Rejuvenate and Refresh your Energy with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Kit

Rejuvenate and Refresh Your Energy with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Kit

Rejuvenate and refresh your energy during the cooler, darker months with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Essence Kit!

In the winter time, in cooler climates, you may spend more time indoors and less time experiencing the uplifting and healing benefits of nature and sunshine. This kit is designed to rejuvenate, strengthen, uplift, and bring in soothing nature frequencies to your energy field. All of these blends can be used as directed on the bottle, and can also be used as room sprays to rejuvenate the energy in your office, home, or other spaces.

Earth Chakra™ Essence is designed to help you connect with grounding, nurturing earth energies and is especially beneficial for balancing indoor spaces by bringing in the earth element.

Calcite Master™ Essence can help to strengthen your energy field, encourage greater balance for body and mind and help you to move more easefully through transitions.

Garnet Glow™ Essence draws on ingredients that evoke the energy of the color red, and can help bring energy, strength and motivation, inspiring you into action. This blend may also benefit circulation on an energetic level.

Harmony™ Essence is designed to bring the three wheels of life, mind, body, and spirit into alignment. This blend promotes overall well-being and balance and can encourage you to move into a state of integration and synchronization.

Fairy Dust™ Essence is formulated to bring upliftment and balance stress by drawing on the magical frequencies of the nature realm. This blend seeks to bring in the healing and grounding nature frequencies that may be missing during the cooler months. This essence can also help to invoke a sense of playfulness and lightness of being.

Golden Aura™ Essence is designed to help increase your organic energy, or prana, and strengthen your aura. This blend may be beneficial for you on an energetic level if you have an air sensitivity.

International Fairy Day

International Fairy Day
Hoku the Furry Fairy just let us know that it’s International Fairy Day, and he’s already spent the day using his Fairy Dust™ Essence to celebrate! Fairy Dust™ carries a light, magical quality to it by drawing on energies from the nature realm. Need a little more playfulness in your life? Fairy Dust™ helps you to experience this, while also allowing you to connect with your own higher guidance system. And humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this care-free blend. Cats seem to especially enjoy it as well, and while they may not go through quite as dramatic a transformation as Hoku, don’t be surprised if they seem a bit more frisky while you’re using it!

And if you want to really power up the effects of this blend, pair it with our Attract Essence™! In fact, did you know that Attract™ can be paired with most of our blends to boost their effects? In this case, just be ready for an influx of fairies….furry or otherwise! Read more about Fairy Dust™ Essence.

Fairy Dust™ Essence ~ In Dust We Trust

Shanti Kai Fairy Dust Essence

Fairy Dust™ is a magical Essence that brings the enchantment of the nature realm to your fingertips (literally just press spray down to spray) … far from its name, however, this is no “lightweight” blend. It is synergized with an array of Cymbidium orchids that help to raise your frequencies so that you can tune into guidance from the higher vibrational realms of nature.

Many people feel revitalized, clear headed, and have a fresh perspective after spending time with nature. And while there’s no replacement for that, Shanti Kai™ Fairy Dust is designed to bring it’s magic to you. Bliss-inducing gemstones like Jeremejevite combined with the Cymbidiums and other flowers (like Puakenikeni Tree) open your higher channels to the sweet realms of nature. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing sparkly lights or your cats start frolicking when your box arrives.

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