Essences for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Guardian Angel™ & Moon Goddess™

Guardian Angel Intuition Moonstone

Today there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer which is also this year’s Wolf Moon. This eclipse may bring up a lot of emotions and make you aware of places where you would like to feel more secure, and all eclipses tend to bring up your shadow. We recommend using Shanti Kai™ Water Eclipse Companion Essences, Moon Goddess™ and Guardian Angel™ to help balance the emotions, ease feelings of fear, and strengthen feelings of protection.

Moon Goddess™, from the Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line, is designed to help you align and harmonize the energy of the moon, which is in its ruling sign of Cancer making this an especially powerful eclipse. This blend is designed to heighten your sixth sense and helps you to connect more deeply with your emotions, while also encouraging emotional and mental balance.

Guardian Angel™, our protection blend, is designed to to ease fear stored in the heart chakra. This blend is formulated to shield your energy field so that your vibration isn’t unnecessarily lowered which can affect your well-being. May be especially helpful to use in crowded areas or anytime you feel that you could use a little extra protection.

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.

Weekly What’s Up: Companion Essences for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde for just about another week, and while we’re almost out of the woods, the energy this transit is associated with can become more and more intense the closer we get to the day Mercury stations direct on December 6th.  For the last leg of this retrograde cycle, we are recommending our MercurEase™ and Guardian Angel™ Essences to help soften the effects of Mercury retrograde – such as miscommunication, troubles with technology, and other snafus – and to add a little extra protection and shielding as we near the end of the retrograde period.

MercurEase™ is formulated to help smooth out communication of all kinds, as well as promote a clearer state of mind and intelligent thinking.  This special formula helps you to hear what another person is “truly” saying, and may aid in harmonizing interpersonal relationships, and promoting cooperation.  It can also be a welcome ally during Mercury retrograde when technology can go haywire!

Guardian Angel™ helps to bring you shielding and protection from negative or unwanted energies.  This blend is designed to put an aura of protection around your energy field to guard against these energies, as well as helping to alleviate fears by strengthening the heart and root chakras.  It is also helpful for feeling connected with Archangel Michael, Angel of Protection and Guidance.

Coping with Chaos with Healer Within™ and Guardian Angel™ Essences

Essences for Coping with Chaos

With Hurricane Lane approaching Hawaii, we thought it would be a good time to re-visit our Companion Essences for Coping with Chaos, Healer Within™ and Guardian Angel™. These blends can help you to keep calm and stay safe, balance your electromagnetic field, and stay shielded from chaotic energy. Regardless of what “destruction” or changes await your physical environment – whether it be a storm, or the fires sweeping through the Northwest part of the country, you can consciously choose to – and energetically align with – a more balanced mind, inner calm, divine guidance and protection, and increased focus on well-being and healing.

Just hearing about a storm or other disaster can be enough to throw us into chaos, and that’s why it’s not enough to just shield from negativity, but to also mediate our response to it.  Healer Within™ is specially formulated to soothe and calm, as well as work on deeper levels to address what may cause us to negatively react to stressful situations.

But we can also mitigate some of the negative energy affecting us by shielding our energy field and this is where Guardian Angel™ comes in.  Sometimes we can become stressed because we’ve picked up on the energies of those around us who are feeling stressed, or fearful.  This can become more prominent with something like an impending hurricane, where every person around us is going to be reacting to what’s happening.  Shanti Kai’s Guardian Angel Blend™ is designed to help shield the auric field and help one stay in his or her space without taking on the negative energies of those people or places around them. It also contains flowers and gemstones that seek to ease fears and help to open the heart center to an experience of higher love.

The great thing about emergencies – any emergency really – whether it be illness, accident, weather, natural disaster, etc, is that they allow us to make more rapid progress towards a shift in consciousness. We can choose to step out of a fear based response and step into a higher, more conscious space…And working with essences is a great way to do just that.

Guardian Angel™ & MercurEase™ for Mercury Retrograde

Essences for Mercury Retrograde

It’s that time again…. time to get your MercurEase™ on! On Thursday, July 26th, Mercury will turn retrograde in the sign of Leo until August 19th… joining 4 other planets already in retrograde! That’s why we are recommending pairing our beloved MercurEase™ with another much-loved favorite: Guardian Angel™, for a little added protection and shielding during what could otherwise be a cosmically chaotic time.

