New Year, New Beginnings: How our Release It™ and Chakra Essences can help

Release Chakra Kit


New Year, New Beginnings

The New Year is a time of Resolution – to set your intention to clear out the old and bring in the new. It’s a time for looking at your life and seeing where you could use a little more balance and how you can achieve it. It’s also a great time to do a little life review and see where you need to change – to detox the old ways and limiting beliefs and energies in your life – to cleanse and clear. It’s also a time to see where you’ve been blocked and where you can grow, to set new goals so you can strive to do and be more. Of course, you need not wait to the New Year to do this. You can do this anytime, and our Release It™ and Chakra Line of Essences are fabulous tools for doing just that!

Release It Essence

Why use Release It™?

Often, we have deep seated energy blockages that wreak havoc in our systems.  These blockages can be thought of in many different terms, but usually represent a sort of trauma that has either been inflicted or inherited.  Trauma can be anything from stubbing your toe to being yelled at in school, experiencing ongoing stress, suffering a serious accident, etc.  Energetically speaking, these stored traumas appear like dark dense bodies of accumulation in the emotional and subtle bodies, literally weighing you down.

How it Works

Release It™ gets into this dark energy accumulation that comprises energy blocks or imbalance in each of your main chakras (or 7 main energy centers) and begins pulling these energies out, helping you to break down the resistance so you can more manageably release it.  It has several different mechanisms by which it works, including releasing through relaxing, breaking up energy blockages into small particles, drawing out or purging the toxic parts in the physical body, encouraging a state of surrender, unearthing it, etc.

The Importance of Clearing Your Lower Chakras on Overall Health & Spiritual Well-Being

[vc_column width=”1/2″]Your physical body is ultimately a vessel for your spirit; it is a means for your soul to express and progress.  When you do not clean out your physical vessel, you not only weigh it down, but you can also hold yourself back from experiencing greater light, and ultimately, enlightenment.

When your Prana or life source energy (aka mana, or “chi”) becomes stagnant due to resistance in your physical body, your soul and your spirit – your overall “inner experience” – also become weighed down.  This sort of blockage or “clog” can then affect your pure potentiality, diminish your vitality and limit how high or far you can go in life. Being grounded in the sense of being “weighed down” is different than being grounded and rooted, connected to the earth. Your physical body should be grounded, but your spirit needs to be able to soar.  When you do not clear out your chakras, however, especially your lower ones, your physical body can have the effect of grounding your spirit. You can become depressed and heavy, out of touch with your higher life purpose.

An overactive or underactive chakra can lead to any number of issues depending on the chakra, and if not perfectly balanced, can ultimately lead to illness. Moreover, blockages in the lower chakras can impact all chakras above them, most decidedly your Root Chakra. Therefore, it is important to clear out the lower chakras and establish proper foundation for the upper chakras to perform properly.

Chakra Essences

The Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line

The Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line draws from over 600 plant and mineral ingredients; with each Chakra Essence synergized in a carefully crafted blend formulated to help clear, heal, and balance that particular chakra.  It is also a great tool for healing practitioners to incorporate in their client work and to use for their own self-care to stay balanced and aligned.

Working with our Chakra Line to Balance, Clear, and Release

Our Chakra sprays are also formulated to release and clear the 7 main chakras, and it is NOT always necessary to combine them with Release It™. In fact, unless there is a specific block you are aware of or you are doing deeper levels of clearing and self-care, you may find simply working with the Chakra Essence(s) you need is enough. However, when you’re really ready to go deep and create the change you want to see in your life – such as a once-a-year New Year’s Cleanse – you just might find this combination a fabulous tool to do just that – to accelerate your healing and elevate your pure potential.

Chakra Release Kit

Release It™ and Your Chakras

Below are some simple steps for clearing and releasing working with Shanti Kai™ Release It™ and Chakra Essence Line.  Use these essences whenever negative thoughts or feelings come up with the intention of releasing it and letting it go.  If the feelings can be linked to a specific body part (e.g. butterflies in my stomach, “broken” heart, weak knees, headache, etc.) then spray Release It™ over the affected areas and follow with the appropriate chakra essence.  Otherwise, it may be helpful to spray the base of the skull, forehead, temples, heart center, and feet.

