Weekly What’s Up?: Mercurease™ for the Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

MercurEase for the Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Mercury retrograde, which will begin November 16th, is a period lasting approximately three weeks when areas such as communication, critical thinking and our ability to focus can present more challenges. However, we can start to feel the effects of this transit up to three weeks before it actually begins, during what is known as the shadow phase, which also occurs once the retrograde has ended. Luckily, our Mercurease™ Essence is formulated to help counter the effects of all phases of Mercury retrograde, by helping to promote clear communication, intelligent thinking, and mental coordination.

Mercurease™ draws on very powerful ingredients from the plant and mineral kingdoms that aid in receptivity, smooth communication of all types, and a clear state of mind. It may assist with helping you to hear and understand what another is “truly” saying, and with harmonizing interpersonal relationships, as well as helping organize a scattered mind. Furthermore, this blend may help you to synchronize your timing with the universal flow, adapt to challenges, and increase access to creativity and problem solving capabilities.

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Jupiter & Mercury Retrogrades

Jupiter and Mercury Retrograde
Just when you thought you had the ropes down on Mercury retrograde, you discover there’s another planet to contend with in March: Jupiter! Jupiter turned retrograde on March 8th, and will stay in this perceived backwards motion until July 10th. Jupiter rules higher knowledge, religion, general expansion, good luck and prosperity. It gives us our sense of purpose, hope, and meaning. As with all retrogrades, Jupiter retrograde gives us a chance to turn within and reflect on these aspects of our lives. We may doubt our belief systems or our teachers, giving us a chance to investigate if we need a change or if there is a change within ourselves that is needed to regain our faith and trust. Projects may slow down, enthusiasm and motivation may wane, and luck may be harder to come by. This may give us an opportunity to make adjustments and analyze our work methods to see if they are truly producing the best results. While turning inward is important and necessary, it can be frustrating to feel as though your luck has turned, or your dreams aren’t materializing as quickly and easily as they were before, and for that we have our Prosperity™ Essence! Packed with gemstone and flower essences that coincide with the beneficial aspects of planet Jupiter, Prosperity™ helps to expand your spiritual awareness, open up your creative channels, increase synchronicity, and improve overall happiness and well-being.

As for pesky Mercury – the ruler of communication, travel, and technology – it starts its retrograde motion tomorrow, March 22nd, turning direct again on April 15th. For this Jupiter and Mercury retrograde duo we are suggesting pairing Prosperity™ with our MercurEase™ Essence to tame those Mercury related aspects that can block our success, such as phone and computer glitches, misread texts, or travel delays. Retrogrades may cause us some slow downs sometimes, but with tools such as these essences at our disposal we can sail through, by easing some of the harsher energies, and integrating useful lessons, to make any retrograde period a success!

Making Mercury Retrograde Work for you with our Retrograde Companion Essences

Mercury Retrograde Companion Essences

Mercury Retrograde and its Impact

Now August is an extra special month because on top of having two eclipses, Mercury also just went Retrograde! Retrogrades are all about finding out what isn’t working for you so you can release it, work through it and heal. Miscommunication, scheduling, transportation and technological problems can bring out the worst in us – but how we behave in these little moments of frustration is a barometer for how much we still have hidden below the surface. Ultimately, they offer us a clearer window into where we are so we can better understand where we want to go. Of key importance here is that the inner is a reflection of the outer – the reality you manifest is symptomatic of the inner condition. Feel chaotic, frenetic and imbalanced on the inside? Chances are you don’t have to look too far to find an example of this in your outer life.

How can MercurEase™ Help?

As usual we recommend MercurEase™ for the Retrograde. It’s made to help one embrace the qualities of Mercury – such as communication, problem solving, connection and focus – especially while facing Mercury in retrograde. For example MercurEase™ may not instantaneously correct the airlines flight schedule which now has you arriving 3 hours late – but it can help you to balance and tap into parts of your brain for creative thinking and problem solving, so that you respond productively rather than to exude a knee jerk reaction – like screaming at customer service and venting all over social media until you’re in such a frenzy you’ve wasted your valuable time and energy in a pointless reactionary pattern.

