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Shanti Kai™ Color Line Essences for Jet Lag

Shanti Kai™ Color Line Essences for Jet Lag

Essences for Jet Lag

It’s the holiday season, and many of you have travel in mind, so we thought it a great time to feature our Color Line Essences for Jet Lag!  Each of the Color Line Blends featured below addresses common symptoms that can arise while traveling, so that you can enjoy your trip and ease back into your routine when you return home:

Garnet Glow™:  Works on the energy field associated with circulation associated with travel, and as such may help relieve issues of stagnation, allowing ‘travel toxins’ to filter out.

Emerald Light™: May help address issues of travel fatigue and exhaustion by promoting revitalization and rejuvenation. Often after travel you feel tired or tense, and may tend to contract inward. Emerald Light™ encourages you to open back up and expand outward.

White Light™: Focuses on purification of the energy field after travel and may promote the easing of fears associated with travel. When we travel we are surrounded by lots of new and different people and energies, and the White Light™ may also help clear out any unwanted travel “companions.

Indigo Light™: May be especially helpful for tension in the spine and head that can result from traveling, and may also help with balancing and refocusing the mind after travel.

Golden Aura™ may help with increasing prana or life force, which is often depleted during travel. It may also help enhance auric shielding and help shield from stress caused by changes in the air. It may also help raise your vibrational frequency so you are not as affected by shifts in air, new energies, and other changes in the environment.

You can get these essences in the Shanti Kai™ Jet Lag Kit, or as part of the following companion essence sets.

Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ – For Clearing & Repatterning ~ May help you to clear out and re-pattern deep seated blockages and stress that may manifest as discomfort when you’re out of your zone (such as when traveling).  Since Garnet Glow™ is associated with the energy field of blood and Golden Aura™ with the lungs and spleen, this duo may help you filter energies associated with airborne toxins that can otherwise leave you feeling blocked or heavy.

Garnet Glow™ and Emerald Light™ – For Energetic Strengthening ~ Garnet Glow™ is formulated to help motivate you into physical action while Emerald Light™ is designed to help rejuvenate and uplift on both physical and emotional levels. Used together, these offer a quick pick me up. Moreover, Garnet Glow™ is formulated to help move you from a passive to an active state.  Poor circulation is often the source of discomfort & inflammation during travel. Our Garnet Glow™ especially works with energy field associated with blood and Emerald Light™ is especially uplifting for the heart chakra, where blood is centrally processed.*

Golden Aura™ and Emerald Light™ – For Pranic Rejuvenation ~ We often talk of our Golden Aura™ Essence as a sort of pranic light bath while our Emerald Light™ is a sort of calling card to Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing whose color is green.  Healing requires an increase in vibrational frequency and this duo may help you tap into energies needed for growth and renewal, while helping keep your vibrational frequencies high, so that you can do the deeper levels of work needed to be at your best. Moreover, used during travel these essences help you adjust to fluctuations in your routine that may throw you off, as well as helping raise your energy back up after exposure to radiation and other harmful rays.

Garnet Glow™ and White Light™ – For Energetically Clearing the Blood ~ Garnet Glow™ especially works with the energy field associated with blood and Frequencies of White Light™ is for purification and renewal. When we travel, our circulation often stagnates, leading to inflammation and feelings of stagnation and toxicity. Garnet Glow™ promotes moving from a passive to an active state, while White Light™ promotes purification on an energetic level, helping to flush out toxic energies and bring renewal and an increase in life force energy.

Emerald Light™ and White Light™ – For Energy Renewal ~ The ultimate pairing for new beginnings, especially ones that require rebirth and growth. After the long winter, the seeds must start anew, kindling the magic of nature for rebirth, and setting fresh intentions toward healing and growth.  Beneficial for goals ranging from  physical healing to financial growth, this pairing helps purify what was, so that the new can move in. As such, they may be beneficial for those overcoming bad habits, addiction patterns, and heaviness of heart (such as depressed energies and anxiousness).

Golden Aura™ and White Light™ – Auric Light Shield ~ Golden Aura™ helps increase the light quotient accessible to you by opening and increasing access to unconditional love from the twelfth and thirteenth chakras (Christ Consciousness Chakras). White Light™ helps temporarily fill holes in the aura that would cause this light to leak, so that it may be used for healing and protection, and maintaining your energetic homeostasis at higher vibrational levels.

Indigo Light™ and Golden Aura™ – For Optimal Intuition ~ Indigo Light™ is for clearing third eye clutter and optimizing visionary capabilities stored in third eye chakra. Golden Aura™ helps increase the pranic flow of light and unconditional love energy from the upper upper chakras as it flows to the crown, increasing protection around the crown and third eye chakras. This helps shield interference around the crown so that your intuition is functioning at its best and is coming from a place of altruistic love and light for all.

Indigo Light™ and White Light™ – For Mind Clearing ~ Indigo Light™ is for clearing third eye clutter and optimizing visionary capabilities stored in the third eye chakra, the seat of the mind, while Frequencies of White Light™ promotes a sense of purity, renewal and fresh beginnings.  These may be especially beneficial during times of study and or travel, wherein the mind may become overloaded with stimuli and excess information. Think of it like starting a painting with a fresh palette as opposed to one that has random lines and imprints from other artists attempting the same. To really excel at whatever you do, you must clear the palette and renew the mind’s eye.

