Rejuvenate and Refresh your Energy with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Kit

Rejuvenate and Refresh Your Energy with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Kit

Rejuvenate and refresh your energy during the cooler, darker months with the Shanti Kai™ Winter Rejuvenation Essence Kit!

In the winter time, in cooler climates, you may spend more time indoors and less time experiencing the uplifting and healing benefits of nature and sunshine. This kit is designed to rejuvenate, strengthen, uplift, and bring in soothing nature frequencies to your energy field. All of these blends can be used as directed on the bottle, and can also be used as room sprays to rejuvenate the energy in your office, home, or other spaces.

Earth Chakra™ Essence is designed to help you connect with grounding, nurturing earth energies and is especially beneficial for balancing indoor spaces by bringing in the earth element.

Calcite Master™ Essence can help to strengthen your energy field, encourage greater balance for body and mind and help you to move more easefully through transitions.

Garnet Glow™ Essence draws on ingredients that evoke the energy of the color red, and can help bring energy, strength and motivation, inspiring you into action. This blend may also benefit circulation on an energetic level.

Harmony™ Essence is designed to bring the three wheels of life, mind, body, and spirit into alignment. This blend promotes overall well-being and balance and can encourage you to move into a state of integration and synchronization.

Fairy Dust™ Essence is formulated to bring upliftment and balance stress by drawing on the magical frequencies of the nature realm. This blend seeks to bring in the healing and grounding nature frequencies that may be missing during the cooler months. This essence can also help to invoke a sense of playfulness and lightness of being.

Golden Aura™ Essence is designed to help increase your organic energy, or prana, and strengthen your aura. This blend may be beneficial for you on an energetic level if you have an air sensitivity.

Weekly What’s Up: Christmas Light Companion Essences

Weekly Whats Up Golden Aura White Light

Get out your telescopes! Tonight the Geminids meteor shower reaches it’s peak, and will be the brightest meteor shower of the year! And to commemorate this cosmic light show we’re featuring our Christmas Light Companion Essences Golden Aura™ and White Light™, our Holiday Companion Essences for Strength and Light.

Golden Aura™ Essence helps to enhance your prana, or life force energy, helping to strengthen your energy field. This Essence also increases light flow from the 12th chakra and beyond, where the Christ Consciousness resides, which strengthens your auric field and opens you up to greater experiences of unconditional love and acceptance.

White Light™ Essence fills your energy field with frequencies of pure, white light, providing total energetic protection, shielding, and strength. This Essence encourages feelings of rebirth and renewal and helps to open up your energy to an influx of new inspiration and new experiences.

Tip of the Week: Using Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ for Energetic Vitality During Seasonal Change

Tip of the Week: Using Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ for Energetic Vitality During Seasonal Change

Essences for Energetic Vitality

As the seasons are changing and temperatures start to drop a bit, it can be a good time to think about strengthening our systems – both on energetic and physical levels. And for Island locals, even though the outer seasons may not always be as drastic, there are still changes that inevitably take place as you move through different seasons – and with any change comes increased stress, be it good or bad. While eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and doing activities that help to relieve stress can all benefit our immune systems on a physical level, we can use Garnet Glow™ and Golden Aura™ from Shanti Kai™ to fortify us on a vibrational level.

Garnet Glow™ Essence encourages energy, strength and vitality by working on the root chakra, with ingredients such as Hessonite Garnet and Rio Red Dipladenia, as well as several varieties of orchid. This blend is made with over five varieties of Garnet, which is said to strengthen the heart, liver, kidney, and thyroid chakras, as well as the physical and emotional subtle bodies. The color red, which this Essence contains frequencies of, also represents emotions such a strength, passion and power – and red has long been associates with blood which represents sacrifice and forgiveness.

Our Golden Aura™ Essence works to enhance our Prana – or Life Force – and strengthens our energy field. Gemstone ingredients in this blend, such as Yellow Chrysoberyl and Yellow Tourmaline, help to clear the solar plexus chakra to enable energy to flow freely to all parts of the body and balance the connection between the solar plexus and the crown chakra. Flower ingredients such as Golden Shower Tree help to increase light flow from the 12th chakra and higher, which helps to strengthen your own organic energy.

You could try using these two Essences together twice a day as seasons change to build up your energetic reserves. You can spray Garnet Glow™ first, focusing on the front and back of the lower chakras, legs, ankles, and bottoms of the feet, or wherever you desire. Follow with Golden Aura™ over the front and back of the Solar Plexus, crown of the head, spine, and throughout the aura, or where desired. You can use either of these Essences throughout the day when you feel like you need a little pick-me-up.

Tip of the Week: “Can I use too much, or overdose on an Essence?”

Tip of the Week June 25Question: “Can I use too much, or overdose on an Essence?”

Essences are vibrational by nature, so they do not pose a risk of overdose in most cases. If you use more than your energy field needs or can take in at one time, the excess will simply “evaporate” off. We do make recommendations for use frequency on our bottles of twice a day, and anywhere from 3-5 sprays to 5-7 sprays at a time, depending on the Essence. Because they are affecting the subtle vibrational fields, they do have more profound effects when used consistently in small doses over time. However, we also include the adage “and/or as needed” since many of our Essence users have reported profound effects by increasing usage. We hear this a lot about our Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ blends. So while using your Essences in small doses over time may produce the most profound effects and make your Essences last longer, if you feel moved to increase frequency and dosage, that may also produce the effects that you need at that time, and it is certainly safe to do so. If you are in a high stress situation, for instance, you may want to increase or use certain essences such as Healer Within™ (our stress blend) acutely (at set time intervals, such as hourly) until stress symptoms are more manageable.

