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Standing in Your Power
Saying No to Peer Pressure
Listening to Your Higher Self

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Common Centaury Essence can help you step into your power, find your voice. and develop and use good discernment. It helps you to know when you need to say “no” and can help you develop immunity to peer pressure. Whether it be “no” to social temptations, like alcohol, drugs, or sex, or “no” simply in the sense of knowing when you’ve had enough (or when you can’t take any more on), Centaury Essence can help you tap into your conviction and use it to stand your ground. It helps you develop the inner strength needed to stand up for yourself and for what you know inside is right. The energy of this Essence might be thought of as such:
you’re standing in a valley surrounded by mountains and the truth of that small voice of reason that normally you feel like a whisper reminding you “should you really be doing that?” or “this isn’t right” or “you need rest”… is now being echoed in a loud booming voice, such that on an energetic plane you are more compelled to listen.

Over time, with use of this Essence you may find you naturally develop greater assertiveness and the ability to say ‘no’ with greater ease. Continuing, by consciously working with this Essence you may find standing up for yourself and what you need or believe becomes easier, as does setting personal boundaries and defending your space when necessary. If you’re a therapist or in therapy, or other healing work, you may find this a valuable essence to add to your toolbox.

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