Featuring Lighten Up™ Essence for Labor Day!

[vc_single_image image=”29734″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center” onclick=”custom_link” link=”https://shantikai.com/store/essence-blends/lighten-up-essence-spray/”]Labor Day is almost here and it’s about time you think about how you will “Lighten Up”!!!! Without all the places to go (for those of us in lock-down or awaiting hurricanes, or dealing with Covid related stress otherwise), we are offering an energetic shift… no need to go anywhere, just go within and Lighten Up!

Don’t know how? Read on!

Lighten Up™ is our premier essence for emotional clearing so you can feel “lighter”.. Lighten Up™ clears the emotional subtle body, lifting heavy, dense, emotional energy out of your auric field. Heavy energies can also accumulate in the atmosphere and linger…unless energetically cleared out. Great for days off, after work hours… and during stressful times and/or events when you need to “Lighten Up”. Such energy can weigh down your energetic subtle bodies, especially the parts coinciding with your mental/emotional-subtle energy field, and also your heart and throat chakras (and any areas of weakness where you tend to “carry” your stress).

Also beneficial if you tend toward an over serious nature, such as a Type A personality (or are in a relationship with someone who is), as this can help you buffer tendencies to worry and/or “over stress” so they don’t “rub off” on you! What’s more, this essence can help bring out your playful side and encourage others around you to “Lighten Up” as well. In fact, according to some stories we’ve heard, this essence works a little TOO WELL. Lol (‘nough said)!

Fun Fact from Shanti Kai™ creator: In 2010, this essence was originally named Shanti Kai™ “Inner Balance” and was designed for clients of mine that were struggling with neurological conditions* (no we don’t make health claims, we are strictly referring to balancing of energies here)… however clients started telling me they also felt “lighter” and felt more able to find new perspective as if they were “lifting above” the energies that had confounded them. When I read the auras of clients working with this essence I saw part of their energy field like it was being lifted above the weight or trauma, the burdens they were carrying. I therefore changed the name to “Walk in the Clouds”… but in 2011 when it first went into the healing room at Coyote Moon, a crystal and book store aimed at enlightening the community in Baton Rouge, LA, the feedback I received led me to change the name one final time to “Lighten Up”. In fact, check out the testimonial below (after our sleep tip) from Molly McKenzie, former owner of Coyote Moon, who was pivotal in helping me launch the Shanti Kai™ Essence Line. Funner Fact: In fact it’s safe to say, without my dear friend Molly, Shanti Kai™ might not be here today. For it was her tireless support and encouragement, and the following she created in her community, on the other side of the country, that kept me going when I wasn’t sure it was worth the effort. Don’t get me wrong, I love and always have loved making essences… it’s just I had never planned to get this far into it; I had ZERO interest in launching a retail or commercial product, but Molly kept asking for more essences… so I kept making them… and somehow… over a decade later (and counting) here we are. Anyway, more on that in coming newsletters. For now… checkout this Tip on working with Lighten Up™ for times of stress (Tip #1) and for sleep (Tip #2).

Tip #1: During times of stress, or anytime you just feel you need to unwind, such as after work, spray Lighten Up™ over your third eye, temples, and back of the neck, as well as over any areas where you carry tension or stress in your body. If you like, you can also spray throughout your aura. If you have a moment, close your eyes and visualize yourself lifting up above any worries, stress or concerns into a space of lightness and ease.

Tip #2: If you’ve gone to bed upset, have had a fight in or around your bed, have a history of bad sleep, have watched violence on tv from bed, or even just been “triggered” looking at social media in bed … your sleep space needs to be cleared out. Spray on or around your bed and pillow. Allow up to 30 minutes for clearing before retiring.

