Healer Within™ Essence for Stress and Rest

Healer Within™ Essence for Stress and Rest

Healer Within™ is one of our top selling essences for calming stress and trauma, and stimulating healing on an energetic level. Whether you’re experiencing a physical, mental, or emotional condition, Healer Within Essence carries our proprietary blend of soothing Hawaiian rainforest flowers, wildflowers, and yin aligned healing minerals to strengthen your aura and gently stimulate the internal healing process on an energetic level. It works to balance and calm the energies that “ail you” enabling you to be more at ease so you can get the rest you need. Several of our wise customers have reported discovering Healer Within for sleep issues on long sleepless nights when rest was alluding them. In fact you could say Healer Within is sort of a “catch all” essence, and can be applied for virtually any kind of stress… anytime, anywhere.

Often, when you cant sleep, it is because as soon as you lie down, your mind “wakes up”. Or you fall asleep but then your subconscious kicks up something unresolved and you wake up triggered, anxious, upset, fearful, agitated (etc). Or perhaps its physical discomfort that sets in as soon as you lie down. These energies energies that awaken you carry a fiery quality, agitating and stirring the mind into a state of discomfort.

At night, the moon elicits a yin energy – it invokes calm and serenity and encourages restoration. Healer Within™ augments these yin energies, softening mind-body agitation and cooling fiery energies that would prevent rest. While Healer Within is not formulated to be a traditional sleep essence, it is a yin aligned essence that soothes and calms, and encourages your body to get to work on the deeper levels of healing, often only possible when you sleep. Whether it’s stress from not sleeping, stress from not being able to sleep, stress because of your mind (or too many thoughts), stress because of your physical body (i.e. if you’re in pain or discomfort)… think of Healer Within like a companion that you can take anywhere and everywhere – and always find a new use for.


Try using Healer Within™ acutely, taking this essence as drops every 15- 20 minutes, until rest is achieved. Visualize the essence going deep inside you, and working it’s way to the core of your discomfort and/or dis-ease… wherever you feel less than content, disturbed, inflamed, in pain, or otherwise imbalanced. Alternatively, shake your spray bottle of Healer Within™ and apply topically anywhere you feel tightness, tension and/or discomfort. Repeat every 15 minutes until symptoms subside and rest is achieved. Working with Healer Within™ in this way can help you learn to go within and be your own inner support…your own “healer within”.

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