Golden Aura™ for the Vernal Equinox

Golden Aura™ for the Vernal Equinox

Happy first day of spring! Today marks the vernal equinox, a day that historically has been revered by different cultures as one of renewal and rebirth, as the increase in sunlight allows for new growth. Sunlight, especially early in the morning, in accordance with Ayurvedic traditions, can also have the effect of renewing and recharging your energy field. We recommend applying Shanti Kai™️ Golden Aura™️ Essence, our premier “Sun Essence Blend”, for helping you to maximize the energetic benefits of sunlight.  Spray on your crown, and along the backside of your head and neck, as well as over your third eye and heart center before taking in morning sun. Meditators may also like to apply it along their spine and sub-soul area (sacral Chakra zone- below the navel).  If you use this essence when you are in a resting space such as when meditating or sitting quietly in contemplation, or doing some sort of gentle or restorative yoga, it helps you to capture the sunlight Energy, increasing your reserves of prana -or mana, as we say in Hawai’i- that is, your life force energy. Used before exercising, gardening- or simply during a busy day -it helps to strengthen and shield your natural reserves of energy so that they are less likely to be depleted.  Used when active or in motion, it helps you to stay energized. Spray over crown, third eye, temples, abdomen and/or along your neck and spine- AND/OR any areas that feel tired and could use a little pick me up. What’s more, paired with Garnet Glow™️, Shanti Kai™️ Golden Aura™️ Blend can also help to cleanse and heal “soul wounds” or deep underlying trauma that would cause you to accumulate non-beneficial energy in your aura or to have entities (or energetic attachments) connected to you.   Such energies can cause you to lose your life force and allow for sickness and this “dis-ease” to manifest in your body-mind.

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