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Zinnia Essence helps release blockages in the lower chakras  that would bind or impede your Heart Chakra energies, resulting in emotional maladies that can affect your mind-body-spirit relationship(s).  It helps your mind and Crown Chakra to gently open and unfold, layer by layer, opening you to higher levels of perspective, intuition and ultimately, spiritual growth. 

Zinnia Essence is especially helpful with releasing build up of emotional stress in the lower chakras, that could cause unnecessary discomfort to exacerbate tensions in your physical body. Such blocks in your lower chakras, namely your Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra can cause energies of heaviness of heart, sadness, excessive seriousness, and difficulty relaxing to outwardly manifest (even resulting in challenges with sleep patterns and insomnia).  Zinnia Flower Essence helps release these tensions layer by layer, allowing your natural life force energy to rise to your higher (i.e. upper chakras) where they can help energize and replenish your physical and emotional states, bringing higher overall levels of well being. Zinnia Essence moreover can assist you with tapping into a more youthful and carefree side of yourself, reconnecting you with lost joy and the inherent childlike, carefree and playful side of your spirit. It encourages you in embracing a more adventurous and lighthearted aspect of yourself so you can more readily step into a new lease on life, bringing renewal and rejuvenation to your everyday outlook and practices.

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