Jupiter & Mercury Retrogrades

Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde
Just when you thought you had the ropes down on Mercury retrograde, you discover there’s another planet to contend with in March: Jupiter! Jupiter turned retrograde on March 8th, and will stay in this perceived backwards motion until July 10th. Jupiter rules higher knowledge, religion, general expansion, good luck and prosperity. It gives us our sense of purpose, hope, and meaning. As with all retrogrades, Jupiter retrograde gives us a chance to turn within and reflect on these aspects of our lives. We may doubt our belief systems or our teachers, giving us a chance to investigate if we need a change or if there is a change within ourselves that is needed to regain our faith and trust. Projects may slow down, enthusiasm and motivation may wane, and luck may be harder to come by. This may give us an opportunity to make adjustments and analyze our work methods to see if they are truly producing the best results. While turning inward is important and necessary, it can be frustrating to feel as though your luck has turned, or your dreams aren’t materializing as quickly and easily as they were before, and for that we have our Prosperity™ Essence! Packed with gemstone and flower essences that coincide with the beneficial aspects of planet Jupiter, Prosperity™ helps to expand your spiritual awareness, open up your creative channels, increase synchronicity, and improve overall happiness and well-being.

As for pesky Mercury – the ruler of communication, travel, and technology – it starts its retrograde motion tomorrow, March 22nd, turning direct again on April 15th. For this Jupiter and Mercury retrograde duo we are suggesting pairing Prosperity™ with our MercurEase™ Essence to tame those Mercury related aspects that can block our success, such as phone and computer glitches, misread texts, or travel delays. Retrogrades may cause us some slow downs sometimes, but with tools such as these essences at our disposal we can sail through, by easing some of the harsher energies, and integrating useful lessons, to make any retrograde period a success!

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