Essences for the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

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On Tuesday July 2nd, there will be a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. This particular eclipse may bring your deepest emotional needs to the surface so that you can integrate them into your life and take steps towards fulfilling them. For this eclipse, we are recommending Shanti Kai™ Moon Goddess™, Transformation™, and Empower™ Essences to help you with recognizing your emotional needs, creating new patterns, and moving into your power with new self-knowledge.

The effects of an eclipse can often be felt in the days surrounding the event, so if you’ve been feeling uneasy, it could be because some blockages are starting to come to the surface as the eclipse approaches. It can be uncomfortable to look deeply into your feelings and emotions, and eclipses often make it so we are forced to see what’s there. We suggest working with what comes up around this time and our essences can help with this process.

Moon Goddess™ blend may help you to navigate your emotional world, helping you to see more clearly who you are and what makes you tick. This essence also helps to smooth out and soften the effects that the lunar phases can have on us. This can be particularly helpful around the time of an eclipse, which produces more intense emotional energy than a typical new or full moon. Moon Goddess™ helps you to harmonize with the rhythm of the moon phases, and it may also help to energetically benefit internal rhythms, such as menstrual cycles in women.

Transformation™ Essence is designed to help you see the truth in a gentle way, no matter what it may be. It also encourages the desire to release what is no longer needed in order to grow, transform, and start anew. Working with this essence can help you to work with energies that might normally be considered difficult or negative, and use them in to bring forth positive change and growth in your life.

Empower™ is our go-to Essence for helping to release fear and inspire feelings of confidence and courage.  This special blend is designed to both clear and protect your energy field, which may help you to be in and act from a place of strength, even if you still experience some fear or nervousness while doing so.

If you don’t have any of these essences you could also use the following:

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.

Gemini New Moon Essence Duo: Intuition™ and Mercurease™

Ma-Hina and MercurEase

There’s a new moon tomorrow in the sign of Mercury ruled Gemini, and a great time to break out our Gemini New Moon Essence Duo, Intuition™ and Mercurease™, on sale for a limited time at 20% when purchased together, or 15% if purchased separately!

The planet rules your communication and every day expression, as well as coordination and how you organize and process ideas and information. Our Mercurease™ Essence Blend is formulated with flowers and gemstones that help you to align with the best parts of Mercury energy by helping you to express yourself clearly as well as to hear what others are trying to say, which promotes balanced relationships. Mercurease™ also improves your mental coordination and helps to organize a scattered mind so that you can stay focused and clear.

Where Mercury is largely un-emotional, the Moon rules our emotions, and that’s where our Intuition™ Essence comes into play. Intuition™ is loaded with gemstone and flowers that connect us with Lunar energy and balance our emotions. It also helps to align us with natures Lunar cycles, which balances your internal rhythms. This particular Lunation is a new moon which makes it a good time for new beginnings, setting intentions, or starting something new and Intuition™ Essence can help you tap into and make the most of this energy.

Together, this Essence duo can help you focus on new beginnings and set you on a new path related to where communication and expression play a role in your life! Read more about this duo.

Tonight’s Super Moon

Essence for the Super MoonTonight is the first Super Moon of 2015… No it’s not a Full Moon, it’s a New Moon. A Super Moon by definition means that the moon is within 90% of the closest it will ever get to the Earth and is in direct alignment with the sun and earth, and is therefore said to have a heightened influence over us…. Or more simply stated, it’s really super strong right now.

The Super Moon can have a powerful effect on our emotions and our overall energy, and in general, new moons provide us with a chance to assess, review, and plan…before taking action. It’s the perfect time to set up new beginnings or get clear about goals you’d like to manifest in your life. Therefore, using your Shanti Kai™ Intuition Essence™ at this time is a purrfect way to harmonize with this influence and use it to create Transformation in your life. That’s why we recommend pairing it with our Shanti Kai™ Transformation™ Essence in what we call our Lunar Therapy Companion Essence™ set. Our Essence Blends consist of highly energized vibrational infusions of flowers, gemstones, orchids, color frequencies, essential oils and more.

Read more at our Lunar Therapy Blog.

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