Aligning with the Energy of Change During this Holiday Eclipse with Removing Obstacles™ and Prosperity™ Essences

Aligning with the Energy of Change During this Holiday Eclipse with Removing Obstacles™ and Prosperity™ Essences

With the winter solstice just behind us, and a new year AND new decade just around the corner, a new moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn occurring on Christmas Day (depending on where you are) offers yet another opportunity for new beginnings.  Think of it as another major hint from the cosmos that real change is underway! Instead of resisting, we recommend aligning with the energy of change and allowing it to happen, all the while influencing it with your highest intention toward creating the type of change that you would like to see.

For this, we recommend our Holiday Eclipse Companion Essences, Removing Obstacles™ and Prosperity™, to help you work through blockages that would hold you back, whilst aligning your energy with expansive frequencies that encourage opportunity and success, whatever that means to you!

According to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, an eclipse can be an especially powerful time for meditation or other contemplative practices, but unlike our tendency in the west, to want to be outside witnessing this cosmic act, Vedic science forbids against it.  (There is a science behind why they recommend you not witness an eclipse, in fact they say you should draw your blinds and turn inward in meditation, prayer, and contemplation, as a means of protecting your brain and nervous system, and all your major energy centers, from harmful effects).  Turning inward can not only help protect you from harmful effects, but can help align you with the powerful energies the eclipse brings forth, and help replenish energetic reserves that might otherwise get depleted.

Removing Obstacles™, our planetary blend for softening Saturns influence*, is formulated to help you clear internal blockages, especially those found in the root or Muladhara Chakra, enabling you to sit for longer periods in meditation. This in turn allows replenishment of your prana and enables your creative, life force energy to move more freely up the spine and nurture other important energy centers. It can be a helpful Essence to use in goal setting and in empowering yourself toward change, as well as in working through challenges and frustrations that are certain to arise whenever you aspire to new heights!

Prosperity™ is designed to encourage positivity, well-being, expansion, prosperity, and opportunity. This is our blend for aligning with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, higher learning and fortune*. Furthermore, this essence may help you to develop a greater sense of purpose and to discover what it is that brings you greater joy and happiness. Shanti Kai™ Prosperity™ is formulated to encourage wisdom and may help to enhance higher learning, making it an excellent tool for students of all types, those going to school, learning a new skill, or just looking to expand the powers of your brain.  It also works on balancing the Manipura Chakra, which in turn has a stabilizing effect on the mind. Learn more by visiting the products below.

*In Vedic astrology, which portends to the science of the Vedas (ancient yogic philosophy) and to health, Ayurveda, Rahu and Ketu are points of intersection between the moon and sun, and are respectively referred to as the north and south lunar nodes. They encircle six major planets during this eclipse, including Saturn and Jupiter, and the fact that they can block the light of the Sun and Moon in and of itself can signify endings and new beginnings. During the eclipse, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all afflicted by Ketu in the sign of Sagittarius, the house of Jupiter. While that’s much more than you need know about to benefit from our Essences, we are highlighting this information to explain our selection of Essences (Removing Obstacles™ our Saturn Essence, and Prosperity™,  our Jupiter Essence).  If you have our MercurEase™,  Ma-Hina™ (Moon), Golden Aura™ (Sun)), or Earth Chakra™ Essences, you may also benefit from these in the days leading up to and following eclipse.

Weekly What’s Up: Prosperity Essence for Jupiter Retrograde

Prosperity™ Essence for Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter just turned retrograde and will remain so until August 11th.  Lucky for you, Shanti Kai™ Prosperity™ Essence is made specifically for all things Jupiter and can help you align with the positive energies of this planet – such as wealth, opportunity, wisdom and success!

Jupiter relates to our belief systems, the people and places we look to for wisdom, understanding, and spiritual growth. However, when Jupiter is retrograde we may begin to doubt or re-examine some of our beliefs and teachers, turning within to determine if they still resonate with our principles.  Since Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system with a massive energy field that affects us more than any other heavenly body (except for the sun and moon), you are likely going to go through some major shifts during this time!

Jupiter’s returning home to Sagittarius, which means its power will strengthen and its effects will amplify – all of this while being in retrograde. Since retrogrades cause planetary energy to reverse course, the normally outward spiraling energy of Jupiter will be redirected inward.  This can stimulate some deep contemplation, inner questioning and ultimately, refinement of our beliefs and life paths….it sounds simple enough – but doing the inner work can be challenging at best, and that’s where you might benefit from having a tool at hand!

Our Prosperity™ Essence may help you to connect with the energy of the higher chakras, helping to open and expand your spiritual understanding.  When these higher energy centers are open, you may experience deeper levels of inner knowing and intuition and higher levels of thinking, making it easier to evaluate belief systems and teachings and discern if they still resonate.  It may help you to keep the outward expansion that Jupiter energy normally provides us with, so that you continue to vibrate toward your goals for growth (even while going through the inner process this retrograde is bringing).

