Featuring Venus™ and Mars™ Essences for the Venus-Mars Conjunction

Featuring Venus™ and Mars™ Essences for the Venus-Mars Conjunction

The much talked about biennial Venus-Mars conjunction becomes exact this Tuesday, July 13th in the sign of Cancer (in Vedic Astrology) and Leo (in Western), an aspect that only occurs every two years. Get ready to fall in love – or back in love – as Feminine Venus, the goddess of love, and Masculine Mars, the god of war, come together to align you with the energies of romance, birth and creation! This alignment can have a “softening” effect on your romantic relationships (and love interests), forging the opportunity for greater harmony and balance. At the same time, this dynamic duo is sure to ignite passion, ambition, and love – interwoven together to create a dynamic sure to inspire a Heart-Opening experience!

Indeed, this aspect brings with it a creative spark, aligning you with newfound inspiration and motivation – an opportune time for initiating new ventures and rekindling projects that [may have been] stowed away! Mars, however, is in its debility in Cancer, and thus you may find yourself with less energy and motivation [than you normally would have]. Moreover, it is about to make a pivotal transition from the water sign of Cancer into the Fire sign Leo on July 20th. What does this mean? Expect to be challenged! The cosmos are imploring you to push yourself in ways that will “step up” your game, pushing you to achieve and aspire – higher and higher!

To explain, the last few days before a planet moves between elements – i.e., in this case from water (Cancer) to fire (Leo) – is called a “Gandanta”, a “spiritual knot”. A Gandanta is believed to bring up [unresolved] karmic issues for healing, which means you may find yourself actually feeling like you are in “knots”! (Pun fully intended). But fear not! Shanti Kai™ has just the tools you need to navigate “the crazies” of this cosmic terrain. Our Venus™ and Mars™ Companion Essences can help you tune in and tune-up, harnessing the celestial powers of the “beneficial beams” at hand! What’s more, work with this pairing to soften the challenging aspects of this alignment, whilst building upon the energies needed to stay balanced and strong!

Apply Venus™ throughout your aura (and on key areas) to simultaneously summon both your Divine Feminine AND Inner Diva, in one. Work with Venus™ Essence to embolden your self-confidence, enhance your grace & sense of charm, to amplify your inner radiance and magnify powers of attraction. Use Venus™ for all things Romance and LOVE ❤️.

Our Mars™ Essence enhances the masculine qualities of leadership and action while invoking passion for life and motivation (in all you do). It inspires courage and assertiveness and can help amplify access to your “energetic reserves”, a boon with Mars in its debility in Cancer. We recommend using these two essences over the next several weeks, and throughout both July and August, for working with the energy of today’s conjunction and softening the energy of Mars’ transitioning to Leo. Moreover Mars, or “Kuja” as it is known in Vedic tradition, is the ruling planetary energy this year, and thus it is the perfect Essence to work with throughout the ENTIRE YEAR and through next March!

Tip: Starting with Mars™, spray over your third eye, temples, base of skull and lower chakras, following up with Venus™ in the same areas, as well as over the front and back of your heart. Use Mars™ anytime you feel sluggish or tired and Venus™ whenever you need to soften your emotions and create a greater sense of balance and Harmony.

MercurEase™, Mars™, and Imagine™ for the Friday the 13th Moon in Scorpio


This Friday the 13th emotions may reach a peak with the moon in the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio, and frustrations from changes in travel plans, canceled meetings due to the coronavirus, which coincidentally started while Mercury was retrograde and continues as we move through the retrograde shadow period. The next day, however, on March 14th, a Mars-Neptune sextile occurs bringing a powerful opportunity to manifest your dreams by way of the fastest destination.

Mars is all about getting it done, and Neptune represents your dreams and wishes. When these two form a sextile an almost magical opportunity is created to bring these two seemingly opposing planets into a harmonious spirit and a rare opportunity to align with and manifest your goals. This may be most welcome after the Mercury retrograde period when some ventures may have experienced some slow downs.

We’re recommending Shanti Kai™ Essences MercurEase™, Mars™, and Imagine™ to help you through the Friday-the-13th moon in Scorpio and to help you harness the helpful manifestation energies of the Mars-Neptune Sextile!

MercurEase™, our go-to essence for Mercury Retrograde issues, is designed to promote intelligent thinking, problem solving, and smooth communication to help with changes in plans that Mercury retrograde energy can create.

