Synchronize What’s Happening Outside of You with MercurEase™ and Removing Obstacles™ Essences

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Communication is complicated enough these days, without the need to pile on the retrogrades! That’s right! No need to wait for Mercury to spin backward to reach for your Essences! With the lightning speed of a caffeinated whirling dervish you simultaneously manage your texts, DMs, emails, voicemails, snail mails, business handles, and socials – replying to comments and carefully documenting your life in stories, all the while managing the other aspects of life – online shopping and the like! And Phew! Thank God you’re that good! Unlike your friends and colleagues, you never have to worry about miscommunications…let them get in trouble, you’re a pro!

No, no, I’m not serious.. you’re not that good… no one is. but keep reading and you might be! In the spirit of the retrogrades let’s reverse back to the first couple sentences above. Retrogrades may render miscommunication more opportune, but in today’s fast paced smart world, they are but merely exacerbating an already pervasive problem. Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™️ helps you embrace the positive qualities of Mercury – such as clear communication, problem solving, connection and focus. It also promotes your ability to tap into the parts of your brain needed for creative thinking and problem solving, so you can respond productively (as opposed to exuding knee jerk reactions or snappy retorts). Key synergies in MercurEase™ further work to focus a scattered mind, bringing greater cohesion to your thoughts, words and actions. You can’t always help when technology flubs up – you may not be able to control the email server, the office printer, the flight schedule, or prevent your phones, gadgets, and computers from having a field day at your expense – but you can learn to recognize how you’re reacting and why.

Our Removing Obstacles™ Blend is synergized to help you stay rooted and centered in the face of external obstacles. When you stop reacting to all that is wrong, your vibrational frequency begins to shift. Removing Obstacles™ helps elevate your vibrational frequency above that of the drama unfolding around you. Think of it like bringing a sphere of white light, a big fluffy protective sphere of white light, around an arrow headed right for your mind. The blow is softened, and so is the reaction. The drama that unfolds is lessened. The energy around you remains still, and thus the people that are drawn into your vibration are a better match for where you want to go.

When used together, MercurEase™ and Removing Obstacles™, can help you harmonize with what’s happening in the world around you so that you experience a greater synchronicity and flow in life. It can also help you to exercise greater self control over the words you speak and things you express. Should you find yourself emoting over an external trigger, simply shake well and apply Removing Obstacles™️ over your 3rd Eye, neck/throat, base of skull, and along your spine, abdomen and backs of knees. Follow with MercurEase™️. We suggest spraying in succession and including any areas of tension or where you feel blocks to self expression. We are not advocating that you hold back your emotion, we are merely suggesting you give yourself that momentary space in order to allow time to measure what you say. It is not necessary to spray all areas each time, you may alternate areas that you spray or choose the areas that work best for you. It may also be beneficial to use these Essences as room sprays, especially in areas where you experience conflict.

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