We suggest you use this essence over the front and back of the solar plexus, the crown of the head, bottoms of the feet and throughout your aura, either twice a day or any time you like.

Essences for the Year of the Earth Pig: Prosperity™, Harmony™, and Earth Chakra™

Essences for the Year of the Earth Pig

The Chinese New Year is right around the corner, on Tuesday February 5th, and to celebrate the year of the Earth Pig, we’re featuring our top three Essence picks to help you garner the most benefit from the energy of this new year: Prosperity™, Harmony™, and Earth Chakra™.

According to Feng Shui, the Year of the Earth Pig is one of enjoyment, spending time with friends, indulgence, and ease!  Peace and harmony are accentuated this year as well as the Earth element, helping you to stay grounded and rooted during a time when you might be drawn to more extravagance.  Here’s how Prosperity™, Harmony™,  and Earth Chakra™ can help you to get the most out of these aspects:

Prosperity™ Essence encourages alignment with energies of opportunity, expansion, and joyfulness that this year brings. This blend is formulated to promote true prosperity, which includes, success, happiness, and a positive outlook on life.

We all need each other, and for tapping the energies of peace and harmony with others that this year brings, Harmony™ blend helps to encourage unity with those around you, encouraging synchronicity and feelings of cooperation. It also  promotes inner harmony by bringing the three wheels of life, body, mind, and spirit, into alignment.

And nothing like the year of Earth Pig to enjoy earth’s bounty and benefit from the nurturing and grounding qualities of the Earth energy available.  Earth Chakra™ is formulated to help you channel your connection with Mother Earth and imbibe her nurturing energy, stay grounded, and more easily adjust to changes and shifts.

Read more by checking out the products below:

Tip of the Week: Release the Old and Invite in the New our New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️

Tip of the Week: Release the Old and Invite in the New our New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️

New Years Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️

Release the old and invite in the new with our New Year’s Companion Essences Release It™️ & White Light™️! Use these two together to release and re-pattern deep seated energy blocks so that you can move forward with brand new intentions for 2019!

Using Release It™️ first, spray any areas of tension, or you can spray the standard suggested areas for this blend, listed on the bottle. If you like, you can make an intention to release whatever is blocking you from experiencing positive change. After a few moments, spray White Light™️ over the same areas that you used Release It™️ on. If you have time, take a few moments to sit still for 1-2 minutes, and experience the subtle (and maybe not so subtle) responses your body has to the Essence. You may experience:

  • Feelings of getting lighter, or a floating sensation
  • Feelings of heaviness, or tingling
  • The desire to fidget or adjust your posture
  • Feelings of tension releasing
  • Increased mental clarity or renewed perspective

You may even envision or experience pure, positive energy entering into your being in the form of White Light, carrying pure potentiality.

A great way to continue using these Essences would be to use Release It™️ at night before bed and White Light™️ first thing in the morning. You may also want to incorporate our Attract™️ or Prosperity™️ Essences throughout the day or as needed or desired. More on this latter part in our next weeks Tip!

Weekly Whats Up: Mars™️ & Prosperity™️ Essences to Align with Energies of Expansion, Motivation, and Success

Essences to Align with Energies of Expansion, Motivation, and Success

The New Year is just around the corner and with it, Mars is entering the sign of Aries on Monday December 31st, making its influence especially powerful, and the perfect time to work with our Mars™️ Essence. Shanti Kai™️ Mars™️ is formulated to help you align with energies of motivation, passion and initiative – just what’s needed as you prepare to bring in the New Year! What’s more, to help give your resolutions an extra boost, we’re recommending pairing it with our Prosperity™️ (Jupiter Blend) to encourage energies of expansion and success.

Mars™️ Essence is formulated to help you to overcome the initial inertia it takes to get things moving or to start a new project, and to increase motivation for working towards your goals. It’s a great Essence for anyone who is looking to tap their inner reserves. This blend may be beneficial for softening overly masculine or aggressive tendencies, and may help those with too much feminine energy to draw on the masculine where it is needed. And if you don’t have Mars™️, Shanti Kai™️ Garnet Glow™️ is a good substitute.

Prosperity™️: Jupiter Blend is designed to help you align with energies of expansion and other positive qualities of Jupiter, such as opportunity, good fortune, luck, optimism, and wisdom. This Essence may also help promote feelings of happiness and well-being, as well as encouraging synchronicity and success. It’s a great Essence for children and students as it is filled with plant and mineral essences believed historically to benefit the mind. If you don’t have Prosperity™️ Essence, Manipura™️: Solar Plexus Chakra Essence would be a good substitute for this one.

To read more on these blends visit the products below:

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