If you are uncertain as to which Chakra Essence you may need, please check out the chart below and read on to learn more.

Each Shanti Kai™ Chakra Essence targets one of the seven main chakras (or energy centers) within the physical body, all of which have a significant impact on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

Muladhara™: Root Chakra Essence is helpful for releasing fears and anxieties associated with having enough time, money, energy, luck, work, support, etc., and for drawing in the energy of abundance. It helps to energetically balance issues associated with the lower back, spine, coccyx, legs, and feet.

Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra Essence may help to stimulate creativity, balance sexuality, heal or mend relationship issues, and balance reproductive energies. It can also be balancing for the ego and emotions. It helps to energetically balance the reproductive organs, bladder, and kidneys.

Manipura™: Solar Plexus Chakra Essence may help with increasing confidence and self-worth (especially relating to your work or service), balancing emotions, and increasing self-empowerment. It also helps to energetically balance the stomach, liver, and pancreas.

Anahata™: Heart Chakra Essence helps to balance and open the heart chakra, encouraging forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love. It also helps to energetically balance the lungs, skin, and blood.

Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra Essence helps to balance the throat chakra, encouraging creative expression, clear communication, and healthy relationships. The throat chakra is also the seat of the Divine Will and may help you to align with this quality. It helps to energetically balance the throat, voice, ears, mouth, and thyroid gland.

Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra Essence helps with balancing and opening the third eye chakra to promote the development of clarity, intuition, expanded consciousness, and the release of criticisms and judgement.  It may help to remove psychic debris and other blockages and may strengthen your sixth sense and clairvoyance.  It helps to energetically balance the eyes, pituitary gland, pineal gland, forehead, and brain.

Sahasrara™: Crown Chakra Essence helps to strengthen your connection with divinity, increase feelings of worthiness, and promote wisdom and a feeling of oneness with all beings.  It may also help with balancing the circadian rhythms. It helps to energetically balance the head, brain, spinal cord, central nervous system, and pineal gland.

Suggested Release It™ & Chakra Meditation

  1. Take 5-10 deep, calming breaths to get centered.
  2. Spray Release It™ Essence using 5-7 sprays over the areas suggested above.  Set an intention of letting go of the negative thoughts, feelings, etc.
  3. Close your eyes and for a minute or so tune into what you feel, see, or sense happening.
  4. Wait 15-60 minutes before following up with the Chakra or Chakra Essences of your choice.
  5. Take 5-10 deep, calming breaths to get centered.
  6. Spray Shanti Kai™ Chakra Essence 3-7 sprays in exactly the same areas you sprayed above (you may like spraying sensitive areas listed above as well, such as the third eye, temples, base of skull, etc.).
  7. Close your eyes and for a minute or so tune into what you feel, see, or sense happening.
  8. Alternatively, you can use Release It™ before bed and the Chakra Essence of your choice in the morning.

While our Chakra Line Essences can be used separately to target any particular chakra, using them as a set allows for proper balancing of the entire chakra system.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Essences for Mother Earth

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Essences for Mother Earth

Mothers Day Essences

Happy Mothers Day!

At Shanti Kai™ we are celebrating by featuring our Goddess collection, to honor the divine feminine and inner goddess in every mother, but we are also taking a slightly different twist and celebrating our shared Earth Mother. ?

A few weeks ago we put a spotlight on essences that can help you stay grounded and connected to the Earth, absorbing her nurturing energy. Today we are going a step further and highlighting essences that also help us to connect with and heal issues related to our “earthly mothers”.While none of us can go back and change who our Mom is, we can choose to celebrate her… lessons and all, no matter how perfect or imperfect she is, was, or may have been. I say it like this, not because I’m speaking personally but because in my private practice, I often utilize regression therapies, and hear a wide spectrum of stories from horrors to miracles regarding my clients’ earthly moms. But one thing we all have in common is our Mother Earth. How well we ground ourselves, and embrace the nurturing and stability she offers often determines how well we adapt to life’s challenges and how well we integrate all the planetary shifts and changing energies the world today is facing.

