Shown in picture: Orange Wulfenite Crystals on Matrix.

Wulfenite Gemstone Essence is part of Shanti Kai™’s End of Year 9 for $90 Sale. At Shanti Kai™ we were fortunate enough to have a chance encounter with… who else but a Wulfenite Miner who just happened to have come into a plethora of loose Wulfenite Crystals (unattached to matrix) -and yet to be sorted- at the closing of one of the largest Wulfenite mines ever. This gave us the unique opportunity to get our hands on an ultra pure source of golden orange Wulfenite Crystals, making for a potent and perhaps magical gemstone elixir. We point this out because Wulfenite crystals are not common like Quartz or other minerals. Wulfenite is almost always found attached to a composite matrix of some kind. So we felt extra lucky to have come into such an abundance.

Read more about this essence by checking out our 9 Gemstone Essences Kit or Wulfenite Essence product page.

Introducing Shanti Kai™ Intuition™ Essence

Shanti Kai Intuition Essence
Need a last minute Christmas gift idea? In light of today’s New Moon, Moksha is recommending Shanti Kai’s newly released Intuition Essence™: for harmonizing with the moon, balancing feminine energies/attaining emotional equilibrium, heightened self-awareness, increased insight/development of sixth sense, and learning to self-nurture, all of which innately clarify and enhance the powers of the heart-mind: the Intuition. We will be posting more about this mystical new Essence Blend in the upcoming month, but in the meantime you can purchase it online, or try it out in select stores or through a Certified Shanti Kai™ Practitioner (email us to inquire about your area).

Visit our Intuition Essence™ product page to read more about this essence.

More on our new Prosperity™ Essence

Prosperity Testimonial

Once again the spotlight is on Shanti Kai™’s new Prosperity Essence™. Why? Because it really is that good and who doesn’t need a little extra Prosperity coming their way. Remember Prosperity is a state of mind, a consciousness in which one recalls his own connection to the Divine surplus or Divine inheritance. This inheritance is available to everyone on the planet but aligning with it can be easier said than done: Enter Shanti Kai™’s Prosperity Essence™ for working with Jupiter, planet of expansion. When one is inspired, learning, creating, growing, finding new opportunity, or otherwise expanding, one tends to feel happier, brighter, and more balanced; Jupiter energies are said to be positively aspected or enhanced. Shanti Kai’s Prosperity™ for working with Jupiter may help one move into or maintain a state of expansion, and a brighter more balanced and optimistic outlook and approach to life.

Featuring Shanti Kai™ Emerald Light™ Essence from our Color Line

Emerald Light Essence

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! To celebrate we are featuring our Emerald Light™ Essence from our Color Line.

Color is nothing more than varying wavelengths of light being expressed as pure vibrational energy. An emerging field called Color Therapy uses light in the form of color to balance “energy” lacking from a person’s body, whether it be on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels. Our Emerald Light™ product uses green light frequencies (produced via proprietary methods) along with other green gemstones, tree flowers, and rare green orchids which may help balance the heart chakra, as well promote healing and rejuvenation on all levels of being. Often when we are stressed, we collapse inward or tense up. Emerald Light™ may assist you in opening back up and expanding outwardly.

Although newer, this is one of our all time favorite products at Shanti Kai™. Sprayed over the heart and chest area, base of neck, forehead, throat and/or temples, its uplifting quality may help you recharge from fatigue and promote a sense of well-being. Use it during the day for an energy lift or couple it with other products to help stimulate healing.

  • Those that do Angel work have told us they use Emerald Light™ Essence to connect to work with Archangel Raphael. We have found it’s also a great travel companion for rejuvenating to help counter jetlag, especially when paired with Golden Aura™ or Garnet Glow™.
  • Others have told us they use Emerald Light™ with Transitions™ for coping with different types of addictions.
  • Those that are sick may find it beneficial when paired with Healer Within™.
  • Those doing healing meditations may find it beneficial to pair it with Indigo Light™.

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