Weekly What’s Up?: Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Weekly What’s Up?: Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Ruh Roh… Mercury Retrograde is back!   But have no fear… our Retrograde Quartet is here!  This Saturday, January 30th, Mercury turns retrograde in the air sign Aquarius!  This means buckle up and prepare for some technical turbulence… for until February 19th, you might be in for a wild ride!   We are here to help you plan ahead and pack accordingly…

Our all New Retrograde Quartet, containing: MercurEase™,  Evolve™, Harmony™ , and Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra™ is sure to help you arrive on the “other side” with as little pain possible … (see below for more info).

Aquarius on the other hand, is ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, technology and surprising events! People with Aquarian influence tend to dance to their own beat – as should be expected for the sign of the “nonconformist reformist”! It’s natives can at times tend to get so wrapped up in their effort toward progress that they can appear aloof and/or distant – this can in turn strain their relationships, friendships and associations (such as within groups and organizations)…. and thus they must remember two things: empathy and compassion!

So what happens when Mercury, planet of communication and technology takes a backward stroll through Aquarius, which governs innovation and progress (but can fall short with regard to human touch)?

Well one thing’s for sure! Expect to become enlightened as to where you can improve on your communication! This particular retrograde you might notice communication breakdowns happening on the double… especially in friendships and group dynamics! In addition, expect major challenges with technology…. and for that to spill over into issues with scheduling and travel! But on the upside, the more you double down and focus on your own sense of compassion, and make an effort toward empathy and mutual understanding… the easier it will be!

With communication depending more heavily on technology (as a result of Covid) and social distancing norms forcing more of us online for both work and personal interaction … It’s not hard to imagine that this Mercury Retrograde – (even without Mercury in Aquarius) could be a bit of a doozy! But throw in the Aquarius factor and it might seem like we’re all spinning backwards and taking two steps back for every one foot forward! So if you don’t have the luxury of crawling up under a giant rock and hiding out until February 19th …. we suggest you pick yourself up a bottle of Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ Master Essence! And you might just want to add 1 or 2 of our other blends for effective communication and harmony – or some of our Master Orchid Blends to align with innovation and progress (the positive aspects of Aquarius)… stay tuned, we’ll have a plethora of tools coming your way!

In the meantime let’s cover the essentials!

MercurEase™ to help to soothe all things “Mercury Retrograde”. Use it for clear communication, problem solving, and “technology tantrums” (yes… it’s a thing)!

Harmony™ to bring the 3 wheels of life- body, mind, & spirit into alignment… so that you flow with the universe around you.

Evolve™ to help you to align with Aquarian energies of progress and innovation-to propel you forward on your path.

Vishuddha: Throat Chakra to open & empower your throat chakra, benefitting clear communication & self expression.

Tip of the Week: Thyroid Chakra for Balancing Throat and Heart

Tip of the Week: Thyroid Chakra for Balancing Throat and Heart

Tip of The Week: Thyroid Chakra™️ Essence for Balancing Throat and Heart

Mercury is still Retrograde and being in the shadow of eclipse season… its a great time to feature yet another fabulous Essence benefiting communication!

The Thyroid Chakra exists within the Throat and bridges the energy centers of the Heart, Anahata and Throat, Vishuddha, Chakras. Keeping it cleansed and balanced can help improve your energetic equilibrium and vitality, strengthen your willpower, enhance creative self expression, and in some cases help balance issues related to breath, emotional eating (ie issues of weight), and in general anything associated with stress!

Your self expression defines who you are and is essential to your greater health and wellbeing. This is true even when (and if) SILENCE is your means to communicate. That is to say, having a voice is NOT necessarily about “having a voice”. I’m reminded of this by the empowered communication I see from friends and clients who are deaf, yet many of them express themselves with far greater poise, intuition and strength than many, even those in power or with loud booming voices.

In a society that is so divided and where words can get you in trouble, it’s easy to learn to “hold your tongue”. While this may help keep the “greater peace”, if it causes you inner turmoil, it can accumulate over time and lead to energetic blockages, including those associated with physical imbalance, mental and/or creative blocks, loss of willpower, emotional blocks, or issues with breath, weight, and so much more.

For helping balance and align the thyroid chakra regarding issues of energetic stress, we recommend you spray Shanti Kai™️ Thyroid Chakra™️ Essence directly on the throat, front and back, over chest area, especially heart, upper heart, mid back, and other key sensitive areas (ie forehead/3rd eye, temples, spine) 2x a day, or as needed or desired.

