Weekly What’s Up: Intuition™ and Ajna: Third Eye Chakra™ for the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Energy around eclipses can cause us to feel a little more stirred up and on edge than usual, and with the blood moon lunar eclipse occurring on Monday (or Sunday if you’re in Hawaii) it’s a great time to spend time becoming still and turning within so that you can stay calm and centered with our Lunar Eclipse Companion Essences Intuition™ and Ajna™ Third Eye Chakra.

This super blood moon lunar eclipse will be visible from North America.  According to Ayurveda, if you are in an area where an eclipse can be seen, its effects are stronger and it’s beneficial to spend extra time in prayer, meditation, or just taking some time to experience stillness.

Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra Essence is designed to help balance and strengthen the third eye chakra, which may promote your ability to focus, calm mental chatter, and help you experience inner stillness.  Not only that, it may promote greater wisdom and help increase your understanding and acceptance of others, which may be especially helpful when dealing with the heightened emotional energy of an eclipse.

Intuition™ Essence is formulated to help you harmonize with lunar energy – energy that can bring up emotions stored deep within you, especially during an eclipse.  If you are more externally oriented during this time, it may be easier to misunderstand your own feelings, which may be churning up old wounds and emotions, resulting in misunderstandings and discord in your surroundings.

Working with these Essences may enhance your ability to tune in to your inner emotions and gain greater understanding into your true self, during a time which might otherwise tend to throw you off balance.

Remember, Essences work on the subtle planes and affect the physical body as a downstream effect, and best results are seen with dedicated use over a period of time. You can also incorporate them into any ritual you may have during this Eclipse.

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