Weekly What’s Up? The Pink Moon Supermoon and Pluto Retrograde

Weekly What’s Up? The Pink Moon Supermoon and Pluto Retrograde

On Monday, April 26th, a full supermoon in Scorpio, and this year’s Pink Moon, will light the sky.  While the color “pink” brings to mind love and kindness… and everything sweet, Scorpio and its ruler (Pluto), are anything but gentle!  Whats more?  Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn the very next day!  That’s right, on April 27th (and lasting through October 6th) Pluto will be in reverse, bringing to the surface some of the “darker” energies of the “underworld”… energies you might just consider “undesirable”.  

What’s that you say?  Already feeling it?  Well you’ve been in it’s shadow for a little while now…

So what does this mean for you?  It’s a great time to pull out your Shanti Kai™ Transformation™ Essence….and get busy spraying!   Pluto, aka “The Destroyer”, represents the process of transformation (i.e. death and rebirth)- and much like dying, there can be some pain in the overall experience, but it’s necessary in order to experience the “rebirth”. Much like the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so too does the new emerge from the old. Work with this Essence to transform the undesirable and hidden… to let go of unhealthy beliefs lying below the surface, to clean out your subconscious- and, painful as it may seem (at least, at times) to clean out old wounds that you may have let fester too long- or have not wanted to look at.   

Shanti Kai™ Transformation™ Essence is formulated specially to balance these types of “Plutonian Energies”, and to work WITH your energy to create something new and positive.  No matter what pain may lie in the past, our Transformation™ gives you a tool for moving forward.  Think of this Essence like a wise guide lighting a path ahead… It requires you choose to take it, but it’s there to lead you, and to help transform the “scary monsters” into something softer.  Transformation™ Essence may be just the motivational kick you need to invoke your desire (and ability) to transform the energy in and around you, and to drive you to do and be better.   Use this essence to delve into the heart of whatever comes up during this Full Moon and Pluto in Retrograde period.  Use as desired – we suggest spraying over your forehead, temples, neck area, and in general, over any areas of stress.  

Pair with our Guardian Angel™ to increase feelings of safety and protection. 

Pair with Healer Within™ as a tool for working through stress and trauma. 

Pair with Venus™ for “female issues” that may come up and exacerbate any tension. 

Pair with Empower™ to invoke strength and transform fear into empowerment. 

Pair with White Light™ to soften the process. 

Pair with Mars™ (Scorpio’s “other ruler”) to help transform energies of conflict and aggression. 

Pair with Prosperity™ to transform negative energies that would hinder your expansion and growth. 

Venus Retrograde Companion Essences: Transformation™ and Venus™

Venus Retrograde Companion Essences

On Friday, October 5th, Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio and Libra for 6 weeks, until November 16th. When Venus turns retrograde, issues related to love, our social life, and harmony in our relationships may surface, giving us an opportunity to work with and heal them. To help with this process, we are recommending our Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences for Venus Retrograde, Transformation™ and Venus™ to help soften and transform the energy of working with challenges, and building a vibration towards creating balance, confidence, and relational harmony.

Working with Transformation™ Blend is a great way to work with whatever energies are presenting themselves in your life. It offers support to start to release what’s no longer needed and create room for new beginnings. Whether you are trying to break an unhealthy habit or pattern, experiencing relationship difficulties, or dealing with a loss, Transformation™ helps to soften the process, as well as helping you to see into the root of an issue so that you can more easily let go of what is no longer serving your highest purpose.

Venus™ Essence can help to balance the effects of Venus retrograde, as well as align you with the positive aspects that this planet represents – such as romance, grace, harmony, confidence and charm. Venus™ can also help to encourage confidence in the realm of relating to others – both in love and in social settings – promoting more ease and balance in this department. This Essence Blend can also help you to align with your own love energy, which may boost your ability to align with your heart’s desire in relationships and other areas of life.

Check out the Essences below to read more.

Full Moon in Scorpio Duo: Transformation™ & Intuition™

Transformation and IntuitionOn Sunday, April 29th, a full moon in Scorpio, this year’s Pink Moon, will light the sky.  While the color pink brings to mind gentleness and peace, Scorpio and its ruler Pluto are anything but, making it a great time to pull out our Intuition™ and Transformation Essences™.

Pluto, The Destroyer, represents transformation, death, re-birth and everything hiding below the surface in your subconscious that you’d rather not look at.  Sounds like scary stuff! Fortunately, we have our Transformation™ Essence, formulated specially to balance these types of Plutonian energies.  While transformation and everything that comes with it can make us feel heavy and at times hopeless, Transformation™ Essence can help to soften this process, and kindle a desire and ability to transform, and delve into the heart of whatever issues are coming up.

