Weekly What’s Up?: Imagine™ Essence for  Neptune in Retrograde

Weekly What’s Up?: Imagine™ Essence for Neptune in Retrograde

Neptune starts its annual retrograde on Friday, June 25th in the sign of Pisces, and will remain as such until December 20th. Neptune is known for creating illusions and sometimes confusion, but when it’s in retrograde, the veil lifts and reality as it is can become more readily apparent. When this occurs, it may come as a shock or present things that you don’t want to acknowledge, but the clarity also presents a chance to change your reality so it aligns more closely with your goals and ideals.

We recommend working with the energies of Neptune retrograde along with Shanti Kai™ Imagine™ Essence to foster heightened imagination, creativity, and your ability to visualize things as you want them to be.  Our Neptunian Essence blend is formulated to help foster a healthy imagination whilst keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground, so that you can stay focused on what’s most important in life.   What’s more? Saturn began its backward stroll in the forward moving constellation of Aquarius on May 23rd…. Saturn retrograde tends to be a time of karmic rebalancing – and seen in a positive light a time to recognize underlying issues that must be dealt with in order for you to move forward in life.  For this, we are recommending Shanti Kai™ Removing Obstacles™, our yogic blend inspired by Ganesha, whose large trunk helps to clear obstacles out of your path.  Paired together, these 2 essences can help clear blockages to your creative inspirations, ability to visualize and/or to “Imagine”…. to create your reality as you would envision it to be.  Saturn is the planet of discipline and judgment… it preaches the law of cause-and-effect and reminds you that everything you do has a reaction or response from the Universe.

While Saturn teaches discipline and requires consistent effort and hard work, when Neptune’s in town you don’t know what’s going down. For when Neptune is active in your chart, it requires you be flexible – it urges you to go with the flow and be okay with not having as much structure or routine. This may be harder for some than others, but with both these planets moving backwards, you can expect to find yourself questioning the structures that bind you, as well as the meaning of life itself… Indeed, it may be a time of deep soul-searching, and you may find it difficult to remain in your “ordinary” job or doing the rudimentary tasks of everyday life.  Things that used to have meaning and purpose may suddenly feel void or less appealing – and especially with Jupiter ALSO in retrograde, a philosophical streak might have you questioning ANY KIND of structure and/or discipline at all!

Neptune might implore you to cut ties with anything that would restrict or bind you, whereas Saturn is likely to urge you to stay the course and push through at all cost.  We think you’ll appreciate the added boost our Companion Essence Blends bring to help you navigate these “backward times”- Removing Obstacles™ and Imagine™ for Neptune & Saturn Retrogrades.  No need to choose between floating in the clouds or being stuck in the daily grind… invoke the creative inspiration, freedom, dedication, AND discipline you need to push forward and achieve your dreams.  Our Companion Essences can give you just the boost you need to aid you in balancing the cosmic (and karmic) energies at hand.  Come out on the other side EXACTLY where you want to be – “thriving” instead of merely surviving.

Weekly What’s Up? Jupiter Retrograde

Weekly What’s Up? Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter turns retrograde on Sunday, June 20th in the sign of Pisces and will stay in this perceived backwards motion until October 18th. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and expansion- it rules higher learning and  when positively aspected, bestows prosperity.  Jupiter is the “teacher”, ruling aspects of spirituality and philosophy, and invoking a sense of hope, higher purpose, and deeper meaning in life. As with all retrogrades however, Jupiter moving backwards through time and space gives you a chance to turn within and reflect on aspects of life that are out of sync or requiring change.  Specifically, with this retrograde, you may find yourself doubting your beliefs or questioning your teachers. As your projects and endeavors may slow down a bit, you may find your enthusiasm and motivation wane- and your usual flow of luck may be a bit harder to come by.   But this gives you an opportunity to investigate… to see if you need to change or make adjustments – to analyze your work methods to see if they are truly producing the best results.  AND while turning inward is important and necessary, it can be frustrating to feel as though your luck has turned, or your dreams aren’t materializing as quickly and easily as they were before …(or as you’d like them to!).

But fear not!  For we have just the Essences you need to help you regain your faith and trust!  Shanti Kai™ Removing Obstacles™ and  Prosperity™ Essences are packed with frequencies from the nature kingdom – chock full of infusions of gemstones and flowers that we’ve spent over a decade researching, blending and refining. Formulated specifically to augment the beneficial aspects of Jupiter, Prosperity™ helps to expand your energy, inspire your creative channels, and open you up to opportunity and growth. Pair with Removing Obstacles™ our Saturn Essence, inspired by Ganesha’s trunk, formulated to clear external blockages out of your path making more room for all that expansion Prosperity™ can bring. Removing Obstacles™ is especially helpful for “Saturn issues” which may underly issues relating to your health, finances, work, and relationships… (like, seriously, is there anything Saturn doesn’t affect?).  Welp, Saturn turned retrograde in Aquarius May 23rd and will be there through the end of October!  Think of this as a chance to clear your inner obstacles to greater success!   There simply couldn’t be a more timely occasion to work with this power-packed duo featuring two of our all time bestsellers. We recommend spraying over your third eye, temples, crown, base of skull and solar plexus (Prosperity™) and spine (Removing Obstacles™) twice a day… or whenever you feel the need for a little strength and support, and of course, expansion and abundance!   We recommend using Removing Obstacles™ first, followed by Prosperity™.

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