Emerald Light™, Indigo Light™ and White Light™ – For Mental and Emotional Rejuvenation ~ These essences work on an energetic level to help ease mental fog and encourage upliftment and renewal for emotional stress that may occur while traveling.

Indigo Light™, Golden Aura™ and White Light™ – For Mental Power and Intuition ~ This trio may help to bring energetic shielding and strength for the intuition and mind. When your spirit is rejuvenated, you’re less likely to vibrate at the frequency of aches and pain so common to travel related stress.

Golden Aura™, Garnet Glow™ and Emerald Light™ – For Energetic Strength and Vitality ~ Jet lag can leave you feeling tired, achy and sluggish and this trio may help to increase your own organic life-force energy, and encourage rejuvenation.

Garnet Glow™, Golden Aura™ and White Light™ – For Energetic Circulation ~ Garnet Glow™ is formulated with ingredients known for strengthening the blood on an energetic level, while Golden Aura™ strengthens the part of the aura related to the lungs, and White Light™ encourages purification and renewal.

Worm Moon Companion Essences – Moon Goddess™ & Transitions™

Worm Moon Companion Essences

This Wednesday March 20th, we have a rare occurrence of the spring equinox occurring the same day as this year’s Worm Full Moon, and the last Super Moon of 2019! With this potent energy for change and renewal in the air it’s a powerful time for releasing the old and setting intentions for positive change with Shanti Kai™ Worm Moon Companion Essences: Moon Goddess™ and Transitions™.

Want to give some more power and oomph to your intentions? Moon Goddess™ Essence helps you to harness the energy of the moon phases, which may be a powerful ally in helping you to manifest your goals. Full moons in particular carry an energy that is beneficial for releasing the old and focusing on what we want to draw in. This blend may help you to tap into the world of your emotions and your own intuition, helping you to gain a stronger sense of what you want to let go of and what positive changes you would like to make.

Transitions™ Essence is our go-to blend for helping to smooth the process of change. Whether the seasons are changing, you’re starting a new job, or you’re trying to make changes in your habits, this essence may help to bring stability while things shift as well as encourage hope for what the future brings.

You can also try using other Shanti Kai™ blends with this essence duo to focus the effects. Looking to release non-beneficial habits and adopt healthier ones? Use along with Emerald Light™ or Release It™. Or would you like to move into a space of envisioning and creating a bright future after experiencing a loss or other difficulty? Try using this pair with our Hope™ Essence.

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.

Tip of the Week: Emerald Light Essence™ and Healing Frequencies of Green

Tip of the Week: Emerald Light Essence™ and Healing Frequencies of Green

Emerald Light

Being out in nature can have very healing effects on our body and mind. If we spend most of our day indoors, just taking a short walk near some trees or flowers can help us to clear our minds, relax and let go of stress. And for those times when we aren’t able to get outside, Shanti Kai™ has Emerald Light™ Essence, which helps to bring the healing frequencies of green that we find in nature into any environment that we’re in.

Emerald Light™ is formulated from a wide variety of healing green frequencies derived from the plant mineral kingdoms which have traditionally been used to ease stress and promote healing.

A good way to use this Essence would be as a room spray, either in your home or work place, which can help to bring in the healing vibrations of nature into your environment. You can also spray on yourself throughout the day, as needed, focusing on the heart area, base of the neck, throat, forehead, and temples or any place it feels like it would be helpful.

Companion Essences for Healing Work: Emerald Light™ & Amethyst Light™

Essences for Healing Work

Emerald is May’s birthstone and we are celebrating by offering a Companion Essence Special on our Emerald Light™ and Amethyst Light™ Essences from our Color Line – our Companion Essences for Healing Work.  Save 20% off when you purchase together and 15% off when purchased separately for a limited time.

Emerald Light™ Essence is a very healing blend that utilizes the color green to open the heart chakra, bring in the rejuvenating energetic qualities of the nature realm, and call on the assistance of Archangel Raphael, the Angel of healing.

Amethyst Light™ Essence brings in qualities of the divine through the color purple which invokes spirituality, worthiness, divine healing and transformation and can be used to call on the presence of Archangel Zadkiel, Angel of mercy.

Used together as Companion Essences, this duo can bring you healing on all levels of being, from the physical to the spiritual, through the powerful vibrations of flowers, gemstones, minerals and color.

Irish Blessing and Emerald Light for St Patrick’s Day

Irish Blessing and Emerald Light
A little Irish blessing: “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures…especially when used with Shanti Kai Emerald Light™” – (we swear we didn’t add that last part) ☘??

“This essence [Emerald Light™], when used along with Transitions, has been so powerful for helping me to curb overeating. When I’m craving something that I know isn’t going to make me feel good, or I have an urge to keep eating when I’m not hungry, I take these one right after the other and the urge disappears. Amazing amazing products!”
– Anna S, Boston.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, Everyone!

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