To help with the lunar side of things, Intuition™ Essence is specially formulated to help you work with the energy of the moon and its phases.  Full moons in general are a time of culmination, heightened emotions, and of the illumination of things previously hidden.  All this adds to the theme of transformation in the air, and Intuition™ Essence can further help to bring ease and acceptance to whatever comes up.  Read more about this Scorpio Full Moon Duo.

Happy New Year Supermoon

Essences for New Year 2018

Happy New Year! The new year is here bringing with it the 3rd in a trilogy of Supermoons and the first of two in January. The current Supermoon is located at 11 degrees Cancer which means it’ll be opposite of Venus and issues around love and relationships will be in the air.

New Years Resolutions so much a part of January 1st traditions coincide with a blast of energy from the Supermoon in Capricorn bringing with it enormous energy for starting new goals and the stamina and focus to see them through. A cancer moon is a “moon’s moon”, as the moon is at home in her native sign. As Cancer represents the archetypical mother, and Capricorn the archetypical father – this male-female duality can bring up any disparities we have between our own internal parents (mother/father) or other relationship issues, especially between parent child or relating to male-female dynamics.

What’s more, the, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pluto are all in a relatively rare alignment known as a “kite formation” – this brings both the capacity for deep creative potential but also of darkness, abuse of power, and deception. This influence can also cause our shadow selves to emerge in full force, bringing up uncomfortable aspects we’d rather forget, insecurities, and demons from the past. However it also brings the opportunity to heal and to put the demons to rest once and for all – for when we heal our past we automatically reset the future.

While this just scratches the surface of all the energies at play all in all, it’s a power packed way to bring in the New Year. To better take advantage of this very special astrological alignment and start the new year off with a burst of energy we recommend working any or all of the following Shanti Kai™ Master Essence Blends:

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All About our Transformation Essence™

Transformation™ Essence – Staying fluid in the cycle of death and rebirth.  It assists one in using negative life experience to purge and bring in new energy (i.e. rebirth). It’s helpful during healing work, meditation, and when moving through challenging life phases.  Read some of our recent posts about Transformation™ below:

January 10, 2017:

Transformation Essence BlendWe like think to think of our Transformation™ Essence like a coffee maker – grinding up the coffee beans and churning out something new. It’s not just the release, it’s the TRANSFORMATION of something from one form to another.

While the end of the year creates an opportunity for releasing the old and the New Year for creating new goals, winter months allow for one to turn within and go deep, emerging in the spring full of newness and vitality. Flower, orchid, and gemstone ingredients in this essence form a synergy that may help you raise your vibration and encourage you to release what you need to let go – transitioning you out of the “death cycle” and into the phases of “regeneration” and “rebirth”. All while softening the sometimes painful and uncomfortable process that can often accompany change.

January 14, 2017:

Ultimate Change Companion EssencesLive long enough and life will eventually throw something your way that will test you on every level. Shanti Kai™ Ultimate Change Companion Essence Set can be a great way to work with (or manage) seemingly destructive energies in your life – allowing them to release and die, in order to bring about something new ~ a Rebirth or new beginning. Release It™ works deep in the sub and unconscious layers to help bring up energy blocks for deep release, and Transformation™ works to raise the vibrational energy contained in these blocks to bring about the ultimate in change – complete transformation.

Note it is not necessary to use both essences to experience deep release or transformation – it depends on what you specifically need. That’s why we have options, or seemingly similar essences – because we are all different and can change from day to day. Having options allows you to choose what resonates with you at this point in time. And sometimes you may need or want a little extra oomph – or to tackle an issue from more than one angle – and that’s when we recommend using both of these Companion Essences. In general, we recommend using Release It™ at night and/or when feeling stuck or blocked, and Transformation™ in the morning or throughout the day as needed to help uplift your energy.

True change takes time, but if you consciously choose to work with the energy, and allow the essences to do their job, you can most definitely speed it up and move it along – and have a much smoother ride at the same time!

January 17, 2017:

VolcanoPictured: Volcano at night.

“Every time I see the volcano I think: transformation, transformation, transformation. From earth to fire to lava to new earth – destruction to rebirth. And just being at the volcano I’m so in awe of it but I also feel it’s churning and am reminded of how messy it can feel when you’re going thru a transformation or a “purification”, whether it be intentional – like a New Years Resolution to change difficult habits – or unintentional – like when life throws you a series of difficult experiences or situations. When I first formulated the Transformation blend I was going thru a very tumultuous time – 2 untimely deaths, and I don’t think I could’ve imagined anything more painful coming my way. I formulated Transformation™ Essence to soften this process and at same time ease-fully move it along, to the other side faster. It can’t take the “bad stuff” away but it can help to raise your vibration so you can see it from an expanded perspective. And if you’re working thru a new goal or difficult relationship it can help soften criticism and other negative or uncomfortable emotions, judgments and thoughts. Transformation™ can also be used as a room spray to help change the energy a given place or space carries.”
– Dr. Jayme Jensen


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