All About our Transformation Essence™

Transformation™ Essence – Staying fluid in the cycle of death and rebirth.  It assists one in using negative life experience to purge and bring in new energy (i.e. rebirth). It’s helpful during healing work, meditation, and when moving through challenging life phases.  Read some of our recent posts about Transformation™ below:

January 10, 2017:

Transformation Essence BlendWe like think to think of our Transformation™ Essence like a coffee maker – grinding up the coffee beans and churning out something new. It’s not just the release, it’s the TRANSFORMATION of something from one form to another.

While the end of the year creates an opportunity for releasing the old and the New Year for creating new goals, winter months allow for one to turn within and go deep, emerging in the spring full of newness and vitality. Flower, orchid, and gemstone ingredients in this essence form a synergy that may help you raise your vibration and encourage you to release what you need to let go – transitioning you out of the “death cycle” and into the phases of “regeneration” and “rebirth”. All while softening the sometimes painful and uncomfortable process that can often accompany change.

January 14, 2017:

Ultimate Change Companion EssencesLive long enough and life will eventually throw something your way that will test you on every level. Shanti Kai™ Ultimate Change Companion Essence Set can be a great way to work with (or manage) seemingly destructive energies in your life – allowing them to release and die, in order to bring about something new ~ a Rebirth or new beginning. Release It™ works deep in the sub and unconscious layers to help bring up energy blocks for deep release, and Transformation™ works to raise the vibrational energy contained in these blocks to bring about the ultimate in change – complete transformation.

Note it is not necessary to use both essences to experience deep release or transformation – it depends on what you specifically need. That’s why we have options, or seemingly similar essences – because we are all different and can change from day to day. Having options allows you to choose what resonates with you at this point in time. And sometimes you may need or want a little extra oomph – or to tackle an issue from more than one angle – and that’s when we recommend using both of these Companion Essences. In general, we recommend using Release It™ at night and/or when feeling stuck or blocked, and Transformation™ in the morning or throughout the day as needed to help uplift your energy.

True change takes time, but if you consciously choose to work with the energy, and allow the essences to do their job, you can most definitely speed it up and move it along – and have a much smoother ride at the same time!

January 17, 2017:

VolcanoPictured: Volcano at night.

“Every time I see the volcano I think: transformation, transformation, transformation. From earth to fire to lava to new earth – destruction to rebirth. And just being at the volcano I’m so in awe of it but I also feel it’s churning and am reminded of how messy it can feel when you’re going thru a transformation or a “purification”, whether it be intentional – like a New Years Resolution to change difficult habits – or unintentional – like when life throws you a series of difficult experiences or situations. When I first formulated the Transformation blend I was going thru a very tumultuous time – 2 untimely deaths, and I don’t think I could’ve imagined anything more painful coming my way. I formulated Transformation™ Essence to soften this process and at same time ease-fully move it along, to the other side faster. It can’t take the “bad stuff” away but it can help to raise your vibration so you can see it from an expanded perspective. And if you’re working thru a new goal or difficult relationship it can help soften criticism and other negative or uncomfortable emotions, judgments and thoughts. Transformation™ can also be used as a room spray to help change the energy a given place or space carries.”
– Dr. Jayme Jensen


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