Did You Know?  When you sleep, whatever is within ~5 feet of your aura is in your subtle energy field… you see … it is true after all that sleeping with your books under your pillow can make you smarter!!! But “too much” energy in your space can integrate into your auric field while you sleep, and interfere with the quality and depth of your rest! Most of you can’t afford to lose out on sleep quality … you need all you can get!! And that’s why I’m suggesting you spray your bed area with this in the evening and when you awaken. And, follow with Shanti Kai™ Sweet Dreams™ for best results!


[Lighten Up] is one of my very favorite Shanti Kai Essences and I use all of them. At the metaphysics store my family runs, we have psychic readers and other types of healing work going on and sometimes the energy was getting so heavy as the day progressed. It was as if people were unburdening themselves and leaving all the baggage at the store and the result was I felt a depressed feeling when I walked into that energy.

Normally I’d use Clear My Space but something told me to try Lighten Up, maybe because of the “Walk in the Clouds” part of the description… so anyway I started spraying this at the store in and near the reading room in between clients and it does just literally make you feel like you’ve lifted right above all of it and are up in the clouds. It gives you a completely different perspective on things – a higher perspective. Really worked for the heavy depressed energy.

– Molly McKenzie, Baton Rouge

Weekly What’s Up: Lighten Up™ Essence for the New Moon in Virgo

Lighten Up Essence for New Moon in Virgo

Hit reset and relax with the Labor Day Weekend New Moon and Lighten Up™️ Essence from Shanti Kai™️

A new moon in Virgo kicks off Labor Day weekend today, August 30, 2019 – and it’s the perfect time to reset, de-stress, and lighten up with Lighten Up™️ Essence from Shanti Kai™️ – and to take a break from our day to day work.

Lighten Up™️ is designed to help provide an emotional lift, and to help those who tend to take things seriously feel lighter. It may be especially beneficial for those who work in a stressful office environment or for people who work in a healing profession. It’s also great to use as a room spray to bring a feeling of lightness and ease into the space. Read what one of customers had to say about Lighten Up™️:

“When I feel heavy energetically and sore after a long day at work I spray this in areas I carry my stress. Like my shoulders. This feels important and after I find i don’t think about this stress or pain any more.“ -Dave

Tip of the Week: Have Fun Spooking Out on Halloween with Release It™ and Lighten Up™

It’s Halloween season, and it can be a good time to look at what Halloween is all about: letting yourself get spooked and letting yourself spook others…..basically, laughing in the face of fear and relating to it in a fun way. To promote a feeling of lightheartedness and fun during this time, or any time of year, we are recommending using our Release It™ and Lighten Up™ Essence Blends to help you to release fear and to promote a sense of playfulness and lightness of being. Here is a way you can use these two Essences together:

Starting with Release It™ spray any areas where you may experience sensations of fear physically, such as with a nervous stomach, or tightness in the chest, or wherever feels needed. Then, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, imagine that you are releasing any fears, or other unwanted energies. After a few moments, spray Lighten Up™ over the same areas where you used Release It™, or anywhere you like and imagine that your energy is lifting and lightening, and that you are further releasing any non-beneficial energies.

You can repeat this exercise before going into any situation that produces nerves, even a haunted hayride! You could also use these Essences once or twice a day to work on releasing fear more regularly, ideally using Release It™ at night before bed, and Lighten Up™ when you wake up in the morning. To read more on these Essences, visit the products below.

Tip of the Week: “Can I use too much, or overdose on an Essence?”

Tip of the Week June 25Question: “Can I use too much, or overdose on an Essence?”

Essences are vibrational by nature, so they do not pose a risk of overdose in most cases. If you use more than your energy field needs or can take in at one time, the excess will simply “evaporate” off. We do make recommendations for use frequency on our bottles of twice a day, and anywhere from 3-5 sprays to 5-7 sprays at a time, depending on the Essence. Because they are affecting the subtle vibrational fields, they do have more profound effects when used consistently in small doses over time. However, we also include the adage “and/or as needed” since many of our Essence users have reported profound effects by increasing usage. We hear this a lot about our Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ blends. So while using your Essences in small doses over time may produce the most profound effects and make your Essences last longer, if you feel moved to increase frequency and dosage, that may also produce the effects that you need at that time, and it is certainly safe to do so. If you are in a high stress situation, for instance, you may want to increase or use certain essences such as Healer Within™ (our stress blend) acutely (at set time intervals, such as hourly) until stress symptoms are more manageable.