One of my favorite ingredients in the MercurEase™ blend is Snapdragon which actually has been used historically to stop short a sharp retort. How often do we damage relationships for years to come by reacting and saying something that gratifies our need to be right in the moment, but creates long term resentment and issues with others that could’ve been prevented? It also has precious metals for clearing brain fog and a synergy of gemstones that enhances access to the part of the brain with problem solving capability and left right brain integration. It also has Afghanite which, when in synergy with this blend, helps the vibrations of your words to reflect what you want to say and mean – even if the words don’t come out quite right. How often, especially during Mercury in Retrograde, do we send an email or text or leave a quick message to have another hear it wrong? They grab onto a few key words that are out of context, or detect frustration or stress in your tone or voice – only to take it personally and project it back to you in their response.

Other key flower essence ingredients in this blend help to focus a scattered mind so that there is greater cohesion to one’s thoughts, words and actions. We can’t always help when technology flubs up – we may not be able to control the email server, the office printer, the flight schedule, or prevent our phones, gadgets, and computers from having a field day at our expense – but we can learn to recognize how we are reacting and why. Once we do, only then can we release what is no longer serving us and find improved ways of thinking, being, and responding that make our lives better both in and out of the retrogrades. Once we do that somehow we feel clearer and our outer world begins to wondrously reflect that instead.

When taking MercurEase™ over time one should see some alleviations to these frustrating scenarios we mentioned above. And if you add the companion essence Removing Obstacles™, one can really harmonize with what’s happening outside of us so that we experience greater synchronicity.

How to Work with MercurEase™

To specifically work with MercurEase™ and Removing Obstacles™, we suggest spraying (together or alternating) these on the crown of head, temples, over third eye or forehead, throat center, base of skull, abdomen and backs of knees. The bottoms of the feet may also be beneficial as well as spraying along the spine. It is not necessary to spray all areas each time, you may alternate areas that you spray or choose the areas that work best for you. It may also be beneficial as a room spray in a place of business – especially the conference room or around the computers and phones – or in your home especially where conversations take place.

Who can Benefit from MercurEase™?

Those who give readings or consultations, those engaged in public speaking, writers (especially those experiencing writer’s block), artists, musicians, students and scholars, those engaged in critical thinking, those who are aging and seeing effects on memory, those who often feel misunderstood or tend to somehow come off wrong, those going to important interviews, those who travel frequently or work with technology or in the travel industry are all EXCELLENT candidates for MercurEase™.

MercurEase™ and Vishuddha™ for Balanced Communication

Balanced Communication Companion EssencesMercurEase™ is loaded with flowers and gemstones that may help one to think outside the box, may benefit artistic endeavors such as writing expressively, and may help the mind assimilate information more quickly. It’s also our premier Essence for the mental processing involved in communication – the mind-throat connection – taking information apart, assimilating it, and responding in kind.

Modern communication involves more than just speaking and writing; it often involves an electronic device of some kind – computers, smartphones, etc. Communication issues can therefore arise not just because something is said wrong or in the wrong tone, but because of technological mishaps. “I didn’t get the text”, “no one answered the phone”, “it didn’t ring”, “there was no message”, “my computer won’t start”, “it wasn’t on my calendar”…. are just a few examples.

Mercury Retrograde is a time when such technological snafus and communication problems abound. The positive side of this is such problems can point out areas that need your attention – like it’s time for a new smartphone, or maybe I should reread things before I click “post”. However, it can also be a very frustrating time. And let’s face it – once frustration sets in, communication gets even worse. The mind gets flustered, one’s temper can become erratic, and one may vent or express themselves negatively toward others. All of these things can lead to a very unbalanced fifth or Vishuddha chakra.

