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Length: 75 – 105 min 

Location: Zoom

75-min session with an option to add on 30 minute small group session for an additional cost. This includes costs for essences that are vibrationally transferred to you during the session. Details will be emailed after sign-up.

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About our Remote Group Sessions

Our group Vibrational Essence Therapies remote healing sessions are held regularly via zoom!  You may attend via zoom login, or tune in remotely (on your own) “in absentia” and let the energy come to you!

The goal of these sessions is to address a few things.

  • The first is to offer those of you that I work with privately a cost effective way to continue services in between private session, by offering my service in a group setting – all while staying socially distanced and remote.
  • The second is to demonstrate the power of the Essences so you can really experience the healing benefits and potency of the tools you have available to you.  Once you really experience their power, you will never again think of them as aroma sprays or intention based products.

How it Works

In these remote group healing sessions, you’ll be in the privacy of your home, and I will be energetically transferring the essences from my Shanti Kai™ Essence repertoire directly to all of you.  The power of the essences, even in group settings or such, is that they are not limited by time or space (or numbers), however, group size will be kept small enough to ensure that I’m able to tune in to each and every one of you and make sure that the transference is effective. This will also help you with your own healing journey because when you have vibrational essence treatments, you will become more attuned and sensitized to them; you become more aware of how they’re working and this will empower your ongoing healing journey.

The Benefits

How can you benefit? If you’re dealing with an ongoing illness, general life problem, relationship issues, financial or wherever it is that is causing you to feel imbalanced, working in this way gives you an ongoing way to receive balance.

I want to sign up, what do I do next?

Our rate for the 75 minute class session is $100. This includes costs for essences that are vibrationally transferred to you during the session. For an additional $50 fee, you can stay and be part of a smaller group for an additional 30 minutes (spots are limited). You can select either the 75 minute session or the the 1 hr 45 min session (75 min plus 30 min small group) from the options at the top of the page.

Class Format

If you have had a vibrational transference session with me, expect a similar experience without the personalized feedback. I will, however, have a 30 minute extension available for $50, in which a smaller group can extend and process their issues in a confidential private setting and get one on one feedback and help. Extension space is limited to ensure focused care, and is based on a first come first serve basis. If you do not sign up before but decide during the 75 min class that you’d like to extend, please text Alice and she will log you in and invoice you for additional time if room is still available.   You simply dial in at the appointed time and relax. (Once you’ve signed up, we will provide additional information.) If you choose to add your name to the list but not attend “in person” (or rather by conference), you will be included in the treatments as though you were in attendance.  It may require you be in a passive state, however, before the session integrates on a physical level.  Please keep in mind it can take several days or even weeks in some cases to process a session.

More Information

If you are new to this, email Alice@ShantiKai.com for more information. We strongly recommend you have a private session so that you can understand what is involved before attending a group.

We ask that you come with a healing intention, but more importantly, an open mind… and that you leave your expectations at the door.  I cannot tell you how spirit will work through me or the essences to assist you, only that it will.

Because of the additional cost of product, and the energy required to ensure equal treatment to all, group size will be limited and prices will go up over time.

I try my best to provide a similar level of treatment in group settings.  Unlike private sessions, I won’t be able to tell you what I am seeing release or clear from you aura, unless you attend the extension session. Thus, you’ll have to rely on your senses and experience to process.  Alice has been extensively trained by me for nearly a decade, and will be available to help answer any questions you may have regarding your experiences.

If you receive ongoing treatments or a private treatment before attending group, you will have a clearer expectation as to the process.  There is no obligation you do this, however, but in the absence of private work, you may find committing to a sequence of 4 sessions is the best way to understand how the energy is working.


“There was a morning about a year ago when I woke ill. I had people flying in and was nauseated and weak. I was speaking to Jayme on the phone and she said “let me try to help you”. I was quiet for about 45 minutes as she worked energetically to shift essences to me. I could not believe the results. I felt stronger as we spoke and within an hour of when we got off the phone I was fine and had the energy for the day. She has helped me several times since but as I write this I think of another time just as amazing. I was sick to my stomach. My stomach was bloated and in pain. It had been that way for a couple of days and the pain was increasing. I called Jayme. She worked on me and much of the distress was gone by the end of the conversation. By the next morning it was all gone. She has a gift from God. I do not understand it but I am a person who has always been sensitive to medications and often when I am prescribed them I become worse Instead of better. Jayme uses pure essences and makes each one herself. I am thankful for the help she gives me.”

~Anne S. “My cat, Ollie, has had chronic respiratory infections throughout the years, especially during periods of stress. Every time I moved to a new place, the stress would weaken her immune system and she’d develop a respiratory infection. I’d have to bring her to the vet and put her on antibiotics. This is always a horrible and stressful experience for both of us, since she hates taking the antibiotics and I struggle to administer them. The last time she started developing symptoms of congestion and sneezing, I was desperate to avoid putting her on antibiotics yet again. I felt helpless, like this cycle of sickness would haunt us forever. I booked a phone session with Jayme, wherein she used her remote Essence Therapies… I was hopeful a different method would be effective without the stress and trauma associated with vet trips and medication.

