Clearing Negative Energy & Protecting Your Aura

Clearing Negative Energy & Protecting Your Aura

“I’ve been using Shanti Kai’s Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ for years, and they are among my absolute favorite essences. I use Clear My Space™ for clearing negative energy from my apartment and the office I work at. I also use it on myself and always feel lighter, calmer and more uplifted after I use it. It’s especially noticeable to me during times I feel drained or heavy. I spray myself with Guardian Angel™ when I know I’ll be around a lot of people. It helps keep me feeling grounded and less caught up in everything going on around me. It’s especially helpful for me when I’m visiting family and they have a lot of stuff going on, so I don’t get caught up in drama that isn’t mine to take on. I also use Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ before each yoga class I teach, so that I can start class with a fresh slate and not be affected by any energies my students might be releasing during class. I highly recommend using these essences together, they can make a huge difference in staying grounded and not feeling drained or energetically unbalanced.”
– Alice Boucher, Web Developer, Software Developer, Yoga Teacher

Signs of Energetic Imbalance

Are you feeling (or prone to feeling):

  • Drained or tired?
  • Generally imbalanced?
  • Emotionally or mentally unclear or upset (i.e. irritable, confused, angry, sad, frustrated, or anxious)?
  • A negative shift in mood or energy level as soon as you get into certain environments or around certain people?
  • Otherwise out of sorts or not like your normal self?

Have you tried all sorts of things to feel better but the problem or feeling remains? If you answered yes to any of these, then we suggest you read on, there may be an energetic component at play that is throwing you off!

While most of us will just know we feel “off” and might think we just need more coffee or blame stress levels, the more conscious among us may try to figure it out and try different things to achieve balance. We may watch our diets more carefully, increase our level of exercise, or try other relaxing activities or therapies such as meditation, yoga, massage, chiropractic care, etc. While proper diet, regular exercise, and alternative therapies are all important components of balance, at Shanti Kai™ we often hear from people that have tried everything and are doing regular maintenance programs and yet still cannot seem to get ahead of their problems or issues. A bumper sticker I once saw hanging in a pain management clinic pretty much summed it up, “I eat right, I do yoga, I meditate, I drink green tea, and I still want to hit somebody!” Shanti Kai™ Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ Companion Essences are the perfect duo for working with the often unseen realm of energetic imbalance and might just be the necessary component you need to add to your routine in order to finally get ahead of the curve.

How Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ Can Help

Shanti Kai™ Companion Essence products Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ work to balance and align your energy, clearing negative energy and energetic toxicity out and keeping it out through a protective auric shielding action. To better grasp how our products work, it can be helpful to understand that the body has an Electromagnetic Field (EMF), and whenever there is stress or trauma, there is a corresponding rupture or tear in the body’s EMF. Such ruptures or tears weaken the EMF (which exists in the area one thinks of as the aura), and when weakened can cause energy to “leak” from our system.

When this happens, you may become more sensitive to imbalance and toxic energies in your environment, rendering you more likely to pick up invisible “passengers” (or energies that stay with you), feeding a feeling of imbalance. Crowded spaces, traffic, and other busy places are meccas or hubs for such energies. Bars or areas where there is alcohol, drug use and intoxication are also culprits. Other hubs of unwanted negative energy include cold, dark places (such as subway tunnels, hospitals, or cemeteries), offices where there are disgruntled employees (pretty much all of corporate America), travel hubs like airports and train stations, and areas of high crime or where there has been a crime or disaster. These are all areas where we may pick up “loose energies” that might later affect how we feel. Moreover, doctors, therapists, healing practitioners, teachers, and really anyone working in a people profession (but especially those involving healing) can pick up energies from their clients, students, or patients – and vice versa – in a process known as energetic cross transference. It is therefore important to be sure to shield and protect your energy, as well as clearing negative energy out of both your aura and your workspace in between uses.

