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Quartz Essence Feature

Here is a kind of unexpected way to use our Quartz Master Essence. ??? If you experience leg issues, but need to or enjoy walking and other activities, you may want to try spraying your legs down with Quartz Master Essence before embarking on your next activity. Every few minutes while you are walking, or anytime you experience discomfort or a need to rest, try spraying down your legs and wait a moment until you feel ready to continue. If you are familiar, you may add working with a mantra or affirmation and sitting for a moment after spraying to allow it to absorb deeper into your being.

See what one user had to say about applying Quartz Master this way:

“I needed knee surgery and was having trouble walking more than a short distance without hurting. We were visiting my daughter on the Big Island and everyone wanted to take a walk down to the water. I didn’t want to hold the group back so I agreed. My daughter came up and sprayed my legs down with the Shanti Kai Quartz Spray – I laughed at her but a mile later I wasn’t laughing anymore- I couldn’t believe I was still walking and wasn’t in too much pain. I asked her for more so she sprayed my legs every half mile or so and I made it 3 miles! I don’t know if that’s what it’s for but I have tried everything for my legs and knee this sort of blew me away. I now use it daily.”
– JW, California

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