During the session, Jayme used her Shanti Kai essence therapy techniques to transfer essences energetically over the phone (from where she was in Hawaii) to my cat Ollie in Boston. She worked like this for almost two hours. The next day, Ollie seemed very tired, so I asked Jayme to check on her. We worked another 90 minutes, and I was so relieved to see her energy came back and the symptoms subside. She said she was releasing, and that we were able to help it along by working more the next day. She also made a personalized essence tailored to Ollie’s specific needs, which I put on her cat treats twice a day. So easy! Within 2 days after the session, Ollie’s symptoms decreased dramatically and a few days after that she was back to her normal self. I was amazed and beyond grateful at how effective Shanti Kai essence therapy was, and the best part was my cat stayed comfortable and peaceful at home! To this day, I continue to give Ollie essences and I really do believe she’s stayed a healthier kitty because of it.”

~Alice B.

“We are so grateful to Jayme for the healing work that she has done for Donovan, our 11-year-old miniature Dachshund. Donnie has been receiving healing treatments from Jayme for the past 3.5 years and they have made a big difference in his overall health.

Donnie’s primary condition is called megaesophagus, which means his esophagus does not work normally to get the food down to his stomach. As a result, he regurgitates and sometimes aspirates. Numerous times he has had aspiration pneumonia which is a dangerous condition. With help from Jayme, Shanti Kai Essences, our vet, and others in a support group for dogs with ME, Donnie is doing well. This is amazing, especially since we have had so many close calls over the years, and many long nights up with Donnie who has at times been extremely ill.

Most recently Donnie had an infection in his paw that included a mass. The dermatologist felt could possibly be cancerous and require amputation. Even just getting a biopsy of the mass would include removing one of his toes.

Instead, we had a few healing sessions with Jayme. She transferred the energy of flower and gemstone essences to Donnie, allowing him to assimilate their healing frequencies. She named each flower and mineral as she transferred it and told us what she saw. Jayme expressed astonishment at how much black dark “energy” she “saw” spewing out of his paw during the treatments. She also saw energy clearing his ears and throat, areas which Donnie has struggled with and been treated with antibiotics for some time. Jayme expressed that she was focused on his paw, but the energy was distributing where the imbalance was. She could try to direct the essences to his paw, but his energy system is “interconnected” and as such she would at times see the essences going to other areas before entering his paw.

She worked for over 2 hours on Donnie before cautioning us that he might be very tired the next day (or even several days). The next day Donnie was exhausted. I let Jayme know about Donnie’s tiredness, and she told me she saw what looked like a fungal infection in his energy, especially his paw. We asked our vet about it and the vet agreed that this was highly likely. The vet told us that Donnie had an internal fungal and bacterial infection and she recommended that Donnie take two drugs to address these problems. As Donnie was still clearing from the treatment, I asked Jayme her thoughts about giving him medications. Jayme said she cannot diagnose or prescribe, but that when she prayed for guidance she was told “no” and we should wait. (Jayme told us that it was our decision and she cannot medically interfere with a vet’s guidance.)

About that time, the mass started seeming a little bit better. We decided to follow up with another clearing session which after waiting 10 days, Jayme thought it had been enough time to let him clear before working again. After the second session, she began seeing light come in his paw; she said enough “black stuff” had finally left his paw and that the light was finally moving in. As she transferred the essences to him, she would tell us where she saw each essence go into Donnie’s energy system, and what color or type of light or vibration she saw enter.

After the second treatment with Jayme, Donnie did not get so tired. Amazingly, the swelling on Donnie’s paw became smaller and stopped hurting when touched. Soon, it was fully healed…. without any antibiotics or other medical treatments, which was a miracle! Our vet was also impressed and pleased.

Another event demonstrates the help we have received working with Jayme. A couple years ago after Donnie had been seriously ill for an ongoing period, a reputable astrologer told us we were almost certain to lose him in the upcoming month of March. Donnie became ill and started aspirating. We asked Jayme for help; she worked with him several times that month, first to remove what she called the psychic “imprint” from the astrologer’s prediction. Then she worked with his energy to help strengthen him and support him in releasing trapped energy. She transferred the essences remotely, as she was away traveling at the time. Again, we had a miracle as Donnie made a full recovery, something even our dedicated vet had thought unlikely in its entirety. We were overjoyed that Donnie indeed got better and regained his strength!

We now apply Shanti Kai Essences along with a combined medical and holistic health regimen. We are very thankful to Jayme for all her healing work and care!”

