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If you’re looking for Essences to help you harness energy to put towards achieving your goals, we’d like to recommend Intuition™, Earth Chakra™, and Prosperity™.

  • Prosperity™ (Jupiter) – Can be especially helpful to overcome issues with lack, feelings of being “stuck”, struggles in relationships and jobs, or feelings of overwhelm or having to work hard with little success. It promotes well=being, learning, optimism, expansion, and opportunity.
  • Intuition™ (Lunar Blend) – Full of rich deep crystals and powerful flowers that unearth and bring out deep hidden energies, strengthening one’s sixth sense, balancing female hormonal cycles, and aligning one more closely to the moon’s natural cycles.
  • Earth Chakra – Helps in grounding one’s energy, adjusting and adapting to life’s shifts and changes, and connecting to Mother Earth.
Shanti Kai™ in AstroTwins New Moon Blog at Astrostyle & MindBodyGreen

Shanti Kai™ in AstroTwins New Moon Blog at Astrostyle & MindBodyGreen

Shanti Kai™ in AstroTwins New Moon Blog at Astrostyle & MindBodyGreen

Check out the AstroTwins New Moon Blog at Astrostyle and MindBodyGreen. We can’t help agree with them that our gemstone and crystal essences make great tools for working with the energy of the Capricorn New Moon… And that’s why we are making it easier for you by putting all of our moon related products on sale.

Check out our Moon Related Products: Intuition™, Release It™, Transformation™, and all of our single gemstone essences or our new Master Gemstone Essence Line.

New Moons bring new energy and with it new opportunity to release the old and expand in new ways. Couple that to the end of the year and it’s a perfect time to start (or deepen) your connection with the Moon and Earth. Intuition™, our Lunar Essence is created with gemstones and flowers (including rare night blooming cactus and orchids) that help develop this intrinsic connection. But we also suggest our Transformation Essence™ and Release It™ Blend – as well as our Gemstone Essences and new Master Gemstone Essence Line – as crystals bring a direct connection to nature and Earth Energy.

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