MercurEase™, Mars™, and Imagine™ for the Friday the 13th Moon in Scorpio


This Friday the 13th emotions may reach a peak with the moon in the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio, and frustrations from changes in travel plans, canceled meetings due to the coronavirus, which coincidentally started while Mercury was retrograde and continues as we move through the retrograde shadow period. The next day, however, on March 14th, a Mars-Neptune sextile occurs bringing a powerful opportunity to manifest your dreams by way of the fastest destination.

Mars is all about getting it done, and Neptune represents your dreams and wishes. When these two form a sextile an almost magical opportunity is created to bring these two seemingly opposing planets into a harmonious spirit and a rare opportunity to align with and manifest your goals. This may be most welcome after the Mercury retrograde period when some ventures may have experienced some slow downs.

We’re recommending Shanti Kai™ Essences MercurEase™, Mars™, and Imagine™ to help you through the Friday-the-13th moon in Scorpio and to help you harness the helpful manifestation energies of the Mars-Neptune Sextile!

MercurEase™, our go-to essence for Mercury Retrograde issues, is designed to promote intelligent thinking, problem solving, and smooth communication to help with changes in plans that Mercury retrograde energy can create.

Our Mars™ blend may help to balance some of the emotional intensity of the Scorpio moon, as Mars is one of the planets that rules Scorpio, and may also help you to capitalize on the Mars-Neptune sextile, helping you to tap into the raw creative energy needed to take action.

Finally, our Imagine™ Essence helps you to tap into the creative power of your imagination so that you can envision exactly what it is that you want to accomplish, and use your vision to fuel your actions.

Imagine Essence™ for Neptune in Retrograde

Imagine Essence for Neptune in Retrograde

About Imagine

Neptune in Retrograde is a great time to take advantage of Shanti Kai™ Imagine Essence – which was designed to help harmonize with the positive aspects of Neptune while mitigating the negative.

Shanti Kai™ Imagine is designed with a synergy of flowers (including water plants & orchids) and gemstones. Water Lily, Larimar, Blue Diamond, and other ingredients are combined to help balancing both ends of the extremes – from being overly disciplined or too grounded to the point of being “heavy”, to not taking responsibility, being hyper idealistic, or daydreaming to the point of not being present.

About Neptune

Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea and in astronomy it’s symbolized with a trident ♆. Neptune orbits the Sun once every 165 years spending at least 14 years in each sign of the Zodiac. In Roman mythology, Neptune – being god of the sea – is a deep blue color and is associated with water which represents emotions.

In Astrology, Neptune is associated with dreams (including daydreaming) – as well as extravagance, spirituality, artistry, and empathy. But it’s also tied to illusion, lack of focus or discipline, laziness and vagueness.

When Neptune is direct, it will navigate us on our subtle levels, influencing our sleeping and day dreams. It also encourages us to go within to our creative and spiritual centers and let loose our inner artistic sides – but also may cause us to feel a little less grounded and in some cases to not have a plan for where we are going. A great astrologer once told me, when Neptune is in town you don’t know what you’re doing the next day – let alone the next year – the lesson is to be flexible.

Neptune in Retrograde

And if you didn’t know, Neptune is in Retrograde as well as having recently moved into native sign of Pisces – marking the completion of the 165 year cycle. This may cause some to feel more sensitive, intuitive, and even artistic. It may also cause some to have the darker side of the subconscious emerge and a hypersensitivity to criticism; dreams may turn to nightmares and creativity may succumb to laziness. What’s more, hidden truths may start to emerge creating discomfort, and distortions between reality and fantasy may become clearer. (To read more on Neptune or how it affects you specifically, we recommend a personal reading – check out astrostyle.com).

Working with Shanti Kai™ Imagine Essence

We recommend our Imagine Essence for those who are heavily influenced by this planet for some extra grounding and focus…and maybe even some answers to your questions about your life purpose. This is a great Essence to work with for creative visualization, meditation, and self-expression – especially when coupled with other Essences in our Planetary or Astro Line (read more below), such as Prosperity, Removing Obstacles, and MercurEase™ respectively.

