Shanti Kai™ Quartz™ Master and Attract™ Essences

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Power up the effects of your Essences by combining them with Shanti Kai™ Attract™ and/or Quartz Master™ Essence Blends!

If you’ve been drawn to  work with one (or some) of our essences, and want to maximize the effects, you might try pairing it with one of our Amplifiers: blends that can embolden your essences to work at a deeper level.  While using an amplifier is not necessary (most of our blends are plenty strong as is), amplifiers can be ideal in certain situations (more on this below).

Our Attract™ Essence helps you to let yourself shine, drawing or attracting energy to you.  When you feel tired, down on your luck, or simply stressed, your energy tends to contract inward, creating a “closed off “or “shut down” effect. While this might be a suitable coping mechanism, turning off the power on your energy switch hardly moves you toward your business and/or personal goals (or whatever it is you are working to heal or create in your life).  Be it health goals (pair with: Healer Within™, ImmunEase™, or Shungite Master™), financial goals (pair with: Prosperity™, Attract™, Jade™ Master, or Shower Tree™), or relationship (pair with: Venus™, Harmony™, Dahlia Master™, Attract™?) when things aren’t going your way, you may not want to “spray”.   In fact, that’s exactly the truth…when you’re contracting inward or feeling tired and stressed, essences may be the last thing you want to turn to.  Why is that? Call it the shadow saboteur or the thing in you that makes you eat cheesecake over broccoli… it just tends to be the case that when your “shutting down” you don’t always want to make the effort to “power up”.   Thus, coupling your essence to Attract™ can help you open back up and put your energy back to work “attracting” even while you go through your funk or downside for a phase.

In fact, so powerful is the effect, that when we teach using our Attract™️ Master Essence, as soon as we spray people in the room with Attract™, (and we have plenty of video testimonials to back this), postures change, heads perk up, spines straighten, necks lengthen… the energy in the room opens back up!  Your worry du jour or troubles of the moment may not go away forever, but the shift in how you feel, or in the atmosphere around you can be undeniable.   There’s no question that as soon as that pivotal energy shift happens and you open back up that there’s a corresponding upgrade to your field of attraction, and when you apply it to yourself especially over time, the same is true!

Attract™ is formulated with a synergy of flowers and minerals that traditionally have been known to magnify your inner radiance, drawing needed resources or attention your way. If you think about it… if a flower got depressed and decided to close up, how would a bee know to come pollinate it? How would it attract any energy it’s way?  Staying open is essential to attracting good things in life. Our essences aren’t “magic” (though some people might describe them that way) but they are nature in their purest form, and years of research, refining, and testing have helped us to create a synergy that works to maximum effect, harnessing the same technique that nature has been using for all eternity.

Our Quartz Masteris an “energy amplifier” which means it amplifies whatever thought or vibration is in your field; when you use Quartz Masterwith another Essence, it helps to magnify and amplify their energy while you are working with them.  Let’s say you pair it with Hope™️, our Master Essence for reconnecting with the belief in infinite possibility… the amplification energy of the Quartz Master energetically surrounds and boosts the uplifting vibration from the flower and mineral synergy in Hope™, amplifying it’s effect to the next level.  Now you might ask, why do I need this if Hope™ is already a powerful blend? Well, really you don’t… but if you’re going through a grieving process, transition or loss… or if you’ve been hit hard by Covid and you’re feeling down and out, it may be more difficult than normal to stay aligned with positive thought. You may feel surrounded in doubt… you may think “I can do this” in one moment only to be swarmed with “no you can’t it’s too late” or “you’re not strong enough” or whatever doubts you are feeling the next.  That’s where an amplifier like Quartz Master might help you jumpstart this already powerful blend, so that you can energetically feel the most benefit right away.  Amplifiers can help you fine tune  and focus in on subtle vibration so that you can magnify that 2% positive thought (amidst the 98% doubt) so that’s that is the primary energy emanated in your aura.  That is the beauty of the amplifier Quartz Master…  even while you may be fighting doubt internally, the essence is working on your aura to boost the benefits of Hope, helping you amplify your belief in infinite possibility.  As you know, law of cause and effect, what you put out comes back to you, and why not call in more good vibes, and put that out there instead.  That’s just one example… check out our recent blog on Quartz™ Master for more pairing suggestions and ways to work with it.

Quartz Masteralso has all kinds of other benefits so while your focused on amplifying your goal, you’re also getting the plethora of energetic benefits from our Quartz Master™.

You can use Attract™ and/or Quartz Master after using any other Shanti Kai™ Essence(s), as directed on the bottle, and can also use them as room sprays to enhance the effects of other essences (used in your rooms and other spaces).