Mercury assumes a perceived “backwards” motion three to four times a year for about three weeks at a time, called a retrograde. Mercury rules communication, coordination, and how we process information that we receive from our environment and from others. When Mercury turns retrograde. our daily communications and mental processes can go haywire, causing confusion and slow-downs such as mis-sent texts or e-mails, misinterpreting something communicated to us, or dropping or misplacing things. Luckily, our MercurEase™ Essence Blendis specially formulated to balance the effects that Mercury has on our every day lives. Flower and gemstone ingredients in this blend may help to smooth out communications with others, while promoting cooperation and unity in interpersonal relationships. It may also help promote a clearer state of mind, enhance problem solving capabilities, and improve mental coordination.

And since multiple planets are in retrograde motion right now, our Guardian Angel™ blend is great essence to use for a little added shielding. The synergy of this blend creates a shield of protection around your aura, that keeps out negative frequencies, and also helps release and calm fears held in the Heart Chakra. It’s also a great essence for working with Archangel Michael, and thus perfect for healing practitioners, empaths and people sensitive to energy.

Boston Musicians Blog on Shanti Kai™ Essences and Creativity

Boston Musicians Blog on Shanti Kai™ Essences and Creativity

Rocco DeRosa has been part of Shanti Kai™ since it’s inception. Anna Snow joined a few years later, and Jayme, sensing a musical connection, brought them together. Their records drop Saturday night at ONCE (lounge) in Somerville, MA. We are super proud of their work and we’re excited to see Anna’s blog tell their story (below) of how working with Shanti Kai™ Essences through their creative processes brought them to this point in their musical careers. If you are in the Boston area you can check them out by purchasing a ticket . For more event details, visit the Facebook event page.

<!– We love to hear about how people are using and benefiting from Shanti Kai™ Essences in their every day lives.  We had Anna Snow and Rocco DeRosa, two musicians and long time Shanti Kai™ Essence users, write a blog post on how Essences helped them to create the new albums they are both releasing at their CD release show on June 22nd at ONCE Lounge in Somerville, MA.  We hope you enjoy the post and check out the show if you are in the Boston area!  For more event details and ticket info visit the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/187459721895058/ –>

Written By: Anna Snow

Have you ever experienced writers block or come up against seemingly immovable obstacles in your work or projects?  Rocco and I have been no stranger to creative blocks from the making of this album to the the CD release show this weekend, and one of the things that has gotten us over these hurdles is using  Shanti Kai™ Essences.  I sat down recently with Rocco to ask him about his experience producing this album, and how Essences help him in his creative life.

Anna: What Shanti Kai™ Essences were you using during this process and how did they help?

Rocco: I’m always using something. In this case, I do remember using Removing Obstacles™ and Mercurease™. I had just finished installing some new gear and it was giving me a hard time. We sprayed some Removing Obstacles™ around it and in a few minutes it was up and working again!  Also in those moments I can have a tendency to feel rushed, or like I’m wasting time trying to figure things out. Using those two Essences and Earth Chakra™ help me to stay grounded while I have people counting on me to figure out the problems.

Anna:  Tell us about winning the Lizard Lounge open mic challenge this week! Were there any Essences that you used before hand that you think may have helped?

Rocco: Winning at Lizard Lounge was a great experience. In all honesty, there are so many people that could have won… But, any time you’re playing music with something on the line, however small, you learn something about yourself, your song and your ability to communicate as a musician. I’ve been really working with the Throat Chakra™ and Guardian Angel™. I’m really spending a lot of energy getting to a point where there isn’t anything from the outside that gets in and derails my process and my ability to communicate effectively. I think these have been instrumental to helping me in all facets of my life. Not just my music.

As Rocco mentioned, one of his biggest roles as a producer is to help people through their emotional process as they are birthing their creative project.  Something that I was not wholly prepared for going into this, was the ways that I would be pushed to grow and evolve emotionally with my music.  Both working with someone who uses Essences, and using Essences on myself throughout this process was so key to this album becoming what it is.

For instance, while recording one of my songs, my voice began to feel very stuck and I just couldn’t seem to get the vocals to sound the way that I wanted.  Having been through this process before, Rocco knew that there must be some energetic block relating to my relationship with the song that was keeping me from being able to record a good take.  I had a session with Jayme to work out what some of these emotional blocks were and then used Essences like Removing Obstacles™ and MercurEase™ to clear some of the energy that needed to go, and transform the song into one that came from a place of healed empowerment.

Now it’s crunch time, as we promote the show, rehearse and get everything ready on top of having other full time jobs!  I’ve been using my Shungite Plus™ and Shungite Master Blend sprays to combat fatigue and keep myself healthy and clear amidst the stress and pressure.  We are both so excited for this show and hope that some of you can make it!

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