Obscure Morning Glory (Yellow)

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Motivation ~ Breaking Habits
Brightening Your Mental Outlook
Clearing Mental-Emotional Blocks

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Obscure (Yellow) Morning Glory Essence has the attributes of the Master Morning Glory Essence with emphasis on increasing motivation and purging toxic thought forms and other negative energies. Its Essence helps you to increasingly, steadily vibrate out of alignment with any bad habits and/or addictions that would hinder your motivation and/or prevent you from experiencing higher states of joy. Its Essence helps to clear blockages held in the Solar Plexus Chakra that would impact your mind, as well as to purge toxic thought forms that would otherwise contribute to sadness and even grief. What’s more, such heaviness of heart could also literally translate to heaviness of body as well as result in unhealthy cravings, the desire to emotionally eat and/or otherwise indulge excessively. Obscure Morning Glory Essence can help reset your vibrational frequency so that you exude a more positive, optimistic energy – sending that out to the world and encouraging energies of success. Its Essence furthermore strengthens the mind and sharpens the intellect; it may be especially helpful with diffusing misunderstandings that arise out of language and/or cultural barriers wherein miscommunication is more common. Its Essence promotes positive, effective communication, and helps enhance receptivity within your community – strengthening the power of your intention so that that is heard above your words.

Check out our Morning Glory Master Blend which contains all of our Morning Glory Essence variations.

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