Cleanse and Release Emotional Weight this Full Moon with Release It™ and White Light™

Cleanse and Release Emotional Weight this Full Moon with Release It™ and White Light™

Release Emotional Weight this Full Moon

The Full Wolf Moon occurs today in the sign of Cancer. With Cancer being the sign that is ruled by the moon, this full moon may bring feelings to the forefront more strongly than usual, and this may be amplified more as 2020 draws to a close and you reflect on the past year and look ahead towards 2021. This energy can help you to cleanse and release any emotional weight that you may have been carrying, clearing the way for new energy to move in in the new year. To help you release the old and invite in the new, we recommend using our Wolf Moon New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™ & White Light™.

Using Release It™ first, spray any areas of tension, along with the suggested areas for this blend as listed on the bottle. If you like, you can make an intention to release any old heavy emotions or energy from the past year. After a few moments, spray White Light™ over the same areas that you used Release It™. If you have time, take a few moments to sit still, and experience the subtle (and maybe not so subtle) responses your body has to the Essence.

If you’re working with these essences as drops, follow the same steps taking Release It™ Essence, pausing momentarily, and then following it with White Light™.

If time allows, take the luxury of a few moments to yourself, allowing yourself to sit quietly – focusing on a few centering breaths. If you’d like to incorporate prayer, mantra repetition or positive affirmations, you may do so at this time. You may find as you relax – even if for a brief moment – that you may have the spontaneous experience of pure, positive energy in the form of Light energy entering into your being.

A great way to continue using these Essences would be to use Release It™ at night before bed and White Light™ first thing in the morning. Although not necessary, you may also want to incorporate our Attract™ or Prosperity™ Essences throughout the day or as needed or desired. Working with these additional Essences, though not necessary (per se), can help increase the energy of abundance and attraction for whatever it is you want to manifest or create in your life in 2021.

Tip of the Week: Thyroid Chakra for Balancing Throat and Heart

Tip of the Week: Thyroid Chakra for Balancing Throat and Heart

Tip of The Week: Thyroid Chakra™️ Essence for Balancing Throat and Heart

Mercury is still Retrograde and being in the shadow of eclipse season… its a great time to feature yet another fabulous Essence benefiting communication!

The Thyroid Chakra exists within the Throat and bridges the energy centers of the Heart, Anahata and Throat, Vishuddha, Chakras. Keeping it cleansed and balanced can help improve your energetic equilibrium and vitality, strengthen your willpower, enhance creative self expression, and in some cases help balance issues related to breath, emotional eating (ie issues of weight), and in general anything associated with stress!

Your self expression defines who you are and is essential to your greater health and wellbeing. This is true even when (and if) SILENCE is your means to communicate. That is to say, having a voice is NOT necessarily about “having a voice”. I’m reminded of this by the empowered communication I see from friends and clients who are deaf, yet many of them express themselves with far greater poise, intuition and strength than many, even those in power or with loud booming voices.

In a society that is so divided and where words can get you in trouble, it’s easy to learn to “hold your tongue”. While this may help keep the “greater peace”, if it causes you inner turmoil, it can accumulate over time and lead to energetic blockages, including those associated with physical imbalance, mental and/or creative blocks, loss of willpower, emotional blocks, or issues with breath, weight, and so much more.

For helping balance and align the thyroid chakra regarding issues of energetic stress, we recommend you spray Shanti Kai™️ Thyroid Chakra™️ Essence directly on the throat, front and back, over chest area, especially heart, upper heart, mid back, and other key sensitive areas (ie forehead/3rd eye, temples, spine) 2x a day, or as needed or desired.

You may also try pairing it with any of our Essences for Communication highlighted in our latest blog, to promote the clearing and healing of issues concerning self expression.

In addition to Thyroid Chakra™ Essence, we are also recommending the following.

