Release It™ for the New Year:  Help to Propel You Forward

Release It™ for the New Year: Help to Propel You Forward

Happy New Year 2017, and hello to resolutions and hopes for a better year!  Ready to say goodbye to all that no longer serves us and step into new intentions, goals, hopes and dreams.  Release It™, our powerful blend for releasing energetic blocks is driven by fuchsia family of flowers and loaded with key orchids and Gemstones for letting things go and moving stuck energy out. Put it to work for you as a tool for going deep and releasing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels– often stored as resistance on subconscious and unconscious levels.  If you feel stuck, dealing with the same issues, same emotions, same challenges over and over again, then this might be the perfect essence to help propel you forward.Release It for the New Year

Pairing Release It™ for Enhanced Results:

Release It™ is one of our most powerful essences and it pairs well with so many other essences to help enhance the results.

  • Use with Attract™, our blend designed to help us draw in or manifest the things we want.  Release It™ helps break down anything that may be blocking us from achieving our goals, while Attract™ helps us align energetically to achieve those goals.
  • Use with White Light™ or Healer Within™ when working with physical symptoms or releasing emotional baggage that weighs us down.  White Light™ is the purest vibration and helps fill in any space created from the releasing with pure, positive energy.  Healer Within™ helps alleviate stress and promote calm while encouraging healing on a deep level.
  • Use with Clear My Space™ for extra aura cleansing or room cleansing capabilities.  Release It™ helps release deep seated blockages and unbalancing energies while Clear My Space™ helps clear it away.
  • Use with Transitions™ if you want to break a “bad habit”.  Release It™ will help release what keeps you stuck in that habit while Transitions™ help you change the craving or behavior creating the stuck pattern.
  • Use with any of our Chakra sprays to help deepen and/or release of blockages in the Chakras while the Chakra sprays balance and align the chakras.


Recommendations on How to Use Release It™:

When using the Release It™, it helps when you tune in and think about what you’d like to release before spraying.  Take a few deep breaths and focus in on what you’d like to achieve.  If you are working with a certain area of the body where you feel pain or tension, then tune into that area and use a few sprays over that area of the body.  If you want to release emotional baggage, then sense where you might carry that emotion in your body and spray those areas.  If you there’s no area of the body associated with your intention or you aren’t sure what blocks you, then you can spray the forehead, temples, base of skull, heart, and/or feet.  Imagine the essence releasing and clearing away whatever it is you intend.

When working with multiple essences, it’s best to wait 15-60 minutes after using Release It™ before using the next essence.  You can also use Release It™ at night and the complimentary essence in the morning.

We also recommend journaling your experience with the essence.  Small shifts over time may not be that noticeable, but when you look back at where you were when you first started the essence, you may be surprised at just how far you’ve come!

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