The 5th chakra governs the throat and ears, speaking and hearing – our communication mechanisms. Shanti Kai™ Vishuddha (aka Throat Chakra) Essence is comprised of flowers, gemstones, and precious metal vibrations that promote a strong, balanced, and open throat chakra. A strong and balanced throat chakra naturally benefits self-expression, communication, and one’s receptivity toward others.

Used on its own, MercurEase™ is our go to for Mercury Retrograde, but this month we are promoting it alongside Vishuddha™ for strengthening and toning the Throat Chakra. We like to think of this as adding a little long term security by strengthening the chakra that is relied upon for all things Mercury.

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Counter the Effects of Mercury in Retrograde with Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ Essence

Counter the Effects of Mercury in Retrograde with Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ Essence

So, who is Mercury anyway?

Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods in both astrology and mythology, governing Communication, Travel, and Technology. Mercury is about CONNECTION. Successful communication, travel and proper-functioning technology all require connection.

What does it mean, “Mercury in Retrograde?”

Due to an optical illusion, three or four times a year for a period of roughly three weeks, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in orbit, hence the phrase “Mercury in Retrograde”. This can have a significant influence on aspects of our lives involving communication, travel, and technology.

Technological and travel snafus can cause us terrible stress, but often our biggest challenge under Mercury Retrograde is miscommunication that negatively impacts our most important relationships. In this day and age with communication and technology being virtually inseparable, the effects of retrograde can be exponential.

What are the most common experiences during the Retrograde?

Common effects of Retrograde Mercury include: last minute scheduling changes, interrupted travel plans, increased numbers of dropped calls and signal interference, mail lost, proposals/offers rescinded, text messages and emails misinterpreted (or worse yet, forwarded to the wrong people), memories mixed up, concentration…what was that?… With communication happening at such rapid speeds, and miscommunication even faster, it doesn’t take long for one of these little snafus to explode into something quite intolerable.

For this reason, it’s suggested when Mercury is in retrograde that we check and recheck our travel plans, hold off on making big decisions, read and reread our emails and texts (before reacting or clicking “send”), confirm appointments, etc.

Why we need MercurEase™…

Even with all these precautions, the Retrograde can still be a contentious time that tests our ability to stay calm, focused and centered. While ultimately, Mercury is forcing growth and showing us our unresolved issues (through its barrage of “little tricks”), and while we must navigate our way through time and space as best we can, it sure helps to have support!

Shanti Kai’s MercurEase™ is a carefully crafted infusion of flowers, gemstones, and precious metals that bring support to our communications and mental processings. Just as a well fed and well rested body can better handle stress when under pressure, our MercurEase™ can help one stay above the “mental madness” so common to the climate of Mercury Retrograde.

Retrogrades as Opportunities for Growth and Healing…

Retrogrades are ultimately opportunities for us to learn and grow, and Shanti Kai’s MercurEase™ can help us through these periods of Mercury’s “tough love”. Since these periods have a sneaky way of bringing unresolved “stuff” from our past back to the forefront – and oftentimes these are things we thought we had dealt with and moved on from – it might just be time to grab yourself a bottle of MercurEase™ and work through these things once and for all. For once we heal our own issues, we can no longer be affected by negative outside influences. MercurEase™ contains vibrational imprints from nature that were intended to help us humans heal the energy fields that govern communication, expression, and all forms of mental processing.

…And hey! You don’t have to wait for the Retrograde to try it. In fact, it’s better you don’t! Essences work over time. And while Shanti Kai™ Essences are power-packed way beyond the typical essence or flower remedy – and while you’ll most likely experience immediate benefit – long-term changes are seen after using over periods of time.

Who Else Might Benefit from MercurEase™?

Those who give readings or consultations, those engaged in public speaking, writers (especially those experiencing writer’s block), artists, musicians, students and scholars, those engaged in critical thinking, those who are aging and seeing effects on memory, those who often feel misunderstood or tend to somehow come off wrong, those going to important interviews, those who travel frequently or work with technology or in the travel industry are all EXCELLENT candidates for MercurEase™.

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