  • Throat Chakra or Vishuddha™ Blend Essence: It doesn’t matter who you are, if you can’t express yourself, to many, you simply don’t exist. While we know that’s not true, the world around you can be hard enough without blocks to expression moving in and causing you to fumble in your ability to express yourself. Vishuddha™ Essence helps clear blocks to the Throat Chakra, so that you can speak your truth and express yourself optimally.
  • Lantana Master Essence is for encouraging harmony and cooperation, and helping you assimilate and integrate multiple energies at once. It also helps you manage overwhelm and can improve group dynamics.
  • Kalanchoe Master Essence can help you integrate various streams of information, helping you process subconscious blocks that affect your ability to communicate and integrate harmoniously within yourself and with others. It may help with sleep issues, dream work and interpretation. If you are dealing with communication barriers, Kalanchoe can help bring out the underlying blocks so that you can move toward resolution.
  • Pentas Master Essence promotes the clearing of blockages between your throat and heart chakras, opening communication lines for truth to come out. It helps you to let go of past pain and the need to protect yourself, and it helps you with public speaking, or with teaching, and encourages group harmony and cooperation.
  • Smithsonite Master Essence helps bring harmony to relationships. It can promote balance and reconciliation, promote problem solving ability, and enhance your leadership skills. It has been know for energetically helping in fostering clear self-expression, left-right brain balance, and overcoming gender, language and other communication barriers.
  • Dahlia Master™ Flower Essence may help strengthen your ability to handle intense emotional stress. It may help to increase faith and confidence, thereby allowing you to step into a space of optimism despite difficult circumstances (i.e. stressful jobs, relationships, family, etc). It can also help those who tend to be overly logical to tap into and harmonize with their emotions, bringing about balance. Similar to how it can help you empathically harmonize in your romantic partnerships, enabling you to better feel and support each other, it can also help you to apply the same sensors to your work/home life, and other relationships.
  • Hemimorphite Master™️ Essence may be good if you’re holding onto anger or resentment, helping you to forgive and move on. It increases empathy, making it very healing and helpful for harmonizing relationships, bringing mental and emotional transformation to both (or all) parties. Taken regularly, it may also help balance the throat and third eye chakras, benefitting communication and intuition.

Essences for the Full Moon in Leo: Anahata™, Venus™, & MercurEase™

Full Moon in Leo

This Sunday, February 9th (or Saturday if you’re in Hawaii) a super moon full moon occurs in the sign of Leo. This moon highlights creativity, new possibilities and an abundance of good vibes. The fiery energy of Leo will take hold, causing passions to arise in both dramatic displays of temper and steamy vibes as we head to Valentine’s Day at the end of next week. At the same time, we’ve also entered the Mercury Retrograde shadow period with Mercury turning retrograde just a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, and we may begin to experience a greater need for clear communication – in all forms – with those around us. Harmonize with these energies with our Shanti Kai Leo Full Moon Essence Trio, Anahata™: Heart Chakra, Venus™ and MercurEase™ to create balance and ease in communication while encouraging a greater experience of love and generosity for yourself and others, so you can radiate your unique personality and light.

Anahata™: Heart Chakra Essence is designed to balance and open the heart chakra, which may help you to more easily experience feelings of gratitude, generosity, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Venus™ Essence is our blend for helping you to let your personality, charm and inner beauty shine for all to see. This essence is also designed to promote relationship balance, help boost your attractiveness to those who you want to draw in, as well as help you tap into your own creative energy.

MercurEase™ Essence is formulated to help mitigate the effects of Mercury retrograde, which is known to cause communication mishaps, not to mention difficulties with travel and technology. This Essence may help to promote smooth communication and enhance your thinking and problem solving abilities, which may help contribute to greater harmony and cooperation in your relationships with others.

To read more, visit the products below.

Full Moon in Scorpio Duo: Transformation™ & Intuition™

Transformation and IntuitionOn Sunday, April 29th, a full moon in Scorpio, this year’s Pink Moon, will light the sky.  While the color pink brings to mind gentleness and peace, Scorpio and its ruler Pluto are anything but, making it a great time to pull out our Intuition™ and Transformation Essences™.

Pluto, The Destroyer, represents transformation, death, re-birth and everything hiding below the surface in your subconscious that you’d rather not look at.  Sounds like scary stuff! Fortunately, we have our Transformation™ Essence, formulated specially to balance these types of Plutonian energies.  While transformation and everything that comes with it can make us feel heavy and at times hopeless, Transformation™ Essence can help to soften this process, and kindle a desire and ability to transform, and delve into the heart of whatever issues are coming up.

To help with the lunar side of things, Intuition™ Essence is specially formulated to help you work with the energy of the moon and its phases.  Full moons in general are a time of culmination, heightened emotions, and of the illumination of things previously hidden.  All this adds to the theme of transformation in the air, and Intuition™ Essence can further help to bring ease and acceptance to whatever comes up.  Read more about this Scorpio Full Moon Duo.

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