Weekly What’s Up? Jupiter Retrograde

Weekly What’s Up? Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter turns retrograde on Sunday, June 20th in the sign of Pisces and will stay in this perceived backwards motion until October 18th. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and expansion- it rules higher learning and  when positively aspected, bestows prosperity.  Jupiter is the “teacher”, ruling aspects of spirituality and philosophy, and invoking a sense of hope, higher purpose, and deeper meaning in life. As with all retrogrades however, Jupiter moving backwards through time and space gives you a chance to turn within and reflect on aspects of life that are out of sync or requiring change.  Specifically, with this retrograde, you may find yourself doubting your beliefs or questioning your teachers. As your projects and endeavors may slow down a bit, you may find your enthusiasm and motivation wane- and your usual flow of luck may be a bit harder to come by.   But this gives you an opportunity to investigate… to see if you need to change or make adjustments – to analyze your work methods to see if they are truly producing the best results.  AND while turning inward is important and necessary, it can be frustrating to feel as though your luck has turned, or your dreams aren’t materializing as quickly and easily as they were before …(or as you’d like them to!).

But fear not!  For we have just the Essences you need to help you regain your faith and trust!  Shanti Kai™ Removing Obstacles™ and  Prosperity™ Essences are packed with frequencies from the nature kingdom – chock full of infusions of gemstones and flowers that we’ve spent over a decade researching, blending and refining. Formulated specifically to augment the beneficial aspects of Jupiter, Prosperity™ helps to expand your energy, inspire your creative channels, and open you up to opportunity and growth. Pair with Removing Obstacles™ our Saturn Essence, inspired by Ganesha’s trunk, formulated to clear external blockages out of your path making more room for all that expansion Prosperity™ can bring. Removing Obstacles™ is especially helpful for “Saturn issues” which may underly issues relating to your health, finances, work, and relationships… (like, seriously, is there anything Saturn doesn’t affect?).  Welp, Saturn turned retrograde in Aquarius May 23rd and will be there through the end of October!  Think of this as a chance to clear your inner obstacles to greater success!   There simply couldn’t be a more timely occasion to work with this power-packed duo featuring two of our all time bestsellers. We recommend spraying over your third eye, temples, crown, base of skull and solar plexus (Prosperity™) and spine (Removing Obstacles™) twice a day… or whenever you feel the need for a little strength and support, and of course, expansion and abundance!   We recommend using Removing Obstacles™ first, followed by Prosperity™.

Weekly Whats Up: New Moon in Sagittarius Essence Duo Prosperity™ & Moon Goddess™

New Moon in Sagittarius Essence Duo

This Friday, December 7th (or Thursday, December 6th if you’re in Hawaii) we’ll have a new moon in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity, and to help you align with these energies, for day 2 of our Christmas Countdown we’re recommending our Prosperous New Moon Companion Essences, Prosperity™ Jupiter Blend and Moon Goddess™/a>! Together these Essences can help you to align with the beneficial energies of Jupiter, and to align with and benefit from the energies of the moon phases.

Prosperity™ Essence was inspired by the planet Jupiter, and helps you to align with its energetic qualities of luck, optimism, opportunity, and good fortune. Certain ingredients in this blend also help to facilitate higher states of learning, encourage new forms of creativity, and promote access to higher realms of spiritual understanding. Other frequencies in this Essence encourage a sense of happiness and well being.

Moon Goddess™, our lunar blend, helps you to maximize the energetic effects of the moon phases, and use them to your benefit. New moons, such as the one approaching, are a particularly beneficial time for new beginnings, setting goals and intentions, or starting something new, and Moon Goddess™ Essence can help you tune into this energy . This blend may also help you to strengthen your sixth sense, as well as balance your own internal rhythms.

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.

More on our new Prosperity™ Essence

Prosperity Testimonial

Once again the spotlight is on Shanti Kai™’s new Prosperity Essence™. Why? Because it really is that good and who doesn’t need a little extra Prosperity coming their way. Remember Prosperity is a state of mind, a consciousness in which one recalls his own connection to the Divine surplus or Divine inheritance. This inheritance is available to everyone on the planet but aligning with it can be easier said than done: Enter Shanti Kai™’s Prosperity Essence™ for working with Jupiter, planet of expansion. When one is inspired, learning, creating, growing, finding new opportunity, or otherwise expanding, one tends to feel happier, brighter, and more balanced; Jupiter energies are said to be positively aspected or enhanced. Shanti Kai’s Prosperity™ for working with Jupiter may help one move into or maintain a state of expansion, and a brighter more balanced and optimistic outlook and approach to life.

Prosperity™ Essence

Prosperity Essence Feature
Moksha has been hard at work testing all the latest Shanti Kai™ products (he has to earn his cat treats after all)… And his top Christmas pick is Shanti Kai™’s Prosperity Essence™, for balancing and enhancing the energies of Jupiter, planet of opportunity, luck, higher education and expansion.

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