Featuring Venus™ Essence for Valentine’s Day

Venus Essence

Valentine’s day is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with a Shanti Kai™ Essence named for the Goddess of Love herself, Venus™! Our Venus™ Master Essence was formulated with ingredients to help boost your confidence, magnify feelings of self-love, and help you look and feel more beautiful from within. When the inside shines brightly, you may find your field of attraction is magnified, and that you more readily attract romance, love, and all kinds of beauty into your life (especially when paired with our Shanti Kai Attract™)!

What’s more, Venus is also the Goddess of Creativity… and this Essence was designed to inspire beauty and help you to more easily align with what it is that you want to create in your life… especially when it comes to love! Venus™ also works well with other Shanti Kai™ Essences, and we suggest trying some of the pairings below:

Venus™ and Attract™ – For drawing in LOVE.

Venus™ and Anahata™: Heart Chakra – For healing past relationship issues, and magnifying feelings of unconditional love and acceptance in relationships.

Venus™ and Goddess Power™ (or Empower™) – For coming into your power and confidence. Try this duo when you go on a first date!

Venus™ and Jasmine™: Love – Love can be magical and this essence pairing helps you tap into the power of unconditional love. This essence duo is so soft and sweet… it helps open even the most stubborn of hearts.

Essences for the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

Mahina Empower and Transfermation_1

On Tuesday July 2nd, there will be a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. This particular eclipse may bring your deepest emotional needs to the surface so that you can integrate them into your life and take steps towards fulfilling them. For this eclipse, we are recommending Shanti Kai™ Moon Goddess™, Transformation™, and Empower™ Essences to help you with recognizing your emotional needs, creating new patterns, and moving into your power with new self-knowledge.

The effects of an eclipse can often be felt in the days surrounding the event, so if you’ve been feeling uneasy, it could be because some blockages are starting to come to the surface as the eclipse approaches. It can be uncomfortable to look deeply into your feelings and emotions, and eclipses often make it so we are forced to see what’s there. We suggest working with what comes up around this time and our essences can help with this process.

Moon Goddess™ blend may help you to navigate your emotional world, helping you to see more clearly who you are and what makes you tick. This essence also helps to smooth out and soften the effects that the lunar phases can have on us. This can be particularly helpful around the time of an eclipse, which produces more intense emotional energy than a typical new or full moon. Moon Goddess™ helps you to harmonize with the rhythm of the moon phases, and it may also help to energetically benefit internal rhythms, such as menstrual cycles in women.

Transformation™ Essence is designed to help you see the truth in a gentle way, no matter what it may be. It also encourages the desire to release what is no longer needed in order to grow, transform, and start anew. Working with this essence can help you to work with energies that might normally be considered difficult or negative, and use them in to bring forth positive change and growth in your life.

Empower™ is our go-to Essence for helping to release fear and inspire feelings of confidence and courage.  This special blend is designed to both clear and protect your energy field, which may help you to be in and act from a place of strength, even if you still experience some fear or nervousness while doing so.

If you don’t have any of these essences you could also use the following:

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.

Tip of the Week: Clearing and Empowering with Shanti Kai™ Essences, Empower™ and White Light™

Tip of the Week: Clearing and Empowering with Shanti Kai™ Essences, Empower™ and White Light™

Clearing and Empowering

When we are living our lives from a place of empowerment, we feel confident, whole, safe and strong. Most of us can think of an area of our lives where we experience less than these feelings, or would like to experience a feeling of greater empowerment. Moreover, we may have specific areas we need a little added help with such as preparing for a job interview or a first date, a big talk, a performance, or even finding our voice in certain relationships (such as with a parent, boss, or significant other), or if we experience feelings of worry and fear more often than we would like, our Shanti Kai Essences Empower™ and White Light™ can help!

Empower™ Essence works to clear the underlying causes of fear and worry, while simultaneously repairing, shielding and protecting our energy field, encouraging feelings of strength and safety.  And though we may still feel fear at times, this Essence encourages us to feel the fear and do it anyways! Moreover our Empower™ Essence is formulated to help release energies that we no longer need, and for some, that release process can at times feel uncomfortable; this is not a sign you’ve used “too much” Empower™ but rather that we may benefit from “softening” the release process. For this it can be helpful to use Shanti Kai™ White Light™ Essence which which brings a gentle energy and extra layer of protection- a feeling many have described to us as being engulfed in a bubble of healing white light.