Softening the Release Process

Occasionally we’ve heard from a worried customer who thinks they used too much and it’s causing problems. You can’t really overdose, but you can have a big release. Sometimes a release may feel very intense and may even be labeled a “Healing crisis” wherein the root of the problem comes to the surface. Instead of stopping the essences, it often gets lighter by continuing the essence to help the blockage or problem release. In such a case, we may recommend to use it with our White Light™ Essence to soften the effects.

Release It™, our strongest Shanti Kai™ Essence for releasing energetic blocks is recommended to be used with White Light™ for that reason. We recommend using Release It™ at night before bed and to use White Light™ in the morning when you awaken – so that the release occurs while you are sleeping and does not interfere with your daily life. The subconscious naturally releases at night and this helps it to do so on a deeper level. If you want to use these Essences throughout the day, you can use Release It™ first and follow up with White Light™ fifteen minutes later.

Another Shanti Kai™ Essence that we’ve heard from the occasional customer on is our Pele™ Blend. Pele™ can bring out anger, resentment, and grudges so that they can be released – or experienced – so that transformation can occur. Often times when you are “stuck” in life, there is repressed trauma and emotions that need to come up in order to be released. Pele™ does not cause you to become angry, however, it may allow what’s there to surface. Sometimes we have to let the emotion have its life cycle in order to move it along, as suppressing it only gives it more power and makes it worse. Think of holding a basketball underwater – it takes so much energy to do this – and when we stop holding it down it rushed to the surface in a dramatic fashion and is suddenly visible there floating right in front of you. Releasing a blocked emotion can be very similar, regardless of which essence you are working with to bring that release.

Our Empower™ Blend also allows deep release as does our Diamond Master™, Transformation™ and Removing Obstacles™ Blends. Breathing through it and softening it with Essences like White Light™ or Lighten Up™ can be very helpful in these cases. Through customer tips we’ve also learned a Golden Aura™ used after Pele™ also softens the blend such that people with anger issues have reported they can stay balanced better and breathe thru their anger release rather than it erupting from them in volatile fashion. Ultimately Pele™ is formulated to help take these undesired “lower” emotions (i.e. anger, rage, etc), and transform them into new growth; much like an erupting volcano spews lava that transforms into new land, which in time, allows new growth.

Working with the Blends

Working consciously with these blends, of course, allows the greatest shifts to occur as sometimes a deep “release” benefits from a little human help. Practicing awareness, practicing surrender and/or acceptance, breathing through the emotion or feeling, consciously letting go of old belief systems, practicing meditation or yoga, and sometimes making changes in our outer life, such as dietary or with exercise (or otherwise) – all while working with the Essences – are examples of how we might aid our internal release. Sometimes people say “Oh I’ve tried being mindful or meditating and it just makes things worse”, but we say “but you didn’t have the Essences”. With the help of the Essences, a little effort goes a long way. It’s said that the two wings of a dove are self effort and grace – we have to try, to make effort sometimes when the patterns are deep, so that we can grow past them and let them go as part of the past.

Easter Companion Essences: Golden Aura™ and Transformation™

Easter Companion Essences

Easter is all about the power of the resurrection – the power of transformation, redemption, forgiveness and grace. Many symbols in our society represent this process. The death on the cross or the Phoenix rising from the ashes are a couple such symbols. Easter is a day where if we tap into the energy – be it in a traditional sense at church or in communion, or in our own way by aligning with the Light or God, or connecting with the Universe or Source Energy – on this day the power of the Christ Consciousness is celebrated by many, and therefore more available to us all. The Christ Consciousness is awakened within us at the level of the 12th (or possibly 13th) Chakra. It embodies the attributes of unconditional love for all mankind, divine connection, transformation, and resurrection – the ability to rise above all obstacles, even that of death itself.

To align more fully with this healing Christ Energy, we are recommending our Shanti Kai™ Easter Companion Essences: Golden Aura™ and Transformation™Golden Aura™ increases the flow of light from our higher Chakras (especially those above the Crown Chakra, such as the 12th & 13th) where the Christ Consciousness resides, allowing us to take in more of this healing energy into our hearts.

Shanti Kai™ Transformation Essence™ assists us with challenges and overcoming suffering (our crosses so-to-speak), and brings softness to moments of pain and suffering. It helps us find meaning and beauty in them so that we can use them to learn and grow and TRANSCEND instead of feeling overwhelmed by them, or feeling as though many often do in moments when life takes an unexpected course – like the universe is playing some cruel trick on us, or that God has abandoned us, or feeling as though we are cursed and destined for a life of suffering. Transformation Essence™ is also great as an everyday room spray or energy spray for transmuting negative energy into its next highest form in its own evolution, so that when used daily we can elevate our own energy until we really are like the Phoenix risen above the ashes – or Christ Himself with the resurrection power to transcend darkness, including death.

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