Weekly What’s Up? The Pink Moon Supermoon and Pluto Retrograde

Weekly What’s Up? The Pink Moon Supermoon and Pluto Retrograde

On Monday, April 26th, a full supermoon in Scorpio, and this year’s Pink Moon, will light the sky.  While the color “pink” brings to mind love and kindness… and everything sweet, Scorpio and its ruler (Pluto), are anything but gentle!  Whats more?  Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn the very next day!  That’s right, on April 27th (and lasting through October 6th) Pluto will be in reverse, bringing to the surface some of the “darker” energies of the “underworld”… energies you might just consider “undesirable”.  

What’s that you say?  Already feeling it?  Well you’ve been in it’s shadow for a little while now…

So what does this mean for you?  It’s a great time to pull out your Shanti Kai™ Transformation™ Essence….and get busy spraying!   Pluto, aka “The Destroyer”, represents the process of transformation (i.e. death and rebirth)- and much like dying, there can be some pain in the overall experience, but it’s necessary in order to experience the “rebirth”. Much like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so too does the new emerge from the old. Work with this Essence to transform the undesirable and hidden… to let go of unhealthy beliefs lying below the surface, to clean out your subconscious- and, painful as it may seem (at least, at times) to clean out old wounds that you may have let fester too long- or have not wanted to look at.   

Shanti Kai™ Transformation™ Essence is formulated specially to balance these types of “Plutonian Energies”, and to work WITH your energy to create something new and positive.  No matter what pain may lie in the past, our Transformation™ gives you a tool for moving forward.  Think of this Essence like a wise guide lighting a path ahead… It requires you choose to take it, but it’s there to lead you, and to help transform the “scary monsters” into something softer.  Transformation™ Essence may be just the motivational kick you need to invoke your desire (and ability) to transform the energy in and around you, and to drive you to do and be better.   Use this essence to delve into the heart of whatever comes up during this Full Moon and Pluto in Retrograde period.  Use as desired – we suggest spraying over your forehead, temples, neck area, and in general, over any areas of stress.  

Pair with our Guardian Angel™ to increase feelings of safety and protection. 

Pair with Healer Within™ as a tool for working through stress and trauma. 

Pair with Venus™ for “female issues” that may come up and exacerbate any tension. 

Pair with Empower™ to invoke strength and transform fear into empowerment. 

Pair with White Light™ to soften the process. 

Pair with Mars™ (Scorpio’s “other ruler”) to help transform energies of conflict and aggression. 

Pair with Prosperity™ to transform negative energies that would hinder your expansion and growth. 

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