portal to the divine, and its essence allows this (i.e. the Divine) to become more ease-fully manifested through you.

Like the fiery earth from where it grew (i.e. on the big island of Hawaii), Montbretia Autumn Gold Essence has a purifying effect, transforming what was into something new – i.e. or what is to come. Its essence invokes creativity and instills confidence, bringing balance to your Throat Chakra and giving voice to your truth. When your Throat Chakra is fully open and balanced you live in union with the Divine Will for your life. You stop living for gratification and merits, and as the ego is increasingly absolved, feelings of melancholy and heaviness naturally subside. Montbretia Essence helps you align with – and find – your soul’s true purpose. We recommend you use this essence with an open mind, allowing it to begin “burning” away emotional residues of the past that would prevent you from seeing and believing in your highest path. In its highest vibrational octave (i.e. when worked with for the ultimate attainment), Montbretia Essence helps you channel your creative, sexual energy so you become the highest expression of your own true divinity.

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