About the 7 Chakras

About the 7 Chakras

An Overview of the 7 Chakras

The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”. There are 88,000 chakras within the human body, of which seven are considered to be the major chakras – the main energy centers in our bodies through which energy flows. If energy in one of the major 7 chakras is blocked, it can lead to illness. Therefore, it’s important to learn how we can help them keep energy flowing freely.  The Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line provides an in-depth method for balancing, clearing, and developing the 7 chakras. In total, it draws from over 500 plant and mineral based ingredients helping you to integrate missing frequencies that you may need to heal and restore.

1. Muladhara: Root Chakra

  • Location: Base of the spine
  • Color: Red
  • Physical Areas of the body: Lower back, spine, hips, legs, feet, colon, kidneys, intestines, reproductive system
  • Relates to: Our connection to the Earth, family and identity issues, abundance and primal issues (such as survival, “having enough”, and fears related to lack)
  • Indications of Imbalance: Fear, anxiety (especially around not having enough time, money, support, etc), elimination issues
  • Essence for Balancing: Muladhara: Root Chakra

2. Svadhisthana: Sacral Chakra

  • Location: 2-3 inches below the navel
  • Color: Orange
  • Physical Areas of the body: Sexual/Reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, spleen, bowel, lower intestine
  • Relates to: Sexual and creative energies, emotional drive, relationships with others.
  • Indications of Imbalance: Emotionally imbalanced (under or over-emotional), sexual imbalance, lack of creativity, lack of passion/drive, fatigue, reproduction issues, digestion/elimination issues
  • Essence for Balancing: Svadhisthana: Sacral Chakra

3. Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Location: 2-3 inches above the navel
  • Color: Yellow
  • Physical Areas of the body: Stomach, liver, pancreas, nervous system, bladder, upper intestines, upper back / spine
  • Relates to: Self esteem, will power, transformation, focus and empowerment
  • Indications of Imbalance: Feeling unworthy or having low self-esteem, digestion issues, slow metabolism, difficulty making decisions, easily distracted or overwhelmed, moodiness / mood swings
  • Essence for Balancing: Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Anahata: Heart Chakra

  • Location: Center of the chest
  • Color: Green
  • Physical Areas of the body: Heart, lungs, breasts, lymphatic system, thymus gland, blood and circulatory system
  • Relates to: Compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance of others, resolution of conflicts or differences
  • Indications of Imbalance: Holding grudges / resentment, grief, sadness, lack of joy, overly critical, heart problems, respiratory problems
  • Essence for Balancing: Anahata: Heart Chakra

5. Vishuddha: Throat Chakra

  • Location: Throat area
  • Color: Aqua
  • Physical Areas of the body: Throat, neck, mouth, jaw, tongue, teeth, vocal chords, thyroid gland, lungs, respiratory system
  • Relates to: Communication, self expression, being understood, speaking the truth, listening
  • Indications of Imbalance: Communication issues/misunderstandings, relationship issues, metabolyic / thyroid issues, sore throat or voice loss, earaches, resistance to hearing truth, jaw issues
  • Essence for Balancing: Vishuddha: Throat Chakra

6. Ajna: Third Eye Chakra

  • Location: Center of the forehead
  • Color: Indigo
  • Physical Areas of the body: Head, forehead, eyes, pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, brain, nervous system, the senses
  • Relates to: Intuition, wisdom, vision, foresight / ability to see far and wide, connection to Spirit, imagination
  • Indications of Imbalance: Intuitive blockages, memory problems / confusion, tendency to be overly critical or judgmental, migraines, mind racing, pituitary (hormone) problems
  • Essence for Balancing: Ajna: Third Eye Chakra

7. Sahasrara: Crown Chakra

  • Location: Top of the head
  • Color: Purple
  • Physical Areas of the body: Head, brain, top of spinal cord, central nervous system, pineal gland
  • Relates to: Spirituality and spiritual connection, mind-body-spirit connection, unconditional love and oneness with all beings
  • Indications of Imbalance: lack of purpose or direction, feeling disconnected from God or Spirit (or your intuition), helplessness, feeling alone or separated from others, headaches, insomnia or other sleep issues, light sensitivity, chronic exhaustion, absence of joy
  • Essence for Balancing: Sahasrara: Crown Chakra
Shanti Kai™ Chakra Healing Class at Sedona

Shanti Kai™ Chakra Healing Class at Sedona

Shanti Kai Chakra Healing Class at SedonaShanti Kai Chakra Healing Class* Level 1
When: Friday April 28, 2017 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: SEDONA at Ward Center
1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Ste 460 Honolulu, Hawaii

Sign-up: Online or call (808) 591-8010

Note: A second class is being added! (Date & Venue will be announced soon)

If you have experienced any form of imbalance this past year in any area of your life it is likely that you have corresponding imbalance in one (if not more of) your 7 main chakra(s).


  • Emotions,
  • Physical Health,
  • Relationships,
  • Creative Blocks,
  • Financial lack/ problems/ stagnation/ Professional and or work related issues (i.e. feeling stuck)…

Learn how blocks in certain chakras can hold you back and prevent you from manifesting more of what you want in life and can be related to issues with physical, emotional, and mental health. Also, learn how such blockages can actually prevent you from meditating and developing a stronger spiritual connection.

In the 1st class we will:

  • Learn to balance and clear your 7 main chakras (plus some of the less understood ones)
  • Find out which of your 7 chakras could use a tune up and how to do that the Shanti Kai way using Essences

Price: $70.00

(Note: Level 2 class has been rescheduled to Friday June 9, 2017. Tickets for second class sold separately.)

* The use of the word healing is not intended to suggest an expected result but rather to learn technique and tools that you can integrate into your own healing and healthy lifestyle practices.

Working with the Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line

Working with the Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line

Chakra Line Kit
The Shanti Kai™ Chakra Essence Line was developed over a period of 5 years and each spray builds on the next. There are several ways to approach using our chakra sprays. You may want to start with the root chakra, working with that for a period of time, and then moving to the sacral chakra, and so on. Slowly working your way up can be especially beneficial because if your foundation is off, it can affect all other chakras. Another option is to just buy the one that draws you the most or the one corresponding to where you feel the need to do some work.

You can also work with the charka line as a complete set, using all of them at once as a way to balance yourself daily. In this case, you would start with the root chakra first and spray your way up, ending at the crown chakra. If during the day, a particular chakra is “speaking to you”, you can augment your routine with that one spray. For instance, if you have aches and pains in a given area you may need to balance that chakra and the two chakras surrounding it with those specific sprays. If you are experiencing any communication issues, you may turn to the throat chakra spray. For relationship issues, you may turn to the sacral chakra spray. If you are feeling anxious, you may find the root chakra spray helpful. If you are going for an interview or on a date, the solar plexus spray would be helpful. And if you want to meditate you might combine the root, third eye, and crown charka sprays. There are so many ways to utilize these essences depending on the situation you are looking for support with at any given time. And often when people start to work with them, they begin to intuitively sense how they need them.

As a reminder, essences are vibrational and work in the auric field and on the physical body, and so they don’t necessarily need to touch your physical body to work. Many of our extremely sensitive clients and customers spray only their aura and get great results.


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