Our Mars™ blend may help to balance some of the emotional intensity of the Scorpio moon, as Mars is one of the planets that rules Scorpio, and may also help you to capitalize on the Mars-Neptune sextile, helping you to tap into the raw creative energy needed to take action.

Finally, our Imagine™ Essence helps you to tap into the creative power of your imagination so that you can envision exactly what it is that you want to accomplish, and use your vision to fuel your actions.

Weekly Whats Up: Mars™️ & Prosperity™️ Essences to Align with Energies of Expansion, Motivation, and Success

Essences to Align with Energies of Expansion, Motivation, and Success

The New Year is just around the corner and with it, Mars is entering the sign of Aries on Monday December 31st, making its influence especially powerful, and the perfect time to work with our Mars™️ Essence. Shanti Kai™️ Mars™️ is formulated to help you align with energies of motivation, passion and initiative – just what’s needed as you prepare to bring in the New Year! What’s more, to help give your resolutions an extra boost, we’re recommending pairing it with our Prosperity™️ (Jupiter Blend) to encourage energies of expansion and success.

Mars™️ Essence is formulated to help you to overcome the initial inertia it takes to get things moving or to start a new project, and to increase motivation for working towards your goals. It’s a great Essence for anyone who is looking to tap their inner reserves. This blend may be beneficial for softening overly masculine or aggressive tendencies, and may help those with too much feminine energy to draw on the masculine where it is needed. And if you don’t have Mars™️, Shanti Kai™️ Garnet Glow™️ is a good substitute.

Prosperity™️: Jupiter Blend is designed to help you align with energies of expansion and other positive qualities of Jupiter, such as opportunity, good fortune, luck, optimism, and wisdom. This Essence may also help promote feelings of happiness and well-being, as well as encouraging synchronicity and success. It’s a great Essence for children and students as it is filled with plant and mineral essences believed historically to benefit the mind. If you don’t have Prosperity™️ Essence, Manipura™️: Solar Plexus Chakra Essence would be a good substitute for this one.

To read more on these blends visit the products below:

Recharge and Energize with Mars™ and Garnet Glow™ Essences

Recharge and Energize with Mars and Garnet Glow Essences

You might’ve noticed Mars is really visible in the sky right now, and moreover it’s still in retrograde… so we figured it’s a great time to feature our Shanti Kai™ Mars™ Essence and Garnet Glow™ Essence, which can help us to recharge and energize during the retrograde!

Have you ever felt run down but not had a chance to get the rest your body needs? Sometimes circumstances prevent us from being able to take care of our bodies the way we need to, but luckily both Mars™ Essence and Garnet Glow™ Essence can help us to keep going if we need to by helping us to tap into our energetic reserves, stay grounded, and find the motivation needed to keep going.

Try using either our Mars™ or Garnet Glow™ Essence Blends the next time you are feeling tired, but still have lots to do. (Of course, we always stress rest when you need to, and listen to your body as much as possible.) But if circumstance does arise where you need to keep going, try spraying one of these Essences in regular increments, such as every 15 or 30 minutes, or just any time you feel that need for a boost. (Oh, and make sure to shake the bottle first, as this activates the ingredient base.) Keep using it acutely (in regular time intervals) until you forget that you need it, or in other words, until a state of balance has been achieved and you are back in your flow. Following, it may be helpful to use one of these Essences twice a day to maintain your energy levels – or as your body intuitively tells you to.

Read more about our Mars™ and Garnet Glow™ Essence Blends.

Companion Essences for the New Moon in Aries: Intuition™ & Mars™

Happy New Moon everyone! Today is the start to a new week, and a time for new beginnings as we celebrate the new moon in Aries… it’s also the perfect time to breakout our Mars™ and Intuition™ Essences!

While this new moon could have you feeling more energized, and ready to start something new, our New Moon in Aries Essence Companion Essence duo, featuring Intuition™ and Mars™ can help you benefit even more from this event.  Mars™ Essence can help give you the get-up-and-go needed to get things moving in the right direction, while balancing masculine energies, softening negative expressions of Martian energy such as aggression and anger, and helping those with too much feminine energy to pull in qualities such as action and drive.  Our Intuition™ Essence connects us with the energies of the moon and helps you to harmonize and draw on the power of it’s phases.  Combined, this pair can help you start your week with the fire-y power of the new moon in Aries at your back!

If you don’t have these essences on hand don’t worry as we’ll be under this influence for a little while!

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