Softening the Release Process

Occasionally we’ve heard from a worried customer who thinks they used too much and it’s causing problems. You can’t really overdose, but you can have a big release. Sometimes a release may feel very intense and may even be labeled a “Healing crisis” wherein the root of the problem comes to the surface. Instead of stopping the essences, it often gets lighter by continuing the essence to help the blockage or problem release. In such a case, we may recommend to use it with our White Light™ Essence to soften the effects.

Release It™, our strongest Shanti Kai™ Essence for releasing energetic blocks is recommended to be used with White Light™ for that reason. We recommend using Release It™ at night before bed and to use White Light™ in the morning when you awaken – so that the release occurs while you are sleeping and does not interfere with your daily life. The subconscious naturally releases at night and this helps it to do so on a deeper level. If you want to use these Essences throughout the day, you can use Release It™ first and follow up with White Light™ fifteen minutes later.

Another Shanti Kai™ Essence that we’ve heard from the occasional customer on is our Pele™ Blend. Pele™ can bring out anger, resentment, and grudges so that they can be released – or experienced – so that transformation can occur. Often times when you are “stuck” in life, there is repressed trauma and emotions that need to come up in order to be released. Pele™ does not cause you to become angry, however, it may allow what’s there to surface. Sometimes we have to let the emotion have its life cycle in order to move it along, as suppressing it only gives it more power and makes it worse. Think of holding a basketball underwater – it takes so much energy to do this – and when we stop holding it down it rushed to the surface in a dramatic fashion and is suddenly visible there floating right in front of you. Releasing a blocked emotion can be very similar, regardless of which essence you are working with to bring that release.

Our Empower™ Blend also allows deep release as does our Diamond Master™, Transformation™ and Removing Obstacles™ Blends. Breathing through it and softening it with Essences like White Light™ or Lighten Up™ can be very helpful in these cases. Through customer tips we’ve also learned a Golden Aura™ used after Pele™ also softens the blend such that people with anger issues have reported they can stay balanced better and breathe thru their anger release rather than it erupting from them in volatile fashion. Ultimately Pele™ is formulated to help take these undesired “lower” emotions (i.e. anger, rage, etc), and transform them into new growth; much like an erupting volcano spews lava that transforms into new land, which in time, allows new growth.

Working with the Blends

Working consciously with these blends, of course, allows the greatest shifts to occur as sometimes a deep “release” benefits from a little human help. Practicing awareness, practicing surrender and/or acceptance, breathing through the emotion or feeling, consciously letting go of old belief systems, practicing meditation or yoga, and sometimes making changes in our outer life, such as dietary or with exercise (or otherwise) – all while working with the Essences – are examples of how we might aid our internal release. Sometimes people say “Oh I’ve tried being mindful or meditating and it just makes things worse”, but we say “but you didn’t have the Essences”. With the help of the Essences, a little effort goes a long way. It’s said that the two wings of a dove are self effort and grace – we have to try, to make effort sometimes when the patterns are deep, so that we can grow past them and let them go as part of the past.

Companion Essences for Emotional Upliftment

Emerald Light and Lighten Up
Tomorrow is the day to celebrate green and we have our Emerald Light™ on sale 15% off through the end of the week. Pair it with Lighten Up™ and take 20% off the two! These are among our more popular sprays with healers, therapists, and others in the helping profession because of their potential to clear and uplift the emotional subtle bodies.

Read more about this set: Companion Essences for Emotional Upliftment.

(Sale ended March 19, 2016)

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