You may also try pairing it with any of our Essences for Communication highlighted in our latest blog, to promote the clearing and healing of issues concerning self expression.

In addition to Thyroid Chakra™ Essence, we are also recommending the following.

  • Throat Chakra or Vishuddha™ Blend Essence: It doesn’t matter who you are, if you can’t express yourself, to many, you simply don’t exist. While we know that’s not true, the world around you can be hard enough without blocks to expression moving in and causing you to fumble in your ability to express yourself. Vishuddha™ Essence helps clear blocks to the Throat Chakra, so that you can speak your truth and express yourself optimally.
  • Lantana Master Essence is for encouraging harmony and cooperation, and helping you assimilate and integrate multiple energies at once. It also helps you manage overwhelm and can improve group dynamics.
  • Kalanchoe Master Essence can help you integrate various streams of information, helping you process subconscious blocks that affect your ability to communicate and integrate harmoniously within yourself and with others. It may help with sleep issues, dream work and interpretation. If you are dealing with communication barriers, Kalanchoe can help bring out the underlying blocks so that you can move toward resolution.
  • Pentas Master Essence promotes the clearing of blockages between your throat and heart chakras, opening communication lines for truth to come out. It helps you to let go of past pain and the need to protect yourself, and it helps you with public speaking, or with teaching, and encourages group harmony and cooperation.
  • Smithsonite Master Essence helps bring harmony to relationships. It can promote balance and reconciliation, promote problem solving ability, and enhance your leadership skills. It has been know for energetically helping in fostering clear self-expression, left-right brain balance, and overcoming gender, language and other communication barriers.
  • Dahlia Master™ Flower Essence may help strengthen your ability to handle intense emotional stress. It may help to increase faith and confidence, thereby allowing you to step into a space of optimism despite difficult circumstances (i.e. stressful jobs, relationships, family, etc). It can also help those who tend to be overly logical to tap into and harmonize with their emotions, bringing about balance. Similar to how it can help you empathically harmonize in your romantic partnerships, enabling you to better feel and support each other, it can also help you to apply the same sensors to your work/home life, and other relationships.
  • Hemimorphite Master™️ Essence may be good if you’re holding onto anger or resentment, helping you to forgive and move on. It increases empathy, making it very healing and helpful for harmonizing relationships, bringing mental and emotional transformation to both (or all) parties. Taken regularly, it may also help balance the throat and third eye chakras, benefitting communication and intuition.
Tip of the Week: Flower and Gemstone Essences for Communication during Mercury Retrograde!

Tip of the Week: Flower and Gemstone Essences for Communication during Mercury Retrograde!

Essences for Communication

With Mercury just having turned retrograde we thought it a great time to feature some of our single ingredient essences for communication!  Yes, we’ve got our beloved MercurEase™️… our most robust essence for issues with communication and technology (and if your missed our most recent blog, check it out here) … But did you know we also have a plethora of individual flower and mineral essences that help support balanced communication, an area that can often experience challenges during this cosmic transit?  Use these flower and gemstone essences throughout this period to help promote harmony in your relations with it others.  You can also work with them to support clear, effective communication and to release blockages in your throat chakra  region.  We’re going to go into a bit more depth on how Mercury retrograde can affect you, and how our Essences can help!



Three or four times a year the planet Mercury turns retrograde for about three weeks at a time.  When Mercury is in retrograde it appears as though it is moving backwards in relation to Earth.  While this is just an optical illusion, retrogrades have the effect of causing you to look inwards, and sometimes look to the past, to process how Mercury energy operates in your life.  Mercury rules over areas that include communication, intelligent thinking, buying and selling, contracts, travel, and the mail. When Mercury is in retrograde its energy is slowed down, and these areas that it rules may not function as well.  During this time it’s easy to misinterpret what is said by others, and for others to misinterpret what is said by you.  Decision making can become more difficult, and plans that have been in motion may slow down temporarily.  Electronics, which also relate significantly to communication, can break down or give you problems as well. 

Because of this challenging energy that Mercury retrograde creates, it’s generally not considered the best time for making major decisions or starting major ventures, and instead is time better spent going within and reflecting, re-organizing, re-considering and re-working plans.  Things can feel the most out of sorts on the days that Mercury stations, or appears to stop moving in the sky and change direction; the day that it stations and turns retrograde and the day that it stations and turns direct again.