Another thing that can happen when your auric field is weakened is that you become more sensitive to harmful vibrations, such as certain cosmic or microwaves, radiation, sound/noise, cell phones, computers, etc. Even monitoring devices commonly found in store entrances can cause us to feel bombarded or overwhelmed. Words also carry vibrational energies too. Ever notice how some people tend to drain you just listening to them? It has to do with the vibration of their words and how your electrical fields are interacting with one another.

To counter this, it is essential to have a means of routinely maintaining your energy, clearing negative energy out, as well as shielding and strengthening your aura. Perhaps in a perfect world, you’d be able to do this on your own, but you live in a modern world, one which is not in complete harmony with nature. You live in a world in which vibrational fields that run counter to our highest well-being and health abounds, and thus in order to heal and restore yourself and bring your body, mind and spirit back into vibrational harmony, you need the right frequencies from nature. Most people can understand this concept when they consider how going to a beach or mountain area or spending time in a garden can feel so restorative.

Shanti Kai Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ contain the flower, gemstone and mineral vibrations, and color frequencies that know how to clear, cleanse, strengthen and protect your energy field and how to heal and restore you on the subtle levels where imbalance often originates.

Wishing you all health, wellness, prosperity, and lots of Essences,

– Dr. Jayme M. Jensen, NHD, ACCHT, Creator/Owner Shanti Kai Essences

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Read More Testimonials Below

Clear My Space Aura Cleansing Spray

Clear My Space: Clearing Negative Energy

“I manage a very busy veterinarian practice and am constantly dealing with highly emotional clients. Moreover I do all the hiring as I am the Human Resources department. I am very sensitive and after a morning of interviewing people or dealing with clients I just get absolutely drained energetically. I began using Clear My Space in between each interview and after emotionally heavy clients had been in my office and the results were really quite amazing. It’s not like air freshener or a cup of coffee- the effect is subtle, but what I realized is I’m going home after long days of interviews and client interaction and I still have energy. This is unprecedented for me. I’d leave a bottle of Clear My Space in my office and to my surprise it kept disappearing only to be found in my boss’s office. I now keep two there – and hide one in my drawer. I should also note that I use the Guardian Angel spray along with Clear My Space.”
– Patricia , 63, San Francisco

“So I brought the clear my space spray to the beach and sprayed it around my towel and beach mat and within a few mins everyone around me went away lol!! It’s so nice!!! Thank you, I love love love it!!”
– Jonathan J., Hair Stylist, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Clear my space always works when I’m feeling scared or sensing something that makes me feel anxious. Works great in bars or large crowds that feel heavy.”
– Sarah, North Carolina

“I own and teach at a busy yoga studio and as such, I’m always touching students in order to give them assists while I’m teaching. People come to class to help them relax and balance and as such, sometimes they release a lot of heavy energy into the space. Moreover some of my students are dealing with depression, anger management, anxiety etc… and when I am constantly touching them in class sometimes- though I love them all- I start to feel yucky. Moreover sometimes my studio feels yucky also. I used to sage or burn incense in between class to help deal with this however smoke sensitive students began to complain. I was thrilled then to find Clear My Space! I began spraying myself and my studio down with this after class and I feel so much better. I can’t quite explain it but it just makes such a huge difference. Ive also had a few of my more “in tune” students comment that the place is feeling much better and ask me what I’m doing differently. Thank you!”
– J. M., New York

Guardian Angel Flower Essence

Guardian Angel: Protecting Your Aura

“I had used guardian spray during a very anxious time in my life. It helped me sleep better and really calmed my senses.”
– Stephen, Boston

“I use this essence throughout the day with Clear My Space – it makes such a HUGE difference on my energy levels throughout the day. I don’t get so depleted by other peoples energies.”
– Anne, Fresno

“Jayme (Shanti Kai) taught me how to shift the essences energetically from a distance and I was practicing on a friend of mine. I didn’t tell her what I was shifting but just asked her to tune in and see what she felt. I shifted the Angel Protection spray and she Immediately saw a big white wing hovering above her. I was stunned…. And when I told her what it was she too was completely blown away.”
– Molly, Baton Rouge

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