Weekly What’s Up?: Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Weekly What’s Up?: Essences for Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Ruh Roh… Mercury Retrograde is back!   But have no fear… our Retrograde Quartet is here!  This Saturday, January 30th, Mercury turns retrograde in the air sign Aquarius!  This means buckle up and prepare for some technical turbulence… for until February 19th, you might be in for a wild ride!   We are here to help you plan ahead and pack accordingly…

Our all New Retrograde Quartet, containing: MercurEase™,  Evolve™, Harmony™ , and Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra™ is sure to help you arrive on the “other side” with as little pain possible … (see below for more info).

Aquarius on the other hand, is ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, technology and surprising events! People with Aquarian influence tend to dance to their own beat – as should be expected for the sign of the “nonconformist reformist”! It’s natives can at times tend to get so wrapped up in their effort toward progress that they can appear aloof and/or distant – this can in turn strain their relationships, friendships and associations (such as within groups and organizations)…. and thus they must remember two things: empathy and compassion!

So what happens when Mercury, planet of communication and technology takes a backward stroll through Aquarius, which governs innovation and progress (but can fall short with regard to human touch)?

Well one thing’s for sure! Expect to become enlightened as to where you can improve on your communication! This particular retrograde you might notice communication breakdowns happening on the double… especially in friendships and group dynamics! In addition, expect major challenges with technology…. and for that to spill over into issues with scheduling and travel! But on the upside, the more you double down and focus on your own sense of compassion, and make an effort toward empathy and mutual understanding… the easier it will be!

With communication depending more heavily on technology (as a result of Covid) and social distancing norms forcing more of us online for both work and personal interaction … It’s not hard to imagine that this Mercury Retrograde – (even without Mercury in Aquarius) could be a bit of a doozy! But throw in the Aquarius factor and it might seem like we’re all spinning backwards and taking two steps back for every one foot forward! So if you don’t have the luxury of crawling up under a giant rock and hiding out until February 19th …. we suggest you pick yourself up a bottle of Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ Master Essence! And you might just want to add 1 or 2 of our other blends for effective communication and harmony – or some of our Master Orchid Blends to align with innovation and progress (the positive aspects of Aquarius)… stay tuned, we’ll have a plethora of tools coming your way!

In the meantime let’s cover the essentials!

MercurEase™ to help to soothe all things “Mercury Retrograde”. Use it for clear communication, problem solving, and “technology tantrums” (yes… it’s a thing)!

Harmony™ to bring the 3 wheels of life- body, mind, & spirit into alignment… so that you flow with the universe around you.

Evolve™ to help you to align with Aquarian energies of progress and innovation-to propel you forward on your path.

Vishuddha: Throat Chakra to open & empower your throat chakra, benefitting clear communication & self expression.

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