A great way to use these Essences together would be to spray Empower™ first, and follow with White Light™ a few moments later. Or you could use these Essences more acutely, alternating between the two every 15, or 30 minutes or so, until desired effects are achieved, or a stressful experience is balanced.

Read more about these essences:

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Healing Tools for the Eclipse: Empower™ & White Light™

Healing Tools for the EclipseThis Thursday, July 12th, brings us a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer… and we’ve got just the tools to power you through it!  A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby partly obscuring the sun, casting a shadow over it.  The cosmic energy from such a shadow can bring up shadows lurking in our sub and unconscious minds; we may be feeling overwhelmed and insecure as these shadows make themselves known. For this we are recommending our Empower™ and White Light™ Essences to help us work with these challenging energies with greater strength and ease.  Working with Empower™ helps cleanse the shadow energy; it creates a shield of energetic protection while helping transform fear and insecurity into strength.  White Light™ augments this process, bringing healing and softness to what could otherwise feel like a harsh or negative period.

Expanding, this particular eclipse will occur in the sign of Cancer.  Cancer is a very sensitive, emotional sign, and when the moon is in Cancer we are more likely to feel this emotional sensitivity, and to have the impulse to protect ourselves.  During an eclipse this can be heightened and exacerbated, and the very ways we try to protect ourselves may in fact be holding us back or keeping us stuck! If we can work with this energy through conscious awareness, we can turn the uncomfortable feelings during the eclipse into a healing and transformative experience.  Luckily, Shanti Kai™ has Empower™ Essence and White Light™ Essence to help us work with these energies!

Our Empower™ Essence is a great tool for working with fear, worry, and anxiety that might otherwise cause us to shut down or become self-protective and insecure.  It also helps us with working through past traumas, which also tend to come up during this time.  Empower goes to work on your energy field by helping to clear and release underlying beliefs and blockages that may stem from old trauma and related belief systems.  It’s formulated with a blend of vibrational Essences that synergize to repair tears and ruptures in the aura.  It also has a base that creates a strong protective layer to create a sense of inner safety.  It can help us to feel more comfortable in our own skin, letting our inner light shine, and even though we may still experience fear, it can encourage us to feel the fear and do it anyway!

White Light™ Essence is a great Companion Essence to use in tandem with Empower™ as it can help to support the release process.  When you are releasing trauma and old wounds, the process can be a bit overwhelming as you can experience the old trauma again as it comes up to be released.  White Light™ helps to soften this process and also fills the areas in our field where the release occurred, with frequencies of pure white light, so that nothing negative can come in to fill that space.

One way to use these Essences together would be to spray Empower™, wait 15 minutes, and then spray White Light™.  You could do this once or twice a day, or during times of high tension or stress you could alternate using both Essences every 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or hour until your energy has shifted. However, we always recommend listening to your own higher guidance when wondering how often to use your Essences.

See what our customers are saying about these Essences:

“I had to get back on my feet after a relationship blew up in my face. It was a painful experience I couldn’t seem to move on from. I started working with Empower and White Light after a friend recommended these two together. About 3 weeks later I found myself seamlessly moving into the dating field without the fear of rejection and lack of confidence I once had. I was somehow just able to do it after 3 years- yes 3 years!- of sitting on the sidelines feeling not good enough.” -Meghan, Honolulu

“I first tried this essence when I desperate for a solution to grinding my teeth at night. I’ve always had problems around my neck and throat, and had been grinding my teeth since I was very young. I used this during a stressful time at work on the base of my skull, throat and jaw line. I would use a few sprays throughout the day and always before bed on myself and on my pillows. I feel this essence really helped me slowly decrease the amount I was grinding at night. Jaw pain decreased and my ability to chew food without pain came back. I would definitely recommend this essence.” -Caitlin

“In the cosmos, I was elevated. An array of lights, from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my head, lights coming from different directions. Each light had a different area or manifestation such as music, writing, listening, healing and the list goes on. Whatever came to you at that moment, that’s the area that the frequencies of White Light would work on. It felt cleansing and strong #protection.” -Lorna

Tip of the Week: “Can I use too much, or overdose on an Essence?”