Many people are struggling with issues in the legs, feet, spine, knees and low back, issues connected to their earth star chakras (found in the feet) and Root Chakra (that governs spine, hips, and legs)… with all the planetary shifts and changes, political instability and global crisis, it’s not wonder we are physically manifesting these as symptoms in our extremities most closely connected to the earth herself. And even if you are not, strengthening your foundation can only ever give more bounce to your launchpad for flying higher and going further.

My grandfather spent the latter part of his life ensuring our Lady of the Rockies was successfully completed. He was one of the key trustees who funded the project; and as a child we took many trips up the steep unpaved mountain roads to watch her go up. She sits on top of the Butte Montana Rockies. It’s a monument to mothers everywhere, especially the divine mother Mary. Here we are ten days before he passed revisiting the landmark. It was a very emotional day for him.

A year or two ago, I too was experiencing instability in my legs for the first time. My grandfather, my mother’s father, the spiritual rock of our family, had just passed.

He was reverent to Mother Mary, the Divine Mother, and wrote my name in a book of prayers to her everyday. I’ll never forget, after I graduated college I stayed with him up at his lake house, arising early one morning because this light pierced my sleep, waking me up and causing me to get out of bed (let me tell you it must’ve been really freaking bright to do that). I found myself at the end of the hallway and he was on his knees in the living room praying to Mary, reciting prayers he read everyday. The room was filled with pastel colors like rainbow light flowing all through scintillating magically as he prayed. I was in awe. I never thought of his prayers to Mary in that light before that day.

I crept back to my room and I could hear this sweet soft far away music as if there was a radio playing somewhere (but I knew that if my grandpa’s music had been on… it would not have sounded like that, lol).

In that moment, and for several days after, I felt wrapped up in this mystical love I could only attribute to Divine Mother Mary. My grandfather had always carried a bridge to her, and as he passed, I felt the bridge he used to pray and support me for so many years collapse beneath me, and my left leg was suddenly frozen with the worst pain I’d ever experienced. (For those of you uncertain, left is the spiritual side and also the feminine, it represents your mother. In trauma work I was taught to discern the age of a client when a trauma occurred and which parent was involved by finding the energetic imprint the trauma left in the aura surrounding the legs).For all my studies and trauma work and years of healing and making essences to connect with the earth, here I was suddenly frozen.  I now needed to heal my leg.  I put myself through a number of healing regimens, and began focusing on my Earth Essences and learning to connect more deeply into Mother Earth.

Fortunately I hit breakthrough one day while doing breathwork, while also working with my Earth essences. I was in a deep rhythmic breathing trance for two hours, and when the session ended, I heard a knock at the door. Forgetting my leg was frozen I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs…. my leg was no longer hurt. Of course there’s more to it, what I saw, how I released it, but a big part was having the right tools, the right energies at my disposal.

Continuing, spirituality often involves ascending into a higher consciousness, or the practice of surrendering yourself to a higher power; in eastern thought, it involves opening the upper chakras and undergoing transformational processes through such practices as meditation, chanting, pranayama, yogic practices, or even involves a spiritual teacher or Guru who can awaken you from the materialistic world of desire; these practices are meant to help elevate your spiritual level so you can ascend into the upper chakras. In western thought spirituality is also tied to ascension energies; Christ “arose” from the cross and ascended into the Heavens.[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″]However, many forms of earth based spirituality have also existed where the Sun, Moon, and Mother Earth herself are also revered.  Mother Earth, the one whose soil feeds us, whose air permeates us, and whose resources provide everything we need to sustain us, has also long since been a source of transformation, mysticism, and enlightenment. Only by being deeply connected to the earth, in harmony and balance with her, can we then feel safe and learn to fly.