Is there anything else I need to do while using this Essence?

Technically no – an essence works simply if you’re open and willing to change. However, many people find that consciously working with an essence and using your intention can be highly beneficial. In general, we feel the better you treat your body and the more in tune you are to it, the more you will be aware of and be able to maximize the shifts taking place.

Essences and Lifestyle Choices

In Ayurveda when one is ungrounded they recommend eating grounding foods, such as whole foods and foods grown in the earth (i.e. roots and potatoes) and less sugars and sweets. On the other hand, if one is overly fixed and grounded they recommend a lighter diet with more natural sweets, such as fruits and milder spices. (For more info you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Jensen – also see Anand Gupta, Ayurvedic Diet: Discover your “dosha” by testing yourself: find which dosha is important for you). Adequate intake of water and the right type of exercise are also important. Yoga, Pilates, long walks and swimming are all excellent choices. We especially recommend long walks if you tend to be ungrounded – and swimming if you’re too inflexible and overly subject to discipline.

How do I use this spray?

Specifically for Imagine Essence spray we recommend 4-6 sprays 2 times a day focusing on the head, neck & throat and/or the heart & chest areas.

Where do I spray it?

We find the most sensitive and helpful areas to spray on the physical body are often the forehead/third-eye area, temples, base of skull, throat, front and back of heart center, abdomen and root area, along the spine (especially the base), backs of knees, ankles, and bottoms of the feet… but these are just suggestions. If you have a way of dowsing or checking yourself for where you should spray an essence, we always recommend listening to your own higher guidance first, and using our suggestions as general guidelines if you are unclear.

What if I have something stressful come up can I use it more?

Another way to work with essences is to use them acutely. For example, if you feel you need more than our recommended dose, you could use Imagine blend every 15 minutes and then reduce to every half hour, and then reduce to every hour until you feel your needs have shifted. And don’t worry, essences are vibrational so there is no need to fear overdose – if you get too much it will simply “evaporate” off.

You might also find it beneficial to alternate different essences every 15 minutes – for instance alternating Imagine and Attract may help with creating creative visualization.

For more tips on using essences, see our blog on Getting Started.

Does it have a smell?

Yes there is 1 drop of an essential oil combination including lime, vanilla and sandalwood – therapeutic grade gives it a semi tropical but calming aroma. However all of our essences can be made without added essential oil.

Can I use this with other sprays?

Yes. Imagine is part of the Astro Line and pairs best with other products in this line. The Astro Line is within itself a complete system having:

  • Venus ~ Invoking your Inner Diva, Feminine energy, Inspiring love, creativity, romance and art.
  • Mars ~ Balancing the Ego, Beneficial for men, Invoking motivation, passion, and harnessing raw energy for new projects and other life endeavors.
  • Prosperity ~ Invoking Positive Aspects of Jupiter: Luck, Opportunity, Expansion, Higher Learning. May help draw needed resources your way.
  • Removing Obstacles ~ Invoking Ganesha and protection from negative Saturn Energies, Invoking Protection and Energy Clearing, Sacred/blessed Essence with ingredients from healing ceremonies in India, Clearing blocks to meditation.
  • Earth Chakra ~ Grounding, Balancing, Adapting to Planetary Shifts. Has ingredients from all continents including over 20 newly discovered gemstones and crystals for evolution at this time on earth.
  • Mercurease™ ~ Communication, Working with Technology, Mercury Retrograde. May help with problem solving, memory, focusing skills, and writer’s block.
  • Transformation ~ Working with Pluto, Helps raise vibration of lower energies and emotions – hate to love/ fear to trust/ shame to worthiness/ frustration to patience and so forth. Helps clear energies in a room by transmuting them to higher energy. Brings hope and assists with process of regeneration / of rebirth after death or loss.
  • Intuition ~ Yin Energy, Balancing Emotions, developing sixth sense and intuition, Harmonizing with nature’s cycles (especially the Moon), water energies, and feminine cycles.

