Turk’s Cap


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Easing Surrender
Clearing Stored Anger
Releasing Limiting Beliefs

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Turk’s Cap Flower Essence is a member of hibiscus family, and like Hibiscus, it acts on the lower chakras – mostly the root. However it differs from the Hibiscus Essence in that while Hibiscus helps balance and open the root, Turk’s Cap is all about surrender and release of fears and energetic blocks that are held inside, limiting belief systems, unhealthy family traits or patterns, and existential fears around survival and competition. Turk’s Cap Essence may help one surrender these fears and come into greater acceptance. Also, as its energy is all about release and the lower chakras governs the organs that help the body release – such as colon, urinary tract, bladder, intestines – it may also help support healthy release for the physical body. For instance, urinary tract infections and problems from a psycho-spiritual perspective are often all about stored anger – or being “pissed off”. Turk’s Cap may help release the energy around the stored anger. It can be beneficial to pay attention to what comes up when using this essence – as consciously working through these issues (as they come up) may help expedite the healing.

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