Topaz Gemstone Suite


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.Topaz Suite

Contains each of our individual Topaz Essence drops!

Shanti Kai™ Topaz Essence vibrationally aligns with energies of purification, manifestation, transmutation and protection. It awakens and expands your heart chakra, cleanses and balances the emotions, and encourages spiritual and emotional well being. As an Essence, Topaz further helps strengthen qualities of expansion and optimism, and inspires luck and success. A great essence to use when needing inspiration, a “vibrational lift”, and/or an energetic shift, Topaz is especially beneficial for clearing away impurities so you can attract wealth and prosperity. It promotes your ability to align with and manifest the highest level of wealth; spiritual wealth.


Blue Topaz Essence 

Opens Throat & 3rd Eye Chakras

Meditation ~ Dreamwork ~ Healing

Angel Attunement ~ Divine Wisdom

Blue Topaz Essence opens the throat and third eye chakras helping you to divine wisdom from higher spiritual realms. In meditation it helps calm the mind and still your emotions, allowing you to go to deeper levels within.  It’s Essence further evokes serenity and emotional balance, and is a good essence to work with for creating safety; it inspires intuition, wisdom and creative self expression. Read more


Golden Topaz Essence

Magnifies Generosity

Stimulates Expansive Thinking

Helps Attract Harmony & Prosperity

Shanti Kai™ Golden Topaz Essence is like taking liquid sunshine and is all about letting yourself shine. It amplifies qualities of generosity and helps you radiate your inner light without. It magnetizes people and energies to you, and also helps attract wealth and prosperity, aligning you with abundance consciousness. Read more


Green Topaz Essence

Inspires Love & Generosity

Encourages Healing & Growth

Opens Heart & Purifies Emotions

Green Topaz Essence inspires growth and healing and can aid you in renewing and rejuvenating your heart chakra energy. This can be beneficial in breaking patterns of excess, addiction, envy and jealousy – patterns that can result in nervous exhaustion, insecurity, low self esteem and other emotional imbalance. Read more


Imperial Topaz Essence

Increases Fire Energy

Transmutes Negativity

Attracts Spiritual Wealth

Imperial Topaz Essence, also known as “precious topaz”, helps you attract spiritual wealth of the highest kind. It also increases your ability to manifest the things you need to live your life more fully. It attunes your higher chakras and ascension chakras with the Christ light, instilling frequencies of unconditional love and acceptance. Read more


Peach Topaz Essence 

Manifesting Creativity

Transmuting Negativity

Attracting Partnerships

Peach Topaz Essence enhances emotional well-being, happiness, and joy. It has a protective energy, shielding your aura by increasing your light quotient, helping you instantly transmute negativity. By connecting you to the Christ consciousness, and helping open your ascension chakras, you naturally increase the amounts of love and light you carry. Read more


Pink Topaz Essence 

Rejuvenating & Inspiring Joy

Attracting Romance & Higher Love

Breaking Unhealthy Mental Patterns

Pink Topaz Essence inspires joy and positivity, and invokes harmony and creativity. It helps raise your vibration, enabling you to channel your life issues and problems (i.e. “drama”) into a creative outlet, and funneling your negative experiences toward the creation of something new and better. Read more


Silver Topaz Essence

Attracts Spiritual Wealth

Aligns With Divine Purpose

Cleanses Subtle Energy Bodies

Silver Topaz Essence helps you strengthen your spiritual connection and encourages aligning your will with Divine will, which can greatly increase your powers of manifestation and attraction. It expands your sense of cosmic awareness, helping to open your crown chakra and increase your ability to align with your own spiritual connection. Read more


White Topaz Essence

Increases Protection

Strengthens Astral Body

Enhances Cosmic Connection

White Topaz Essence brings peace, hope and inspiration. It connects and tunes you to your own spiritual guidance and carries the energy of truth. It further helps you tap into and strengthen your soul star chakra; your soul star chakra is found above your physical body –  above the crown chakra – and is part of what is referred to as the “ascension chakras”. A strong connection with this chakra brings higher levels of awareness and enlightenment. Read more.


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