Essences for Coping with Chaos: Guardian Angel™ & Healer Within™

Essences for Coping with Chaos

“I use Guardian Angel daily, it’s awesome. A few months ago I went through a period of anxiety and I used Healer Within every 15-30 minutes when it got overwhelming, and it made a world of difference. I felt myself settle and was able to focus on work and other things and not be consumed by anxiety. So, so helpful!!”
-Alice, Nashua

Introducing Shanti Kai’s Guardian Angel and Healer Within Companion Essence Blends™ for Coping with Chaos…just in time for Companion Hurricanes Iselle and Julio.

We know most of you remembered to stock up on the essentials…spam and water have been flying off store shelves…but did you remember to stock up on your healing essentials? Keep calm and stay safe, balance your electromagnetic field, and stay shielded from the chaotic energy of the encroaching hurricanes with our Coping with Chaos Companion Essences. Regardless of what “destruction” or changes await your physical environment, you can consciously choose and energetically align with a more balanced mind, inner calm, divine guidance and protection, and increased focus on well being and healing.

Our good friend Jenn Meyers over at Sedona cued us off this morning with her text, “I just sprayed my house down with Guardian Angel, stay safe!” Instantly I had visuals of one of those small airplanes that spray crops being loaded with the Guardian Angel™ spray and spread all around the island. But then I started to think of all the people that were already in chaos mode from just hearing about the storm. That’s when I thought of Shanti Kai’s Healer Within Stress Blend™. It’s not enough just to shield from the negativity, we must also mediate our response to it, for how we react to these situations is perhaps more relevant than the situation itself.

For example, let me tell you about my short trip to the drugstore last night. As I was walking down the aisle I noticed a man vociferously scrounging up all the batteries his grabby little hands could manage. Okay, who needs 30-some packs of batteries? Apparently he thought he did. After he left, the clerk looked at me and said, “Gosh these people, there should be a limit on how much people can take.” Another woman who was just walking by and saw him take all of the batteries instantly reached in and started grabbing a bunch of batteries too. She didn’t have anywhere to put the batteries she was grabbing, as she had clearly just come in for a gallon of water and was on her way out, but seeing this man ravenously go after the batteries she got caught up in his energy and started doing the same thing.

Gurumayi, a spiritual leader/meditation master in the Siddha Yoga lineage, says that if we do not have a clear intention of what we are doing in any situation, someone else’s intention will create it for us. This is what was happening in the store and all over town for that matter. For some people, attachment to property and possessions is so great, their identity so rooted in it, that the fear is all about material loss. As we see rations dwindle and the threat of limited island supply or physical destruction or property damage looms, mental and emotional imbalance may well escalate and greed and selfishness begin to take center stage. Shanti Kai’s Guardian Angel Blend™ is designed to help shield the auric field and help one stay in his or her space without taking on the negative energies of those people or places around them. It also contains flowers and gemstones that seek to ease fears and help to open the heart center to an experience of higher love. We can choose to step out of that self-centered fear based response and step into a higher, more conscious space…And working with essences is a great way to do just that.

The great thing about emergencies – any emergency really – whether it be illness, accident, weather, natural disaster, etc, is that they allow us to make more rapid progress towards a shift in consciousness. That is to say they provide concentrated periods of intensity for which we can utilize the enormous energy available and choose to have a corrective experience or to take a first step in a new, better direction. If you can manage to balance and align your energy during a time of chaos or perceived chaos, then certainly you can take this into your life and use it as a launching point for everyday living. At Shanti Kai™, we make it easy by providing you with tools for more conscious everyday living and for those really “special times” like surviving hurricanes, we bring you Healer Within and Guardian Angel Companion Essences™ for Coping with Chaos.

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