Featuring Venus™ and Mars™ Essences for the Venus-Mars Conjunction

Featuring Venus™ and Mars™ Essences for the Venus-Mars Conjunction

The much talked about biennial Venus-Mars conjunction becomes exact this Tuesday, July 13th in the sign of Cancer (in Vedic Astrology) and Leo (in Western), an aspect that only occurs every two years. Get ready to fall in love – or back in love – as Feminine Venus, the goddess of love, and Masculine Mars, the god of war, come together to align you with the energies of romance, birth and creation! This alignment can have a “softening” effect on your romantic relationships (and love interests), forging the opportunity for greater harmony and balance. At the same time, this dynamic duo is sure to ignite passion, ambition, and love – interwoven together to create a dynamic sure to inspire a Heart-Opening experience!

Indeed, this aspect brings with it a creative spark, aligning you with newfound inspiration and motivation – an opportune time for initiating new ventures and rekindling projects that [may have been] stowed away! Mars, however, is in its debility in Cancer, and thus you may find yourself with less energy and motivation [than you normally would have]. Moreover, it is about to make a pivotal transition from the water sign of Cancer into the Fire sign Leo on July 20th. What does this mean? Expect to be challenged! The cosmos are imploring you to push yourself in ways that will “step up” your game, pushing you to achieve and aspire – higher and higher!

To explain, the last few days before a planet moves between elements – i.e., in this case from water (Cancer) to fire (Leo) – is called a “Gandanta”, a “spiritual knot”. A Gandanta is believed to bring up [unresolved] karmic issues for healing, which means you may find yourself actually feeling like you are in “knots”! (Pun fully intended). But fear not! Shanti Kai™ has just the tools you need to navigate “the crazies” of this cosmic terrain. Our Venus™ and Mars™ Companion Essences can help you tune in and tune-up, harnessing the celestial powers of the “beneficial beams” at hand! What’s more, work with this pairing to soften the challenging aspects of this alignment, whilst building upon the energies needed to stay balanced and strong!

Apply Venus™ throughout your aura (and on key areas) to simultaneously summon both your Divine Feminine AND Inner Diva, in one. Work with Venus™ Essence to embolden your self-confidence, enhance your grace & sense of charm, to amplify your inner radiance and magnify powers of attraction. Use Venus™ for all things Romance and LOVE ❤️.

Our Mars™ Essence enhances the masculine qualities of leadership and action while invoking passion for life and motivation (in all you do). It inspires courage and assertiveness and can help amplify access to your “energetic reserves”, a boon with Mars in its debility in Cancer. We recommend using these two essences over the next several weeks, and throughout both July and August, for working with the energy of today’s conjunction and softening the energy of Mars’ transitioning to Leo. Moreover Mars, or “Kuja” as it is known in Vedic tradition, is the ruling planetary energy this year, and thus it is the perfect Essence to work with throughout the ENTIRE YEAR and through next March!

Tip: Starting with Mars™, spray over your third eye, temples, base of skull and lower chakras, following up with Venus™ in the same areas, as well as over the front and back of your heart. Use Mars™ anytime you feel sluggish or tired and Venus™ whenever you need to soften your emotions and create a greater sense of balance and Harmony.

Shanti Kai™ Essences for Venus in Retrograde

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Venus in Retrograde and our Venus? Master Essence 

Venus just turned retrograde on May 13th in the sign of Gemini, and will be turning direct again on June 25th.  Venus rules romance & love, society and the arts, finances, virtues of charm and grace, creature comforts, luxuries, and all things harmonious and beautiful in the world around us. During her stroll through retrograde, you may be presented with lessons relating to your sense of harmony regarding your relationship(s), social life, creative endeavors, finances, and overall sense of comfort and ease.[dt_highlight color=”#85868c” text_color=”#85868c” bg_color=”#F7E4FA”]Our Venus™ Master Essence can help to balance the effects of Venus retrograde, as well as help align you with the positive aspects that this planet represents. [/dt_highlight]

Venus Retrograde can be a time when social engagements or group gatherings have an “awkward tinge” or “off” touch to them. Of course, since this is correlating with coming out of quarantine, it’s easy to see how Venus Retrograde may exude an even more palpable effect than normal; the world has been in lockdown, a sort of hibernation effect, with the oncoming change of seasons beckoning you to “come out.”   There is already a sense of social “backwardness” and it’s almost impossible to NOT see Venus, the Goddess herself, “reeling” as you relearn how to navigate in social settings, amid new social concerns and political correctness.  