During times of changing terrain, shifts in the atmosphere and world political climate, global pandemic and so much more, crisis all around, we first must learn to connect, use our legs as energy circuits to pulsate the grounding, healing, nurturing light the earth emanates from her fiery core.  Checkout some of my favorite essences for doing just that below.

Listed below are some of the essences we recommend for increasing your affinity to and love of the earth.

Essences that Encourage Healing Mother issues and strengthening our Mother Earth Connection

  • Mom & Baby™: For strengthening the bond between mom and baby and helping you to find the nurturing that may have been missing from your own mother in childhood. May help with stomach and or eating issues that stem from psycho spiritual issues with mom.
  • Goddess Power™: For connecting with empowerment, and drawing in abundance. Aligning all major chakras and awakening the goddess within each one. Nurtures all aspects of the Divine Feminine within you.
  • Athena™: For issues of women’s balance, integrating make and female aspects and helping you liberate yourself from earthly bondage.
  • Venus™: For tapping into the romantic aspect of Venus, Goddess of Love and Creativity, who inspires confidence and charm, and helps you to find passion to create, and harness love energy as a creative force.
  • Pele™: For connecting with earth’s fire energy for destruction, death and rebirth. Combining the alchemy of fire with the nurturing energy of earth brings alchemical transformation, purification and ultimately new beginnings.
  • Intuition™: This Essence is like being comforted by the luminescence of the moon goddess herself.
  • African Tulip Tree: For feeling nurtured and protected the way a mother nurtures her young.
  • Shooting Star: For children that didn’t have an earthly mother, or who never felt that they belonged.
  • Wulfenite: For energetic womb cleansing and birthing abundance.
  • Morganite: Helps to resolve mother issues through its balancing action on the female heart meridian.
  • Maunaloa: Invokes the protective qualities of a mother for her child, easing feelings of fear and worry and instead empowering you to comfort your “inner children.”
  • Spathoglottis: For birthing new ideas and easing overwhelm in women who are pregnant.
  • Andalusite: May benefit nursing mothers and infants alike, and has historically been believed to help breast milk flow. * (see disclaimer)
  • Violet Agate: Helps mothers to balance the need for nurturing and healing, with necessary discipline with children.
  • Queen Emma Spider Lily: May help to heal fragmentation from mother issues you may have had as a child.
  • Nanea: May help you feel protected, soothed and nurtured, especially if your mother wasn’t there to do so.
  • Yucca: Helps to bring in feminine yin energy to balance masculine yang energy. May help you to find wholeness within yourself and move past childhood trauma.
  • Emerald: May help with the healing of childhood trauma if your mother was unable to supply needed nurturing.
  • Red Garnet: Strengthens a mother’s passion and devotion to her family and children.

Essences that Increase Grounding and Earth Connection

  • Earth Chakra™: For grounding, adapting and drawing from mother earth’s nurturing core.
  • Tourmaline Master: Balances all seven chakras as well as the feet chakras.
  • Dravite Tourmaline: May benefit your feet, legs, and earth connection.
  • Axinite: For connecting with earth energy for transformation.
  • Brown Diamond: For clearing the legs and feet chakras.
  • Andalusite: Helps to align the upper chakras with your sacral and earth chakras, helping you reach for the stars even though you’re grounded.
  • Alexandrite: For increasing your love for the earth…because if you can’t be out enjoying it loving it’s the next best thing.
  • Plumeria: For lightening the feet chakras and increasing feelings of safety and ease.
  • Lady Slipper Orchids: For lightening the feet chakras and connecting with Venus energy for more love and harmony.
  • Autograph Tree: For help with feeling grounded if you are feeling stuck or trapped.
  • Red or Master Hibiscus: For balancing the hips and legs.

Shanti Kai™️ Essences for the “Super” Flower Moon

Essences for the Super Flower Moon

The “Super” Flower Moon is tomorrow… time to highlight a few of our favorite Essences!