Tip of the Week June 25Question: “Can I use too much, or overdose on an Essence?”

Essences are vibrational by nature, so they do not pose a risk of overdose in most cases. If you use more than your energy field needs or can take in at one time, the excess will simply “evaporate” off. We do make recommendations for use frequency on our bottles of twice a day, and anywhere from 3-5 sprays to 5-7 sprays at a time, depending on the Essence. Because they are affecting the subtle vibrational fields, they do have more profound effects when used consistently in small doses over time. However, we also include the adage “and/or as needed” since many of our Essence users have reported profound effects by increasing usage. We hear this a lot about our Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ blends. So while using your Essences in small doses over time may produce the most profound effects and make your Essences last longer, if you feel moved to increase frequency and dosage, that may also produce the effects that you need at that time, and it is certainly safe to do so. If you are in a high stress situation, for instance, you may want to increase or use certain essences such as Healer Within™ (our stress blend) acutely (at set time intervals, such as hourly) until stress symptoms are more manageable.

Softening the Release Process

Occasionally we’ve heard from a worried customer who thinks they used too much and it’s causing problems. You can’t really overdose, but you can have a big release. Sometimes a release may feel very intense and may even be labeled a “Healing crisis” wherein the root of the problem comes to the surface. Instead of stopping the essences, it often gets lighter by continuing the essence to help the blockage or problem release. In such a case, we may recommend to use it with our White Light™ Essence to soften the effects.

Release It™, our strongest Shanti Kai™ Essence for releasing energetic blocks is recommended to be used with White Light™ for that reason. We recommend using Release It™ at night before bed and to use White Light™ in the morning when you awaken – so that the release occurs while you are sleeping and does not interfere with your daily life. The subconscious naturally releases at night and this helps it to do so on a deeper level. If you want to use these Essences throughout the day, you can use Release It™ first and follow up with White Light™ fifteen minutes later.

Another Shanti Kai™ Essence that we’ve heard from the occasional customer on is our Pele™ Blend. Pele™ can bring out anger, resentment, and grudges so that they can be released – or experienced – so that transformation can occur. Often times when you are “stuck” in life, there is repressed trauma and emotions that need to come up in order to be released. Pele™ does not cause you to become angry, however, it may allow what’s there to surface. Sometimes we have to let the emotion have its life cycle in order to move it along, as suppressing it only gives it more power and makes it worse. Think of holding a basketball underwater – it takes so much energy to do this – and when we stop holding it down it rushed to the surface in a dramatic fashion and is suddenly visible there floating right in front of you. Releasing a blocked emotion can be very similar, regardless of which essence you are working with to bring that release.

Our Empower™ Blend also allows deep release as does our Diamond Master™, Transformation™ and Removing Obstacles™ Blends. Breathing through it and softening it with Essences like White Light™ or Lighten Up™ can be very helpful in these cases. Through customer tips we’ve also learned a Golden Aura™ used after Pele™ also softens the blend such that people with anger issues have reported they can stay balanced better and breathe thru their anger release rather than it erupting from them in volatile fashion. Ultimately Pele™ is formulated to help take these undesired “lower” emotions (i.e. anger, rage, etc), and transform them into new growth; much like an erupting volcano spews lava that transforms into new land, which in time, allows new growth.

Working with the Blends

Working consciously with these blends, of course, allows the greatest shifts to occur as sometimes a deep “release” benefits from a little human help. Practicing awareness, practicing surrender and/or acceptance, breathing through the emotion or feeling, consciously letting go of old belief systems, practicing meditation or yoga, and sometimes making changes in our outer life, such as dietary or with exercise (or otherwise) – all while working with the Essences – are examples of how we might aid our internal release. Sometimes people say “Oh I’ve tried being mindful or meditating and it just makes things worse”, but we say “but you didn’t have the Essences”. With the help of the Essences, a little effort goes a long way. It’s said that the two wings of a dove are self effort and grace – we have to try, to make effort sometimes when the patterns are deep, so that we can grow past them and let them go as part of the past.

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