The following Shanti Kai™️ Flower and Mineral Essences may be especially beneficial for smooth communication and harmonious relationships during Mercury retrograde (or anytime!):


Allamanda – Allamanda Essences increases your ability to receive information from higher sources by clearing energy in the back of the neck, where trauma and energy blocks tend to accumulate.  It brings light into the physical body, inspiring you to appreciate beauty all around you.

Morning Glory – This essence stimulates motivation and inspiration and is helpful for releasing non-beneficial habits and managing cravings. Morning Glory Master Essence may be beneficial for encouraging group harmony and positive change. It may help you uplift and inspire others around you, bringing the kind of inspiration you feel at sports games, cheering on a team, at a prayer rally or singing as part of a choir.

Pentas – Pentas Master Essence promotes the release of blockages between your heart and throat chakras that could block your self-expression with others.  It encourages harmony and cooperation within groups, and helps you to release negative thoughts that would cause you to stay isolated from others.

Afghanite – Afghanite Essence helps others to hear what you are really saying, encouraging different levels of hearing, and helping to create greater clarity in communications.  It is a great essence to use if you are a public speaker or if you are experiencing writer’s block. It helps protect your throat chakra and third eye and may help protect against psychic attack.

Lavender – Lavender Master Essence helps relieve nervous tension and alleviate mental fog; energies that would hinder clear communication and mental/emotional understanding with others. It helps with clearing out old energies in relationships, and is especially potent for cleansing karmic ties (that are no longer beneficial); if you have old relationship energies that keep resurfacing or holding you back, this essence may help you disconnect for good, clearing “body armor” and allowing you to move forward.

Blue Quartz – Blue Quartz Essence balances the throat chakra and may help you to be more eloquent in your expression.  It also benefits clarity of mind and is a great essence to use to promote stability during times of transition.

Plumbago – Plumbago Essence opens the throat chakra and promotes greater self-expression by helping you to release feelings of guilt and shame which can create blockages in this energy center. It encourages you to move into a place of greater success and to experience your own worthiness and align with your Divine expression.

Lantana – Lantana Essence can help with integrating a large amount of information and problem solving, and may help with mental coordination if you are struggling with words, math, or numbers.  It may help facilitate cooperation and harmony within groups with complex dynamics and may also benefit spiritual communities.

Smithsonite – Smithsonite Essence helps with relationship balance and may also ease any fears surrounding interpersonal relationships and interactions with others.  This essence further helps balance creative and rational sides of the brain and strengthens leadership ability.

MercurEase™ Essence for Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

Halloween is around the corner, and there may be some tricks in store with Mercury turning retrograde on the same day.  Time to stock up on a Shanti Kai™ treat, our MercurEase™ Essence, to help mitigate some of the communication snafus, memory slips, technological glitches, and travel issues that tend to pop up around this time, and to promote harmony and success no matter what comes your way.

MercurEase™ is our ultimate blend for communication and intelligent thinking. This special synergy of ingredients helps you to be more receptive to others’ words, and to hear the true message and intention behind what they are saying, and it promotes a clear mind and organized thoughts. And what about all those technology hiccups, and interruptions to our plans in general? MercurEase™ may help you to be more adaptable, as well as increase your problem solving abilities so that things run more smoothly.

Weekly What’s Up?: Mercury Turns Retrograde

It’s that time again….Mercury turns Retrograde this Friday, November 16th! Mercury rules communication, expression, and coordination of all kinds, and when this planet begins it’s perceived backwards spin, these things have a tendency to go haywire. This planet will be in retrograde motion over the Thanksgiving Holiday and through December 6th – and travel plans and communication with family could get interesting! This is a great time to break out your Shanti Kai™ MercureEase™ Essence, to keep things running smoothly during the retrograde.

MercureEase™ helps to promote clear communication and receptivity, and certain ingredients in this blend help to promote harmony, cooperation and unity with others. It may also encourage a clearer state of mind, organization of thoughts, and mental coordination. This blend can also help you to synchronize your timing with the universal flow, and to adapt to challenges. And many of our customers have found that this Essence can help with pesky technological issues that can arise during this time!

Here’s what one customer had to say about MercurEase™:

“Today my computer wasn’t working right all morning, and after I realized Mercury is in Retrograde, I sprayed myself and the computer with Mercurease™. Immediately my computer was working fine!” -Shannon

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