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Featuring Venus™ Essence for Valentine’s Day

Venus Essence

Valentine’s day is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with a Shanti Kai™ Essence named for the Goddess of Love herself, Venus™! Our Venus™ Master Essence was formulated with ingredients to help boost your confidence, magnify feelings of self-love, and help you look and feel more beautiful from within. When the inside shines brightly, you may find your field of attraction is magnified, and that you more readily attract romance, love, and all kinds of beauty into your life (especially when paired with our Shanti Kai Attract™)!

What’s more, Venus is also the Goddess of Creativity… and this Essence was designed to inspire beauty and help you to more easily align with what it is that you want to create in your life… especially when it comes to love! Venus™ also works well with other Shanti Kai™ Essences, and we suggest trying some of the pairings below:

Venus™ and Attract™ – For drawing in LOVE.

Venus™ and Anahata™: Heart Chakra – For healing past relationship issues, and magnifying feelings of unconditional love and acceptance in relationships.

Venus™ and Goddess Power™ (or Empower™) – For coming into your power and confidence. Try this duo when you go on a first date!

Venus™ and Jasmine™: Love – Love can be magical and this essence pairing helps you tap into the power of unconditional love. This essence duo is so soft and sweet… it helps open even the most stubborn of hearts.

Tip of the Week: Release the Old and Invite in the New our New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️

Tip of the Week: Release the Old and Invite in the New our New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️

New Years Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️

Release the old and invite in the new with our New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️! Use these two together to release and re-pattern deep seated energy blocks so that you can move forward with brand new intentions for 2019!

Using Release It™️ first, spray any areas of tension, or you can spray the standard suggested areas for this blend, listed on the bottle. If you like, you can make an intention to release whatever is blocking you from experiencing positive change. After a few moments, spray White Light™️ over the same areas that you used Release It™️ on. If you have time, take a few moments to sit still for 1-2 minutes, and experience the subtle (and maybe not so subtle) responses your body has to the Essence. You may experience:

  • Feelings of getting lighter, or a floating sensation
  • Feelings of heaviness, or tingling
  • The desire to fidget or adjust your posture
  • Feelings of tension releasing
  • Increased mental clarity or renewed perspective

You may even envision or experience pure, positive energy entering into your being in the form of White Light, carrying pure potentiality.

A great way to continue using these Essences would be to use Release It™️ at night before bed and White Light™️ first thing in the morning. You may also want to incorporate our Attract™️ or Prosperity™️ Essences throughout the day or as needed or desired. More on this latter part in our next weeks Tip!

Tip of the Week: Boosting the Effects of Attract™️ Blend with other Essences.

Tip of the Week: Boosting the Effects of Attract™️ Blend with other Essences.

Tip of Using Attract

There is an old saying that it’s your job to decide what you want and release it to the universe, it’s the universe’s job to bring it to you – and our Attract™ blend is a great tool to help you facilitate this manifestation process. What you might not know is that there are different ways that you can combine Attract™️ with other Shanti Kai™️ Essences to boost your ability to draw in what you want.

One way to do this is to use Release It™ before using Attract™ to clear and make make room in your energy field to draw in what you desire. Try spraying Release It™️ first (over areas stated on the label or as you are intuitively guided), and if you are able, sit with your eyes closed and focus on releasing any resistance to your goal. As you exhale, feel or sense your muscles releasing and relaxing. Follow with Attract™️ as you focus on allowing the new positive energy to move into your system, feeling yourself expanding and your heart opening.

Another way to use Attract™ is to pair it with a blend that embodies what it is you are trying to draw in. Here are some combinations that we recommend:
– Attract™️ and Venus™ for romantic relationships
– Attract™️ and Healer Within™ for healing goals
– Attract™️ and Prosperity™ for monetary goals
– Attract™️ and Anahata™️: Heart Chakra for heart opening
– Attract™️ and Transitions™ for moving real estate and other sales

While it’s not always necessary to use Attract™️ AND something else, doing so can help you to get clearer and more specific, making it more likely that you’ll attract just the thing you want or need the most.

International Fairy Day

International Fairy Day
Hoku the Furry Fairy just let us know that it’s International Fairy Day, and he’s already spent the day using his Fairy Dust™ Essence to celebrate! Fairy Dust™ carries a light, magical quality to it by drawing on energies from the nature realm. Need a little more playfulness in your life? Fairy Dust™ helps you to experience this, while also allowing you to connect with your own higher guidance system. And humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this care-free blend. Cats seem to especially enjoy it as well, and while they may not go through quite as dramatic a transformation as Hoku, don’t be surprised if they seem a bit more frisky while you’re using it!

And if you want to really power up the effects of this blend, pair it with our Attract Essence™! In fact, did you know that Attract™ can be paired with most of our blends to boost their effects? In this case, just be ready for an influx of fairies….furry or otherwise! Read more about Fairy Dust™ Essence.

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