Luckily, Venus™ Essence is designed to encourage confidence in the realm of  social and romantic relationships, promoting more ease and balance in this department.  [dt_highlight color=”#85868c” text_color=”#85868c” bg_color=”#F7E4FA”]As people everywhere find themselves re-adjusting to being together in society, this powerful Essence Blend can also help you to align with your own unconditional love energy which may help you be less bothered or effected by changing social norms; It may help you find your stride and be the light, even softening the strain others are feeling.[/dt_highlight]

On that note, Venus retrograde may be a good time for evaluating where your social outreach needs work in general.  Since Venus™ is formulated to inspire confidence and feelings of self love and beauty, it may help you exude the right aura as you revamp your personal or business life; it may help you hit the right note in areas like social networking, social outreach, and/or fine tuning your messaging.  [dt_highlight color=”#85868c” text_color=”#85868c” bg_color=”#F7E4FA”]You may decide to revamp your website, or take this time to redo your dating profile, upgrade your photos, and/or change your branding, refreshing your overall outer look, and our Venus™ Master Essence can help you “vibrationally download” the frequencies you need into your aura to give you that “special something”, that confidence needed to attract a match.[/dt_highlight]

Venus retrograde may also bring your attention to your outer sense of beauty, and with places like hair salons and nail parlors having been closed, it might not have bothered you for months but suddenly here you are gasping at the “skunk stripe” on your head or your un-even nails. On a more minor level, simple things like how you’re affected by the colors you wear, not having had a chance to buy new clothes, may be catching your attention, or maybe you’ve put on a few pounds during this time or not exercised as much and suddenly feel self conscious about your “summer figure”.  Yes, all this coinciding at once with Venus in retrograde can have a greater impact on your psychology and how you feel about yourself, and your overall sense of self worth. [dt_highlight color=”#85868c” text_color=”#85868c” bg_color=”#F7E4FA”]It’s a great time to reach for Shanti Kai™ Venus™, and work on some positive affirmations, or revisit past lessons on unconditional self love and acceptance.  Working with our Venus™ Essence while doing whatever you can to boost your self esteem and strengthen your sense of purpose can help you make the most of these times, smoothing your stride as you forge ahead. (You may even want to check out our hypnotherapy, HMR, and other transformational services on the Shanti Kai™ website, to learn more about how you can work with our essences to consciously accelerate healing and change).[/dt_highlight]

As Venus governs society and the arts, and the financial ties that are inherently interwoven, during this retrograde, you may find yourself becoming more aware of changes needed in your societal relationships, and how you appear to the outside world .  With Covid having strained businesses worldwide, it may be a time of greater restriction in regard to your finances, but the positive is that it gives you a chance to evaluate what you really need, versus what you desire. [dt_highlight color=”#85868c” text_color=”#85868c” bg_color=”#F7E4FA”]This may be a great time to analyze what really is necessary to your longevity and sustained happiness versus what is synonymous with greed or a fleeting sense of pleasure. In fact you may find that Venus retrograde inspires you to let go of unnecessary attachments and creature comforts, and to instead donate to causes benefiting others, creating goodwill and generating positive karma.[/dt_highlight]


You may want to try the following exercise with our Venus™ Essence, whenever it feels helpful, to invoke a greater sense of balance and harmony.

  • If you have some time to sit quietly for a few moments, close your eyes and bring to mind an issue or difficulty that you would like to bring healing to.  
  • Apply Venus™ Essence spray (shaking vigorously to activate it) focusing on the third eye, base of the skull, the crown, and the lower chakras, or wherever you like.  
  • See or feel in your mind’s eye or imagination, that you’re moving into a greater sense of harmony, balance and ease, feeling more confident in your love life, partnerships, and social affairs.
  • See the good you want in your life as if it has already manifested, and offer gratitude accordingly.  
  • You can repeat this exercise daily, or anytime the issue you are working with surfaces.


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Essences to Celebrate International Women’s Day!


Happy International Women’s Day!  Women are at the heart of society, and often times the heart in society, and that’s why we decided to feature our Anahata™: Heart Chakra Essence, alongside 2 other femme faves, Venus™  and Goddess Power™.  Used together they combine the ultimate feminine energy often associated with the goddess Venus, and the dynamic, well-rounded, empowering energy that is the “modern woman”.