Full Moons (especially Super Moons) are known to increase emotional intensity and heighten energy levels… especially now, as we move into the depths of Scorpio. For those of you who stay up all night and howl on full moons, it’s a great time to revisit our Sahasrara™ Chakra Essence, for balancing your crown chakra, the energy center that relates to spirituality and that governs circadian rhythms, so important for a peaceful night’s rest.

Another fave, Amethyst Light™ vibrates with purple color frequencies, signaling Archangel Zadkiel, Angel of forgiveness. This Essence may help you find forgiveness (a good practice before sleep), and invoke wisdom while you slumber.

What’s more, with 3 planets (Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn) soon to turn retrograde, Harmony™ may be your pick to get all 3 wheels (mind, body, spirit) spinning in the same direction… before the cosmos attempt to shift you into “reverse“.

Our Intuition™ (Moon) Essence may help deepen your meditation, soften the effects of lunar energies, and encourage greater balance all month long. Our Intuition Essence has a luminescent quality, “like being comforted by the Moon Goddess herself”, empowering you toward healing while you sleep.

Often insomnia may be caused by underlying subconscious patterns or issues, causing your mind to spin round, increasing tension. If sleep is an ongoing issue for you, check out our services page for info on advanced clinical hypnotherapy, HMR, and other energy/vibrational therapies we offer.

Weekly What’s Up: Summer Eclipse Companion Essences – Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra

Summer Eclipse Companion Essences

On Tuesday July 16th, we’ll have the final eclipse of the summer, a full moon partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. The days surrounding a lunar eclipse are ideal for taking a break to turn within and process the emotions and deeper parts of our psyche that can be brought to the surface at this time. We recommend using our Shanti Kai™ Summer Eclipse Companion Essences, Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra Essence and Sahasrara™: Crown Chakra Essence to help you tune in and delve into your inner world, and to help encourage upliftment and strengthen your spiritual connection as you process what comes to the surface.

Eclipses are a wonderful opportunity to make deep, positive changes in our lives, as the energy tends to show us things that are no longer serving us that we need to release. At the same time, it is common to experience some emotional heaviness or overwhelm around this time as parts of ourselves that we may not normally look at come up to the surface. Luckily, these essences are just what you need to stay in a positive space so that you can use what comes up at this time in ways that uplift you and move you forward.

Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra is part of the the Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line and is designed to balance and open this important chakra, which can lead to increased insight and wisdom, heightened intuition, and a stronger connection to higher spiritual guidance. This blend may be especially helpful for doing deep inner work or introspection. Many of our actions in life can be guided by subconscious beliefs that we may not be aware of, but working with this chakra can help us to see them for what they really are. When we recognize what is going on below the surface, it gives us a chance to heal and make conscious choices that help move us forward. If you don’t have this Essence, some good substitutes are Intuition™, Indigo Light™ and Sapphire Master™ Blend.

Sahasrara™: Crown Chakra is designed to lift you up into the energy of the seventh chakra, where you can more easily experience feelings of having a higher purpose, worthiness and spiritual connection. It’s not uncommon to sense a feeling of heaviness around the time of an eclipse when so much is coming to the surface, and connecting with the crown chakra can help us to stay in a higher space where we can experience positivity and a feeling of spiritual support as we navigate our inner world. Some good substitutes to use for this Essence are Amethyst Light™, Diamond Master™, Golden Aura™ and Violet White™.

Shanti Kai™ Diamond Essence

Shanti Kai Diamond Essence
Shanti Kai Diamond Essence Master Blend is a mega blend of many colors and types of Diamonds. It is enhanced with pure rose essential oil and is great for working with Third Eye and Crown Chakras – and is also known to benefit pulling energetic toxins from the physical body.

Here’s a tip: Lift the hair and spray in a ring around the head – as if you were wearing a crown. Spray right where the crown would go, including the temples, third eye, base of skull and forehead. Relax, Breathe and notice the immediate release.

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