Hope™ & Clarity™: Companion Essences for Finding Direction

“As you go, step by step I will open up the way before you” – Proverbs 4:12

Spring is upon us with summer rapidly approaching, and transition is in the air. Almost halfway through the year, it’s a good time to reflect on where you’re at and where you’re headed. This week we are featuring Companion Shanti Kai Essence Products Hope™ and Clarity™ for Finding Direction. These are especially wonderful products if you’ve suffered a loss or a setback, are grieving, needing direction, wrestling with a difficult choice, struggling to find a new life path, or perhaps just looking to improve your life in some way, shape, or form…. Because with Shanti Kai’s Hope and Clarity Companion Essences™, the futures so bright you’re gonna have to wear shades!

Flower essence for hopelessness

Shanti Kai™ Hope Essence™

Hope Essence™ is loaded with over several varieties of tropical Gardenia, including native Hawaiian and tree flowers, along with other Hawaiian flowers and uplifting gemstones, such as Charoite. It’s formulated to uplift the spirit out of such states as grief, sadness, helplessness, and despair. But one need not be despairing to find use for this essence! Hope Essence™ reminds those caught in the mundanity of ordinary life that there is always more, always something greater to keep moving towards. There is a spiral of infinite possibility that always exists, that we can align with, and that can take us to a place of greater fulfillment regardless of one’s age, status, physical condition or situation in life. While Hope Essence™ speaks primarily to one’s Spirit and Higher Soul, it’s a spiritual fact that our outer happiness is a reflection of our inner contentment (and vice versa), and thus many people find greater ease in the physical when their spiritual state is elevated. It’s no wonder that when people tell us at Shanti Kai™ how Hope Essence™ has benefited them, they often speak about changes and improvements in their outer life or worldly existence.

mental clarity essence blends

Shanti Kai™ Clarity™ Essence

Clarity Essence™ is a very sweet blend consisting of key ingredients including White Water Lily and Aquamarine. Much as the Water Lily makes its way above murky waters to blossom, Shanti Kai’s Clarity Essence™ gently acts to guide one through some of life’s murkier moments. The Water Lily intuitively knows to move toward the sun… It doesn’t stop and fret and phone all its friends despairing about the filth surrounding it. It doesn’t wallow in its hopelessness that there can’t possibly be a brighter future (as evidenced by it being all covered in slime and grime). Rather it innately keeps inching upward, moving toward the surface until it finds the sun and can expand and open up and blossom. Similarly, Clarity Essence™ acts as a support, a guide, a walker if you will for one through less certain times. It acts not on the mind like a cup of coffee, and not on the senses like a grove of eucalyptus, but on the innate impulse of one’s heart, the inner spunda, allowing for the individual’s own intuitive intelligence to unfold.

Used together Shanti Kai’s Hope and Clarity Essences™ work synergistically to restore one’s belief in infinite possibility, to revive the spirit, and guide one into a brighter future. As with all essences, these products work best if the user actively works with them, requiring only that one be open to and willing to change.

Customer Testimonial on this Powerful Combination

“I started my own business and spent a year developing a product, but wasn’t getting the leads I needed to make it successful. I was putting in so much time and energy with very little success, and although I had gone about my work very prayerfully, I became discouraged that I couldn’t see any tangible results. I started using Hope and Clarity together, specifically I either put it in my water bottle and took it with me to yoga or kept the sprays on hand and used them when these feelings started to come up. Shortly after, I would start feeling more hopeful and encouraged. Whereas before I had been unable to see anything positive unfolding, after using them I would begin to shift into a more hopeful perspective. Slowly guidance would come to me as to how to proceed and intuitively I just knew to keep going even though the odds seemed against me. I began to see the reasons why things weren’t lining up, things that I had unknowingly been impatient with and wanted to make happen “right away” but that required more time and effort to yield quality that could lead to long term success. I don’t really know where the turning point was with it all but somewhere along the lines of using Hope and Clarity I began to shift, to believe in myself and the potential of my company, and somehow the steps I needed to take at every turn were there. It’s now been 2 years and although I still work with these products at times, I no longer am filled with doubt and discouragement. I see how everything Divinely aligned and is still aligning. Now when I use these products it’s not to pull me out of a deep rut but because I want to go higher, to come into even greater possibility – infinite possibility. These essences have helped me so much at a time I really needed it, and I am so grateful.”
– M.S., California

Suggestions on Working with these Essences

Use daily with the intention of being open to whatever is in your highest interest to pursue. Clarity™ and Hope™ can be used at the same time, as Companion Essences (products formulated to enhance one another). It may be ideal to use them twice daily in tandem, morning and night, for those who prefer to be more regimented, or to carry with oneself throughout the day and use as needed. Since both essences are intended to be support products for challenging times, acute usage may be especially helpful in moments of confusion, sadness, frustration, or despair. They can also be helpful in lighter, brighter times to simply help align one with their highest possible outcome. Hope Essence™ sprayed over the temples, forehead, along the spine, sacral chakra (navel area), and backs of knees (and/or over any areas of tension or tightness and throughout the aura), and Clarity Essence™ over the heart and chest, throat, forehead, base of skull, backs of kidneys, and lower lung area (and/or throughout one’s aura) may be particularly effective. When using the essences acutely, it’s preferable to alternate them throughout the day as needed (within 15 minutes or more). For instance, you can use Hope Essence™ and wait 15 minutes, then follow it with Clarity Essence™ and wait 15 minutes, then use Hope again… and so on. Slowly doubling the time intervals until desired result is achieved. It may be helpful to take deep, expansive breaths after spraying each essence and reaffirming your intention to allow Divine guidance and direction, and allow hope and clarity to flow into your life (or whatever your intention with using the products might be).

It’s not necessary to spray all of the suggested areas at once. You can experiment with what areas work best for you, dowse or test yourself, or simply alternate topical locations as desired. Taken as drops, it can be helpful to take morning and night and/or to add 5-7 drops in a water bottle and sip throughout day. Drops can also be taken acutely when needed, alternated in the same way as the sprays. Remember essences are homeopathic in nature, and thus the adage ‘less is more’ applies. As is typical of human behavior, at least in the U.S. and many western cultures, we tend to “think” we need to use more. It’s not uncommon for people to essentially bathe in their new essence sprays (smile) and while this is safe (since our products are vibrational and do not impose overdose risks), your product will last longer when used as directed.

– Dr.Jayme M Jensen, NHD, Owner/Developer Shanti Kai Products

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