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Octopus Tree


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Realigns Your Cosmic Energy
Heightens Mercurial Attributes
“From the Finite to the Infinite”

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Octopus Tree Essence helps your mind organize information so that it can be recalled in an organized fashion at the right moment in time as you need it. It is unique in that it’s a mercurial, or mercury, plant or tree flower which means that it helps you collect and store information; much like a computer program that logs data, it can help your brain to do the same thing.

Octopus Tree Essence helps you come back to your simplest form; the simplest manifestation of all cosmic energy. It’s branches are filled with red pods or buds in spherical shapes.The rounded particle is an expression of the universe itself: The sphere is the expression of all energy manifest in physical form. Octopus Tree Essence also helps your energy field organize and align with cosmic energy, which can help your energy system organize information needed for healing.

Octopus Tree Essence can help you maintain a higher vibration, no matter what is going on outside you. For that reason, It’s a great essence for healing work and meditation; it helps you use your inner silence (and absence of distraction) to help you heal and restructure on the inside.
If you’re feeling like you’re not enough to make a difference, or do not have the means to create what you desire, working with the essence may teach you to raise your vibration and find a point of attraction from which you can draw in the help you need.

No matter how small you might feel, Octopus Tree Essence helps you remember when you raise your vibration, you can move your consciousness from the space of being just one little pod on a branch, to garner the field of attraction of a huge tree with many branches full of pods. Similarity you are but one person in the entire cosmos, but within each cell inside you, the entire cosmos is reflected. This Essence helps you shift your consciousness from the finite to the infinite and back again, until you become aware that you are at one with all living things.

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