Strawberry Moon Companion Essences: Intuition™ & Removing Obstacles™

Strawberry Moon Companion Essences

On Thursday, June 28th, the moon turns full in the sign of Capricorn, and its a great time to highlight our Strawberry Moon Companion Essence Duo, Intuition™ and Removing Obstacles™. What’s more, they’re 20% off when purchased together, through this weekend, or 15% off when purchased separately!

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet that tends to take the light and fluffy out of the cosmic forecast. While Jupiter rules expansion and opportunity, Saturn brings limitation and constriction, and it is also associated with obligations, responsibilities and discipline. Since full moons #illuminate what is going on in our lives, and bring them out in the open, the things in our life that restrict us may suddenly become more clear with the full moon in Saturn ruled Capricorn.

Our Intuition™ Essence is formulated to help you connect with the rhythms of the #Moon, balance emotions, and tap into your 6th sense. During this full moon, the Strawberry Moon if you will, emotions are heightened and everything may seem to be larger than life, and the tendency toward overwhelm may be quite intense. Intuition™ Essence can help to tame and balance emotional fluctuations that occur with different moon cycles, and help us to take advantage of of the healing energy that the moon holds. No need to let the inner werewolf out just yet… just keep calm and use your Intuition™.

What’s more, pairing it with our Removing Obstacles™ Blend, once known as “Saturn Block” may help you align with the times. Removing Obstacles™ was formulated to help shield some of Saturn’s harsher aspects, while helping you align with the grace needed to overcome challenges and vibrational energy needed to counter resistance. Pictured is night blooming cactus cereus and lotus both found in our Strawberry Moon Blends.

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