I recently read a blog on how Simone Biles and another future Olympian were recruited for a new modeling campaign to represent a “new type of woman”… the woman “that is not part of the competition every woman is in whether she wants to be or not”.  The blog talked about saying goodbye to the supermodel stereotype of yesterday and cultural ideals of beauty and stepping into a realistic, more accepting, diverse concept of beauty.The Shanti Kai Woman’s Day Essences are all about self acceptance, unconditional self-love, and feeling empowered. beautiful and feminine, transcendent of outer constructs or social norms of beauty.

Our Anahata™: Heart Chakra Essence may help you focus your energy above the issues of the lower (more primal) chakras, where attributes such as lust, competition, greed, jealousy, and fear reside… and onto the heart, where it may assist you in the release of blockages (such as resentments, traumas, and subconscious beliefs from past relationships) and help you tap into the beauty that comes with self forgiveness, self acceptance, and unconditional self love.

Our Woman’s Day choice essences may help you step more fully into your concept of what it is to be whole as a woman in this world without bending to the societal pressures established by subliminal messaging, magazines, and a culture that sells sexual energy at the cost of lowering self esteem for the masses.  The modern woman is beautiful because she loves herself. She’s beautiful because she accepts herself. She exists transcendent of social norms and constructs of beauty.

We have become so accustomed to outer beauty being defined by subliminal  messaging, advertising and cut out by top supermodels or actresses.  The modern day woman is not that. She is beautiful because she is open, loving, empowered and whole.

Our Essence trio may help you embrace all of that in yourself;  there is a Venus in every woman and a goddess in every chakra, and when we awaken the two, the aura vibrates with these energies; it is the self-love and acceptance, and the higher vibrational frequencies associated with these attributes that creates true inner beauty that radiates without.

Featuring Venus™ Essence for Valentine’s Day

Venus Essence

Valentine’s day is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with a Shanti Kai™ Essence named for the Goddess of Love herself, Venus™! Our Venus™ Master Essence was formulated with ingredients to help boost your confidence, magnify feelings of self-love, and help you look and feel more beautiful from within. When the inside shines brightly, you may find your field of attraction is magnified, and that you more readily attract romance, love, and all kinds of beauty into your life (especially when paired with our Shanti Kai Attract™)!

What’s more, Venus is also the Goddess of Creativity… and this Essence was designed to inspire beauty and help you to more easily align with what it is that you want to create in your life… especially when it comes to love! Venus™ also works well with other Shanti Kai™ Essences, and we suggest trying some of the pairings below:

Venus™ and Attract™ – For drawing in LOVE.

Venus™ and Anahata™: Heart Chakra – For healing past relationship issues, and magnifying feelings of unconditional love and acceptance in relationships.

Venus™ and Goddess Power™ (or Empower™) – For coming into your power and confidence. Try this duo when you go on a first date!

Venus™ and Jasmine™: Love – Love can be magical and this essence pairing helps you tap into the power of unconditional love. This essence duo is so soft and sweet… it helps open even the most stubborn of hearts.

Essences for the Full Moon in Leo: Anahata™, Venus™, & MercurEase™

Full Moon in Leo

This Sunday, February 9th (or Saturday if you’re in Hawaii) a super moon full moon occurs in the sign of Leo. This moon highlights creativity, new possibilities and an abundance of good vibes. The fiery energy of Leo will take hold, causing passions to arise in both dramatic displays of temper and steamy vibes as we head to Valentine’s Day at the end of next week. At the same time, we’ve also entered the Mercury Retrograde shadow period with Mercury turning retrograde just a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, and we may begin to experience a greater need for clear communication – in all forms – with those around us. Harmonize with these energies with our Shanti Kai Leo Full Moon Essence Trio, Anahata™: Heart Chakra, Venus™ and MercurEase™ to create balance and ease in communication while encouraging a greater experience of love and generosity for yourself and others, so you can radiate your unique personality and light.

Anahata™: Heart Chakra Essence is designed to balance and open the heart chakra, which may help you to more easily experience feelings of gratitude, generosity, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Venus™ Essence is our blend for helping you to let your personality, charm and inner beauty shine for all to see. This essence is also designed to promote relationship balance, help boost your attractiveness to those who you want to draw in, as well as help you tap into your own creative energy.

MercurEase™ Essence is formulated to help mitigate the effects of Mercury retrograde, which is known to cause communication mishaps, not to mention difficulties with travel and technology. This Essence may help to promote smooth communication and enhance your thinking and problem solving abilities, which may help contribute to greater harmony and cooperation in your relationships with others.

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