~Susan and Jerry Ogami-Van Camp and Donovan View more testimonials on our Client Testimonial section!

Read more about this type of session at: Vibrational Essence Therapies.

Additional information

Group Healing Options

1 Hour (Group Session), 90 Min (incl. Small Group Extension), Add-on: 30 min Small Group Extension, 75 min (Group Session), 1 hour 45 min (incl Small Group Extension), Join Waiting List

13 reviews for Vibrational Essence Therapies™ Remote Group Healing Session

  1. Abby A.

    I’m a client of Jayme and I recently participated in her distant therapy group healing session. In the beginning I was skeptical but as we started the session I started to feel and receive her vibrational Essence Energy. It was amazing!! I felt it in multiple areas of my body I focused on breathing in and out and felt big releasing happening. As she sent Essences I felt things shifting and energies moving within my body. I no longer felt discomfort or pain I felt relieved I kept releasing during and even after the session.

    The group session was amazing!! So powerful just like private session I could feel her as if she was right next to me. Her essences are so powerful they shift what need to be shifted and they promote overall health and healing. If you are skeptical like me you should give her group session a try. You will be glad you did!!!!

    Thank you Jayme for all that you do!!

  2. e3holistic

    I recently participated in Jayme’s Remote Essence Group healing and I am still floating from the experience. I have been feeling tremendous anxiety and I didn’t realize it because it was so pervasive and I was just used to it. The essences have cleared a lot of my worries and anxieties and even pain in my back, neck and jaw. I notice that I am feeling more grounded, clear and centered. The remote session has had healing effects that can be felt immediately but also days later, when things start to shift in unexpected ways. A usual stressor at work was handled with ease and creativity. Conversations with friends and family were more open and fluid. I made healthier choices without too much effort. The remote healing session has also helped me integrate many essences that I have been using already and “see” them in a new light. I have also learned that distance is not an issue. The healing is in the moment, in the now, wherever you are present and relaxed.

  3. Lynette

    I am very grateful to Jayme for relieving my sacrum and left hip pain during her recent Group Healing sessions via Zoom. She connected immediately although remotely. Jayme “sees” with her eyes closed and her Essences continuously helped release blockages. Who knew brain fog can be treated? She noted when my spine was cleared of anesthesia from past surgeries (even though she couldn’t have known about the surgeries) but she could “see” when the energy from the surgery left me. Once my spine opened, the Essences could work deeper into my lower Chakras. She saw my sciatica being cleared all the way down my left leg, though again, she didn’t technically know I had sciatica (I hadn’t told her) but she mentioned during the group healing that she was seeing the energy field she sees around sciatica clearing on someone, and it was me that very moment, and later I confirmed it. Another area which kept releasing were my shoulders. They had been like rocks but they softened! Even my breathing deepened. I’m a believer. The sharp pain has not returned and I now know which essences work best for me to continue on my healing journey.

  4. Stephanie V.

    My father actually attended one of these [Vibrational Essence Therapies Group Healing] sessions in absentia. I couldn’t believe that without even being on the zoom video, he actually said he felt something working on him and he even fell asleep at the time of the class, which is unusual for him. He has sleeping issues but this knocked him right out haha.

  5. Sarah

    The first time I experienced the essence workshop, it felt like a huge load was taken off my back. I felt lighter and freer and my shoulder stopped hurting, which had been a problem spot for me since I started working remotely. The next day I woke up feeling as if I had slept better than I had in a long time, and I was able to think a lot more clearly. What a perfect way to get a tune up!

  6. Lori Wilke

    I attend the group session on the family plan, which meant I signed up myself, husband, 2 children, and 2 cats, who have autoimmune disease, are extremely low energy, and one of which even requires steroid injections twice a week. Even with the injections he is still very lethargic, always tired overwhelmed by having to make any movement at all. After the remote group session, even though the energy was divided between 6 of us, when I went home the cats were flying around and playing, much more active than normal. After the session Jayme checked in with me and mentioned she felt strong healing energy going to my cats but she admitted feeling funny saying that as she thought I had healthy cats who I had just put in the healing to take advantage of the family plan. She was unsure why my cat was so prominently taking so much energy work but nonetheless told me this so I would know what she saw. Only after did I even tell her my cat is sick and requires steroids, but was vibrant and playful and running around, totally unexpected after the treatment.

  7. Christina S.

    I enjoyed Jayme’s remote healing session. I am feeling the effects of the healing session and it has been over a week. Before the healing session, I have been worrying and feeling fearful of so many unknowns at my work, now that I am teaching and working virtually. My mind was filled with endless thoughts of “what ifs.” I went into the remote healing session with the intention of getting past these fears and just being more open to the moment.