However you can always dowse or muscle test yourself to tailor your essences to your specific needs. If you do not know how to dowse we recommend the following pairings:

  • Imagine + Prosperity : (Neptune + Jupiter) – creative learning – creative manifestation, creative writing, creative expansion
  • Imagine + Transformation: (Neptune + Pluto) creating transformation – first we must visualize that which we want and then take the steps necessary to move toward the goal leaving it up to the universe to decide how we get there.
  • Imagine + Intuition: (Neptune + Moon) – tapping deep emotional reserves for creative work / inspired art / spiritual work for those that are too rigid or out of sync with their environment, for those that are not in touch or are out of sync with their emotions, those that are overly dutiful and rely too heavily on schedules and the clock. Creating synchronicity.
  • Imagine + Earth: (Neptune + Earth) – staying grounded while opening up the imagination
  • Imagine + MercurEase™: (Neptune + Mercury) – remembering dreams, speaking on spiritual matters, communicating on spiritual plane, telepathy
  • Imagine + Venus: (Neptune + Venus) – artistic endeavors, interior design/ architecture/ wardrobe planning

Imagine also works great as a room spray creating a light playful, yet healing atmosphere.

How long do I need to use it to see a result?

Shanti Kai™ Essences are designed for long term use, however many of our customers have reported immediate results with some of our blends.

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MercurEase™ and Imagine™: Companion Essences for Creative Solutions

Companion Essences Creative SolutionsAt the core of Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ Essence is a synergy of Hawaiian Flowers that may help with communication, mental focus, and coordination. It also contains gemstones that may foster left brain activity and enhance problem solving capabilities. It’s Companion Essence™ Imagine™ is loaded with Hawaiian flowers and healing crystals that may stimulate right brain activity, improving imagination and enhancing creative visualization. Taken together, MercurEase™ and Imagine™ may be the perfect combination to bring about Creative Solutions to help you solve everyday problems…(as well as those gigantic ones that come up every now and again!).

What’s more, with Mercury going Retrograde in a few days, it’s a perfect time to power up with this dynamic duo. For those that aren’t familiar, Mercury Retrograde is a time when (due to optical illusion) the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards. During this time, communications of all types tend to go haywire and problems with technology run amok. Rather than dreading the Retrograde, we recommend using our products to maximize your energy and embrace the challenge it brings, for it’s likely the issues that show up are just drawing your attention to underlying matters that need resolving.

Shanti Kai’s™ Companion Essence™ duo is a great way to power up your mind’s resources, both creative and intuitive, and solve such problems once and for all! But Mercury need not be Retrograde to benefit from these Companion Essences. Anytime you want to expand your internal resources, work through a blockage (such as the common writers block) or other artistic or mental obstacles, our MercurEase™ and Imagine™ combination is an excellent choice to empower you to Creative Solutions.

Check out our Mercury Retrograde Blog

Introducing our New Imagine™ Essence!

New Imagine Essence
We are proud to announce our latest and greatest Imagine™ Essence is finally here after over a year of testing and tweaking! Save 10% for a limited time.

Feeling imbalanced, unorganized, or mentally ungrounded? Do you sometimes feel a mental sensation of being stuck in the clouds and want to gain more focus and/or clarity? Our newest essence, IMAGINE™, may be exactly what you need! Imagine™ is a special blend designed to balance the effects that the planet Neptune has over us. While Neptune can stir up positive aspects like creative thinking and a healthy imagination, it also has the tendency to cause unhealthy daydreaming, disciplinary issues and a difficulty to focus on what’s relevant in life.

Contains vibrational infusions of Hawaiian flowers, gemstones and minerals, including: White Water Lily, Blue Diamond, Larimar and much, much, more!

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