Spanish Clover


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Shields Physical Subtle Body
Perseverance & Shame Release
Strengthens Female Boundaries

May benefit the immune system, especially reproductive areas in females. It also may help you learn to recognize negative and unhealthy energies that are draining your energy.

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Spanish Clover Essence demonstrates that potency is not a measure of ferocity, and that protection can be powerful even when it’s almost undetectable. While some may consider this flower but a flimsy weed, it is often the weeds that have developed the most resistance to outside forces; they can teach you to withstand being stepped on and help you learn protection from the elements. This essence can further impart to you the fundamentals of abundance and how to bounce back after “near death”, whether that be from physical trauma or an emotional or psychological defeat or rejection.

Spanish Clover Essence may be especially protective if you are a female, having a subtle but persistent effect on your physical subtle bodies correlating to your root and sacral chakras and the more subtle sexual/reproductive energy centers therein.** If you’re prone to “lower chakra issues”, or experiencing energetic vulnerability around your menses, or during hormonal imbalance, you may find this essence helps strengthen you over time.***

You may also find using this Essence helps warn you if you’re about to get too close to someone who carries an unseen “red flag”, which may be especially helpful if you’re prone to ignoring such warnings and/or getting involved with the wrong partners. If you tend to hand over your power and/or also lose physical energy to your romantic partners, you may find this essence acts like an “energetic mosquito repellent” making your so-called “blood more bitter” so that you no longer attract parasitic energies looking for easy prey. If you have contracted a STD or other sexually transferred disease, whether you are male or female, this essence may help you learn the karmic lesson you were meant to learn from it, and help you to release guilt and shame surrounding it.

**While we make no claims about it’s efficacy, energetically, when transferred, it seems to align with female zones most vulnerable during pms, ovulation, or during “hormonal imbalance”. We often find this correlates with when women experience emotional low points throughout the month.

***If your homosexual or bisexual, and tend to be the more feminine partner, this essence applies in a similar way as to a male/female dynamic.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 0.5 fl oz dropper CLEARANCE


  1. Danielle

    This essence helped calm fear I was having around my reproductive health.

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