    After the session, instead of feeling lost in my thoughts, I decided to make tangible moves to benefit my thinking and being. I have been feeling the need to organize my home and clear out clutter that I didn’t even know accumulated in files and bins. It felt symbolic of me clearing out the old. This physical clearing of my space was inspired by the remote healing of my energy and aura. My mind started to think differently about my situation, less critical and anxious, more open to problem solving, creative resolutions and spontaneous flow. I’ve been feeling very creative and new, like different aspects of myself are changing. It’s hard to articulate but I’m noticing it’s effects and thought I’d share. I feel different, like something new is forming, hidden talents emerging, and a grounding and trust in my own intelligence and insight.

    Thank you so much for offering these sessions. They are a beautiful offering.

  8. Sandy

    Hi Jayme, I feel that was the best group session so far. I sat with my anxiety and let it move through me with your essences and now I feel like a different person. My body feels exhausted but relieved. My head cold/allergies also feels a lot better. Thank you!

  9. Sandra

    I was constantly sick with a virus as well as anxious and stressed. It was a feeling that I thought would never pass but after attending Jayme’s group sessions, I started feeling less anxious and my body finally started healing. Jayme knew what my body needed and her essences allowed for my body to heal. Thank you Jayme.

  10. Steph V

    I had my first group session last week. It was amazing! As soon as Jayme started working, I passed out so deeply and could feel the shifts. I went through some intense clearing and at super grateful. This is a must try! These essences are incomparable and Jayme’s insight is on point and extremely helpful!

  11. Kate Ryan

    I have been working with Jayme periodically over a period of at least 10 years and Jayme’s intuitive expertise and guidance is like no other type of healing, certainly not the Western type of healing most of the population is accustomed to. Jayme is able to help you understand where there are energetic blocks in your body and how these blocks can or may be showing up as symptoms of imbalance. Our bodies naturally want to be in balance/harmonious and when something presents itself (physical pain, emotional, depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, etc.) we are being told – “hey, listen to me!”. The beauty of working with Jayme and her Hawaiian Essences is how quickly they target these imbalances and set you on the path to true healing! If you are reading this testimonial you were led here for a reason, open your heart and mind to this experience.

  12. Christina S. (Atlanta)

    I attended a group vibration healing session with Jayme at Shanti Kai recently and wanted to leave a recent testimonial.
    It usually takes me a few days to integrate the healing after a session, so I like to wait before I write or respond about an essence or session.
    I felt really sleepy during the session and the day afterwards, so I know physically my body was adjusting to the clearing and lifting of heavy emotions that I was experiencing earlier in the week.
    I came to the session with the intention to cleanse heavy emotions and I left with the feeling like a heavy cloud was not only cleared, but that my aura was strengthening and expanding.

    It has been a few days since the session so I wanted to share that this week has felt lighter for me. I am more interested and involved again in my life and work, responding more joyfully to each activity. I also began to revisit healthier habits with ease. Previous anxieties and worries have lifted and I feel like I am smiling and laughing more. Oh yes, I also found myself dancing again, (Sufi whirling) a meditation that I put aside during the pandemic, found its way back to my life.

    Shanti Kai Remote Healing sessions with Jayme are top-notch in my opinion, from a city dwelling teacher in Atlanta, who benefits immensely from the healing of nature frequencies.

  13. Anna S.

    A couple of weeks prior to the latest Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session I had been feeling a little worried about my Grandfather who is in his late 90s, and had been sick with a really bad virus that was making it more difficult for him to get around , and was also having severe problems with his vision such that he wasn’t able to read anymore (his main past time), and wasn’t able to get in for cataract surgery for another month or so. He also has arthritis that has progressed over the years and limited his mobility. In the days leading up to the session however I wasn’t thinking about it as much as I had my own things coming up for the session and it sounded like he was gradually getting stronger.

    In the beginning of the session, as Jayme started to work I had images pop up in my mind of the old farmhouse that has been in our family for generations, on my grandfather’s side, as well as an image of a box of glass eyes that belonged to my Great Great Grandfather, who wore a glass eye and lived in that farmhouse. I had a feeling that this meant that something ancestral was coming up, but didn’t know what it meant exactly and forgot about it as the session went on. As Jayme continued to work she kept saying that she was seeing people’s eye areas energetically clearing and mentioned energies related to arthritis clearing as well. I didn’t really think too much of these comments as my eyes and joints weren’t bothering me and it didn’t seem to relate to me.

    Three days later I got a text from my mom saying that my Dad had miraculously been able to get my grandfather in for an appointment for his eye surgery that very day, due to cancellations, that he was back to his old self AND was suddenly able to walk up and down his stairs again….something that he hadn’t been able to do BEFORE getting sick. I was so happy to hear this, but it wasn’t until a couple of days later that I remembered the image of the eyes and the family farm house during the session and it became crystal clear that my grandfather had benefited from the healing that came through. I continue to be amazed and awed by the powerful ways that these sessions and the essences work!

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