Rejuvenate and Refresh your Energy with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Kit

Rejuvenate and Refresh Your Energy with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Kit

Rejuvenate and refresh your energy during the cooler, darker months with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Essence Kit!

In the winter time, in cooler climates, you may spend more time indoors and less time experiencing the uplifting and healing benefits of nature and sunshine. This kit is designed to rejuvenate, strengthen, uplift, and bring in soothing nature frequencies to your energy field. All of these blends can be used as directed on the bottle, and can also be used as room sprays to rejuvenate the energy in your office, home, or other spaces.

Earth Chakra™ Essence is designed to help you connect with grounding, nurturing earth energies and is especially beneficial for balancing indoor spaces by bringing in the earth element.

Calcite Master™ Essence can help to strengthen your energy field, encourage greater balance for body and mind and help you to move more easefully through transitions.

Garnet Glow™ Essence draws on ingredients that evoke the energy of the color red, and can help bring energy, strength and motivation, inspiring you into action. This blend may also benefit circulation on an energetic level.

Harmony™ Essence is designed to bring the three wheels of life, mind, body, and spirit into alignment. This blend promotes overall well-being and balance and can encourage you to move into a state of integration and synchronization.

Fairy Dust™ Essence is formulated to bring upliftment and balance stress by drawing on the magical frequencies of the nature realm. This blend seeks to bring in the healing and grounding nature frequencies that may be missing during the cooler months. This essence can also help to invoke a sense of playfulness and lightness of being.

Golden Aura™ Essence is designed to help increase your organic energy, or prana, and strengthen your aura. This blend may be beneficial for you on an energetic level if you have an air sensitivity.

Tip of the Week: Using Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ for Energetic Vitality During Seasonal Change

Tip of the Week: Using Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ for Energetic Vitality During Seasonal Change

Essences for Energetic Vitality

As the seasons are changing and temperatures start to drop a bit, it can be a good time to think about strengthening our systems – both on energetic and physical levels. And for Island locals, even though the outer seasons may not always be as drastic, there are still changes that inevitably take place as you move through different seasons – and with any change comes increased stress, be it good or bad. While eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and doing activities that help to relieve stress can all benefit our immune systems on a physical level, we can use Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ from Shanti Kai™ to fortify us on a vibrational level.

Garnet Glow™ Essence encourages energy, strength and vitality by working on the root chakra, with ingredients such as Hessonite Garnet and Rio Red Dipladenia, as well as several varieties of orchid. This blend is made with over five varieties of Garnet, which is said to strengthen the heart, liver, kidney, and thyroid chakras, as well as the physical and emotional subtle bodies. The color red, which this Essence contains frequencies of, also represents emotions such a strength, passion and power – and red has long been associates with blood which represents sacrifice and forgiveness.

Our Golden Aura™ Essence works to enhance our Prana – or Life Force – and strengthens our energy field. Gemstone ingredients in this blend, such as Yellow Chrysoberyl and Yellow Tourmaline, help to clear the solar plexus chakra to enable energy to flow freely to all parts of the body and balance the connection between the solar plexus and the crown chakra. Flower ingredients such as Golden Shower Tree help to increase light flow from the 12th chakra and higher, which helps to strengthen your own organic energy.

You could try using these two Essences together twice a day as seasons change to build up your energetic reserves. You can spray Garnet Glow™ first, focusing on the front and back of the lower chakras, legs, ankles, and bottoms of the feet, or wherever you desire. Follow with Golden Aura™ over the front and back of the Solar Plexus, crown of the head, spine, and throughout the aura, or where desired. You can use either of these Essences throughout the day when you feel like you need a little pick-me-up.

Recharge and Energize with Mars™ and Garnet Glow™ Essences

Recharge and Energize with Mars and Garnet Glow Essences

You might’ve noticed Mars is really visible in the sky right now, and moreover it’s still in retrograde… so we figured it’s a great time to feature our Shanti Kai™ Mars™ Essence and Garnet Glow™ Essence, which can help us to recharge and energize during the retrograde!

Have you ever felt run down but not had a chance to get the rest your body needs? Sometimes circumstances prevent us from being able to take care of our bodies the way we need to, but luckily both Mars™ Essence and Garnet Glow™ Essence can help us to keep going if we need to by helping us to tap into our energetic reserves, stay grounded, and find the motivation needed to keep going.

Try using either our Mars™ or Garnet Glow™ Essence Blends the next time you are feeling tired, but still have lots to do. (Of course, we always stress rest when you need to, and listen to your body as much as possible.) But if circumstance does arise where you need to keep going, try spraying one of these Essences in regular increments, such as every 15 or 30 minutes, or just any time you feel that need for a boost. (Oh, and make sure to shake the bottle first, as this activates the ingredient base.) Keep using it acutely (in regular time intervals) until you forget that you need it, or in other words, until a state of balance has been achieved and you are back in your flow. Following, it may be helpful to use one of these Essences twice a day to maintain your energy levels – or as your body intuitively tells you to.

Read more about our Mars™ and Garnet Glow™ Essence Blends.

Garnet Glow™️ Essence

Garnet Glow
Garnet Glow™️ Essence promotes detoxification and renewal, passion for life, motivation, and brings balance and strength to the root and sacral chakras. It may help one stay rooted in their breath and benefit meditation. This Master Essence helps expand and open the heart and root chakras (both physically and emotionally), and energetically purifies the blood. Energetically it strengthens the mind and increases vitality.

Garnet Glow™️, part of our color therapy line, also energizes the aura with red light frequencies and increases light in one’s energy field. Shanti Kai™️ Garnet Glow™️ Essence Spray features over 8 types of Garnet, and synergistic flowers and minerals.

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Garnet Glow White Light Indigo LightWe’re kicking off the 4th of July week by giving you 20% off the set of Garnet Glow™, White Light™, and Indigo Light™ OR you can get them individually for 15% off! Color essences can help counter fatigue** and bring you renewed energy.

  • Experience the reviving affects of Garnet Glow™, which can help you tap into your strength and passion – perfect for helping you start new projects or move forward in pursuing your goals or ambitions.
  • White Light™ can bring in fresh energy, stimulating new inspiration and renewal – perfect for those looking for a new start.
  • Indigo Light™ can help you connect with your intuition and clear away illusions, judgement, and criticism so that you can see clearly.

And we’re putting the free in freedom by giving you our 1/2oz dropper of Ruby Essence free with orders over $30, our Lava Essence™ with orders over $50 AND both of these PLUS our Firecracker Essence™ with orders over $100!*

  • Ruby Essence™ can help you open your heart, allowing you to forgive, release resentment, and have a more loving connection with others.
  • When life brings on the challenges, Lava Essence™ can help you find strength and determination, and to help you use those challenges to become better, stronger, and more empowered.
  • Firecracker Essence™ can help you find passion and vitality, and to help propel you forward in a positive direction – perfect for those who feel stuck, stagnant, or bored.

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