Puakenikeni Treeflower Essence

Puakenikeni Treeflower EssencePuakenikeni Treeflower Essence is for channeling one’s creativity through their voice. It also assists with balancing and opening the throat chakra. It may help one integrate higher frequencies into the throat chakra, thus raising the vibrations of one’s words and making it more difficult to speak things that are negative or critical. In this sense, it makes one’s words sweeter and much more palatable to others – almost as if transforming the energy behind one’s words so that they go in easier – like beautiful music. For this reason, Puakenikeni is a great essence for counselors, spiritual and worldly leaders, writers, politicians, and anyone who has a message that must be heard.

Puakenikeni Treeflower Essence may help one to find greater freedom in self expression, as well as to become a channel for the higher good. It has an almost magical quality to it, a sort of fairy energy if you will. Fairy Energy stems from the nature kingdom and can help us become lighter and more playful, while at the same time more grounded and connected to the earth. So many people need to hear loving affirmations and messages of strength and compassion, and this essence may help one awaken to serving humanity through their words, no matter their profession. It’s also a great essence for house cats – connecting them to the nature realm and invoking playfulness and lightness of being. Puakenikeni Treeflower essence is an ingredient in our Purrfect Sense™ blend.

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Morning Glory Flower Essence

In the tradition of essences, the Morning Glory family of flowers has been used as a tool for helping to break addictions and bad habits. Shanti Kai’s Transitions™ features 3 varieties of wild Hawaiian Morning Glory along with a core synergy of 18 other flowers, orchids, tree flowers, gemstones, crystals, precious metals, and essential oils designed to inspire motivation, promote gentle change and bring one through transitional periods with grace and ease. Shanti Kai™ offers Morning Glory Flower as an individual Flower Essence and as part of our Transitions™ Master Blend.

Red Bougainvillea Flower Essence

Pictured in photo: Red Bougainvillea. Five types of Bougainvillea are featured in Shanti Kai’s Guardian Angel™ Master Essence for Protection. Bougainvillea is highly adaptable and can grow in almost any shape, direction, and size. In Hawaii, it is used around fences to create boundaries, beautiful to look at but watch out for those thorns (ouch)! On an emotional and intellectual level, Bougainvillea teaches one discernment and helps one learn to shine outwardly AND maintain a container of safety and drawing appropriate boundaries at the same time. This essence is perfect for those recovering from trauma, those who work in the healing profession, those who become tired or depleted easily, those who have experienced theft or other violation (trauma), and anyone needing a little extra shielding and protecting. Shanti Kai™ offers Bougainvillea as both an individual Flower Essence and as a part of our Guardian Angel™ Master blend.

Queen Emma Spider Lily Flower Essence

Found as a single Flower Essence and in our Mom and Baby™ Essence” Master Essence Blends. This essence acts on the crown and heart chakras, increasing synchronicity between one’s heart’s desire and one’s higher purpose. It may help groups of people to work in harmony and may help one who is internally conflicted to find resolve. It may also help mom and baby establish a nurturing connection during motherhood and may help one resolve issues related to their mother.

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