Yellow Dahlia


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Strengthening Discernment
Enhancing Intellectual Compatibility
Cultivating Respect & Understanding

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Yellow Dahlia Essence has all the properties of our Master Dahlia Essence with emphasis on the mental and intellectual aspects of empathy and connectivity. Its Essence helps you cultivate “mental empathy” or, rather, intellectual understanding of the feelings of others. Even if you are emotionally unable to understand how someone feels, this Essence can help you cultivate [intellectual] respect for what they are feeling and/or where they are coming from. Yellow Dahlia Essence can also help you attract a partner that you are intrinsically compatible with – mentally and emotionally – in both your romantic relationships as well as business partnerships. It can also help you release faulty thought forms and programmed ways of thinking, so that your mind is free of judgement when processing something new. Its Essence moreover inspires confidence and trust within relationships, and can be helpful in overcoming fear related to commitment issues.

Yellow Dahlia Essence moreover helps bridge the gap between intellectual thought and intuitive or gut instinct; it promotes clear, rational decision making along with discernment for emotional factors. As such, it may be beneficial in financial matters, when you really want something or want to give someone you care about something (and thus may be emotionally bent on it) but must consider rational matters. Its Essence moreover may also enhance learning in children and students of all ages, as well as with cultivating respect for different viewpoints and opinions. This is also a wonderful Essence to use when working within groups or organizations, wherein there are many perspectives or points of view, to help cultivate energies of respect and harmony.

View our Dahlia Master Essence which contains all of our Dahlia Essence varieties.

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